World oldest woman, comes from Kazakhstan, Russia
45 130 Year Old Russian Woman

130 Year Old Russian Woman

It seems that this woman is the world's oldest woman, according to the photo of her ID above. Also she
has a birthday today according to it. Below you can see how she looked like back in 1976:
Russian hummer with graffiti
22 Weird Hummer Graffiti

Weird Hummer Graffiti

They have something weird depicted on
this yellow Russian Hummer.
Golf got under road in Russia
29 Under Road

Under Road

This VW didn't get underwater, it got under road, as such thing can happen only in post Soviet space, this time in
Ukraine. The people had to escape through the bagage door as it was the only part of the car not under the road.
Large model of Moscow exhibited
31 Great Model of Moscow

Great Model of Moscow

A 1540 square feet (144 square meters) model of Moscow is now being exhibited in one of Moscow exhibitions. This model has been built in 1988 and is being used for Moscow planing. Each house is a separate piece and from time to time is needed to be cleaned and
polished in order to look nice. If the house being reconstructed in Moscow the same new model house appears on this epic model, same thing happens when new house is being built in Russian capital. The scale of the model is 1 to 500.
Russian Jesus Monopoly Game
32 Jesus Monopoly

Jesus Monopoly

In Russia they sell monopoly game devoted to Jesus and 10 commandments. I am not sure if it is Russian invention, or Western world inspired one, but seems it is. They have made this game in monopoly style dice-throwing ahead-going bonus getting game. Four children can compete by throwing a dice and trying not to be caught in the trap of one of the deadly sins. The winner is the one who has got bought, no not bought, just got all ten commandments cards in one hand, earlier than anyone else. One can trade his collected commandments cards with other to get better commandments set or just to speculate the commandments set if he has plenty for those who has
none. Also according to the rules there are also situations when nobody wins - if the commandments cards are evenly distributed among other and nobody gets all ten everyone in this case considered to be a looser, but the guy with the most of commandments cards is the best player of the set. The one who has traded most of the commandments cards is considered to be the winner or the most righteous guy of the set. It's not quite clear was this game devoted to teach Christianity or to show the flaws of the concept. It is aimed to "children age 8 and older" and is being sold for $2.00 in Russian toy stores.
Cran smashes house in Russia
14 Crane and a House

Crane and a House

People of this house in Nizhny Novgorod city woke up in shock. A massive construction crane has felt over the house and
totally destroyed a few appartment blocks on the upper stores. It's a big luck has been seriously injured.
Russian cars racing in Soviet times
45 Soviet Racing

Soviet Racing

There are some countries where is racing is banned at all. In such countries they don't have racing teams or competitions simply for that reason. In Soviet Union, the place where a lot of stuff was banned, they still had races held and available for general public to visit the racing and there were sport sections training young men from early age for becoming a race driver. Maybe the biggest difference between Soviet race and race from other world was the absense of commercial stickers on the cars. In Soviet Russia they didn't have any competition since all commerce belonged to the state and all the goods were manufactured by state - so there
was no reason to advertise anything, so racing cars were clear - just with numbers on them, and sometimes the name of the team. Also there were no foreign car makes participating in Soviet Russia races, only the serial cars manufactured in USSR. There were no any V8 or V6 engines, no turbos or compressors - just plain 1.0 liter small passenger cars that were sold to Soviet people colored in some racing colors. Though sometimes the enthusiasts of racing made some tuning by themselves sitting late evenings in their garages to get one or two more horsepower from 60 horsepower engines of Lada.
Russian mig jets factory
98 The Mig Factory

The Mig Factory

Russian MIGs are the most famous Russian jets. They were in production since 1959. They become true legend of Russian aviation and were exported to many countries. Sometimes they were used to fight against American or French jet fighters like in Vietnam
or in Israel. Mig factory was always top secret place during the Soviet Times. Such photos like we are having here today were impossible to make or publish at that times. But not now. So this is how Russian legend is being born.
Most dirty appartment in the world, in Russia, Moscow
33 World’s Dirtiest Appartment

World’s Dirtiest Appartment

There were some photos of dirty appartments on Internet lately. But this one for sure will beat them all. That was for sure the dirtiest appartment in the world ever. According to the original Russian story behind those pics, there was an old man living in this flat. He had a weird passion to collect different garbage whenever he traveled and bring it home. So as time passed, he got as much garbage that he had to clean up his way thru
the flat when he wanted to go from one room to another or to the entrance door. And then one day the pipe was broke, and he had to call the plumbers. When the plumbers arrived (on photos) they were shocked. They had to waste hours to take just a part of the garbage out so that to enter the flat with their equipment and the garbage from the flat occupied all the loby and area behind the lobby.
Russian calendar
14 Russian Economic Crisis Calendar

Russian Economic Crisis Calendar

From time to time we have Russian custom design calendars. Many readers enjoy them. The world's economic crisis inspires such creations now. The calendar is devoted to bankrupted previously
living rich traders and bankers. The one above reads: "So friend, you finished playing on market? Then go clean my shoes in supermarket!" Let's see what's more inside:

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