54 Masterpieces Modified

Masterpieces Modified

Posted on March 30, 2009 by

Russian art, modified

Russian photoshop masters have released new series of masterpieces. Now they modified old art in some small details in order to keep the whole impression of the artwork like original but every has some cool addition/modification.

For example above is one of the most famous Russian artworks “Bears in Woods”. So, can you see someone else there now, besides the bears? Maybe predator in his cloaking suit?

Look down for more coolnes:

Russian art, modified 2

Russian art, modified 3

Russian art, modified 4

Russian art, modified 5

Russian art, modified 6

Russian art, modified 7

Russian art, modified 8

Russian art, modified 9

Russian art, modified 10


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54 Responses to “Masterpieces Modified”

  1. ahahah says:

    lol second

  2. SzFeri says:

    Stalker and Rambo revolution were cool, :) although very beautiful paintings. My favourite is the black haired girl sitting at the table. Very nice theme and bright colours.

  3. Vahokif says:

    Do you have the Stalker one in higher resolution?

  4. Starshii says:

    Reminds me of Banksy.

  5. Kirov says:


  6. Po says:

    Arkhip Kuindzhi
    The night on the Dnepr (1881)

  7. Po says:

    Arkhip Kuindzhi
    The night on the Dnepr (1881)

  8. Johnny says:

    Great idee! Очень интересно!
    What is the name of the painter & painting of the almost black picture with the green river in the black landscape and the green moon shining all over it between the clouds?

  9. confused art person says:

    what’s the joke about the 3rd picture down from the top? (the one with the two soldiers with the large spears).

    What does the door say in russian?

  10. Alex says:

    I’d say it’s more like 7 year olds Russian masters of photoshop…

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  12. Dewes says:

    Amazing pictures!

  13. Alex says:

    This post is kind of boring…

  14. Po says:

    The door says: “Powder! Go away!”. This warning could be found in places equipped with dry chemical powder fire extinguishing system, such as supermarkets usually.

  15. angella ahmadinejad says:

    You need to follow mail order husband’s advice re the pasta.

    try some fibre; have a pear before you go to bed.

    did the yoghurt help?

    bricks are go though you could consider building a BBQ? Plans available via google.

    yours in peace and happiness

    the future Mrs Ahmadinejad.

  16. Ivan Mikhailov says:

    “automatic extinguisher will spread the powder now, run away”

  17. brbrbr says:

    yes. but literraly its “poweder. go away” ;)
    this indicators typically used in areas with cenrealized firesuppresing systmes-nets, which employ potentiall[more frequently - surely lethal reagents]. like on submarines or some productions or C3C buildings.

  18. Cmc says:

    Excuse my ignorance, but who… what is that creature in 26? (The one playing with the bears.) I’ve seen it stenciled here in Vilnius

  19. Bonita says:

    Hahahahahaha!! O.M.G.! What a clever idea! Who thought of this? I am a 50 yr. old Canadian woman, one who appreciates the beauty, pathos, imagination and talent that these original paintings represent.
    And yet, I laughed soooo hard at most of these re-creations! I love this! Brilliant!
    Does the person responsible for these re-creations have an e-mail address available for the general public to contact them with? I would love to know whether they have any plans to continue doing this, and would like to congratulate them on a very unique and clever, albeit somewhat silly, idea.
    I hope there will be much more to come!
    Bye 4 Now, Peace, Love, Joy,

  20. wirx says:


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  23. What is the name mosesof the painting with the man and women leaning on a wall, with their backs to the viewer? says:

    What is the name of the painting with the man and women leaning on a wall, with their backs to the viewer?

  24. Kyle says:


    Could someone tell me the name of the original painting please?

  25. knuck says:

    photoshop masters?? what?

  26. Que excelentes imágenes. Muchas felicidades. Les envío un caluroso saludo desde León, México.

  27. Eva says:

    Someone loves half-life…
    Other things in the paintings are from Alien vs. Predator, Gladiator and Star Wars.
    @21 I didn’t count the pictures, but I’m guessing you’re talking about pedo-bear.

  28. aline says:

    Number 32? Which artist is that by? The original artwork that is.

    It’s the one with the south park characters in it.

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  30. Tref says:

    Hi-larious! Of course, I liked it better when it was called “After-pieces” by Ward Kimball.


  31. freshalex says:

    LMAO hilarious collection of art.

  32. dr.awj says:

    these are clever but in no way are they even good photoshops, let alone masterpieces!

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  34. Sven says:

    Trees & sky are ridiculously photorealistic in this one:

  35. Lothers says:

    Damn good read. Watching all these artworks was so refreshing, and then these modifications, some are really clever, some creepy, and some very funny. Me likes.

  36. eki says:

    I can see the half-life, lol.

  37. CJEngland says:

    Funny. Some of those are pretty good.

  38. Pixel says:

    Some seems to be funny pictures, having humour, same are serious and all of them are great. Nice collection. Insprational images.

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