57 Sand Eating Woman

Sand Eating Woman

Posted on March 27, 2009 by

Russian woman eats sand
This woman is from one Russian village.
She attracted our attention because of one weird fact about her. According to her words she is fond of eating sand. Yes, just regular sand you can get from outside. This what she does – takes the bucketful of sand to bring home.
She didn’t tell how much she eats and why she does this. The only information was shared is that she is fond of doing this.

Russian woman eats sand 2

Russian woman eats sand 3

Russian woman eats sand 4

Russian woman eats sand 5

Russian woman eats sand 6

Russian woman eats sand 7

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57 Responses to “Sand Eating Woman”

  1. Joshua says:

    This is a medical condition called Pica.

    • Miss India says:

      OMG Russians are so backward, they dont even know this seriosly ill poor lady :(

      • Shri Rameshwar says:

        Chal bhen chood,gandoo.kyon apni maa chuda raha hai?

      • Mr India says:

        Oh, honey.. They do know this seriously ill, poor lady.. At least better than you know your punctuation. If you are going to troll, at least troll well.

      • stfu says:

        Congratulations Miss India! You have won the internets worst troll award! Now please take some electrical wiring and wrap it around your neck. Thank you.

        Hugs and kisses,

    • PINGAS says:


  2. epizdochie says:

    She needs to go to the doctor, she is probably anaemic (an iron deficiency is probably causing her craving).

    • Don`t forget i am a doctor says:


  3. Mantas says:

    Isn’t she from Lithuania?

  4. Shooroop says:

    omg, it’s unreal. Don’t belive!

  5. Slobra2k3 says:

    She’s not russian, she’s actually Lithuanian, and got famous for that quite a few years back. She also said that it helps her with stay healthy, and doctors can’t really explain it.

  6. LiraNuna says:

    “OMG russians are so poor they eat sand” etc etc…

  7. жменю песка закусить цементом и запить водой.

  8. Reinis says:

    What about this explanation: she’s nuts.

  9. Chris says:

    Not necessarily, Reinis. As others have put it, some environmental settings may cause someone to have unusual cravings for unusual foods/substances. These are not always controllable. I’ll put you on a 100% iron+ascorbina free diet for a few days; you’ll be surprised at what kinds of foods your brain will subconciously crave to «protect» your life. ;-)

    • angella says:

      Yes Pica

      I had it when pregnant.

      KFC mash potatoes and gravy with the first

      potato chips with the second

      celery and popcorn with the third

      I now can’t eat any of the above mentioned items, so go figure.

      • Bruce Willis (AAAH) says:

        Do you lay da big eggs on da beach?

        • angella ahmadinejad says:

          Thank you Mahmoud,

          I am sorry I spelt your name wrong please accept my humble apology, but I was so angry. Please slap my face in private?

          (When I come to Tehran for the consummation of our marriage vows is they any chance I could strap you sideways? I can wear my thigh high boots under my burqa with your permissions? )

          Yours in peace and harmony

          the Future Mrs Ahmadinejad

  10. She is from Lithuania.

  11. Mr. Indian says:

    The ruusia doctors can’t explain it. They can’t explain nuthing. they just regular dumb russiams

  12. Bullwinkle says:

    Is this a woman or a man?

  13. Bruce Willis (AAAH) says:

    The man on the horse drawn thing took away her mack – SAND IS THE ROOT OF ALL EVIL

  14. Ngern says:

    Wow, So good. if all can do like her, we can save money a lot for food!

  15. Martinez says:

    She is a Lithuanian woman. Lithuania is an independent country, which is soon going to legalize cannabis!

    But before they can get high, they have to eat some sand :)

  16. kuluga5 says:

    She is the one of the few survivors from secret Siberian concentration camp no,273ur.she has to eat sand because of her abdominal addiction to sweet and fresh sand.RIP

  17. mashius says:

    well, first of all, she’s not from Russia. She’s from Lithuania :P

    Don’t do such mistakes.

  18. jaybeecity says:

    I bet a holiday on the beach would be her dream vacation.
    unless she dosent like her sand salty???

  19. w says:

    This woman is from Novaya Chara and is eating the remnants of her vegetable patch after soviet atomic blast turned it to sand.

  20. kal says:

    She looks like an old annie lennox

  21. Finik says:

    lady would be cheap deal to a cinema. instead of those eternal pop-corns, she would have a paperbag of sand. “oh sorry, i was about to eat it all by myself, sorry”

  22. happy_person says:

    you know you really don’t see her eat anything, she just holds the sand up to her mouth
    (not that I want to see her actually eat it …)
    if she’s really eating it she needs help

  23. 2ndSurvivor says:

    She is addict to eat anything except food items.because of she was among the few survivor of secret concentration camp,code named “the heaven” .she was the political commissar of Ex cpsu.God bless her! ! ! ! !

  24. NameX says:

    its not russian women, she is from LITHUANIA

  25. jurate says:

    i don’t think we should announce she’s from lithuania, let people think we aren’t so abmormal, but russiand are ;DD

  26. jurkis says:

    She’s not lithuanian, she’s samogitian.

  27. sherri says:

    i’m imagining the parasites and worms that are swiming around in here intestines….poor lady. maybe she’s got some kind of pica?

  28. Frankii says:

    Bonnie Tyler used to eat sand, I wonder if that’s why her voice ended up so gravelly…

  29. Jim says:

    Do you think 90% of world’s population (who are usually brain dead) know the difference between Russia and Lithuania?

  30. Mindzius says:

    This woman from LITHUANIA village.

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  32. Domenic Odin says:

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  33. Ronald Klutz says:

    Hi there could I use some of the material here in this blog if I link back to you?

  34. Omg… poor lady. Any cure for it?

    Soendoro Soetanto

  35. Got Sand says:

    hi i came across this website where you can download sandrail plans

  36. She is amazing but she has eating disorder. Sincerely Gabriel

  37. Lithuanian says:

    This lady is from Lithuania not from russia

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