31 Great Model of Moscow

Great Model of Moscow

Posted on March 26, 2009 by

Large model of Moscow exhibited

A 1540 square feet (144 square meters) model of Moscow is now being exhibited in one of Moscow exhibitions.
This model has been built in 1988 and is being used for Moscow planing. Each house is a separate piece and from time to time is needed to be cleaned and polished in order to look nice.
If the house being reconstructed in Moscow the same new model house appears on this epic model, same thing happens when new house is being built in Russian capital.
The scale of the model is 1 to 500.

Large model of Moscow exhibited 1

Large model of Moscow exhibited 2

Large model of Moscow exhibited 3

Large model of Moscow exhibited 4

Large model of Moscow exhibited 5

Large model of Moscow exhibited 6

Large model of Moscow exhibited 7

Large model of Moscow exhibited 8

Large model of Moscow exhibited 9

Large model of Moscow exhibited 10

Large model of Moscow exhibited 11


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31 Responses to “Great Model of Moscow”

  1. adolfocamara says:

    I think the model needs some miniature cars on the streets. And some people.

  2. Clonic says:

    It is not necessary. People and cars are necessary that in a breadboard model to estimate scale, here there are trees. People and machines there are less than trees, to sense from them any. Clearness of perception will be gone, the overall picture will be greased

  3. bla says:

    Why is there no model of St. Basil’s?

    • Gerry says:

      There is. Look again at the Kremlin model. You’re used to looking up past the Lenin Library, through Red Square towards St Basil’s. Here you’re looking opposite, over St Basil’s, Gum on the right, the Lenin tomb and clock tower on the left. Got it? G

      • bla says:

        Um…no. I know exactly where St. Basil’s should be. In the 15th picture there is clearly no St. Basil’s. Perhaps you would like to point it out to me again?

    • cedr says:

      Didn’t you hear? Demolition was planned, but fortunately, all the explosives budget went into making tiny models first.

  4. John from sunny central PA says:

    I think it’s funny that they are still playing with these Thomas the Train style blocks. When will they modernize with computer models? Sad.

    • Po says:

      It’s sad of you thinking they doesn’t have computer models. Check up the Internet! ;)

      • John from sunny central PA says:

        ‘Check up the Internet!’ Ha! Please to learning english!

        • Lackluster says:

          Why should he? His English is probably better than your Russian. Here’s some advice : you should be the one learning Chinese and Russian, so you’re prepared when your new overlords arrive.

          • John from sunny central PA says:

            Oh man, thanks for that. I needed a good laugh to start the day!

            Now back to my computer models…

            • aleke says:

              [laughs while Chinese banks literally run the financial world, Chinese economy grows to the largest in the world, Chinese government owns more half of the U.S.]

              Hope you don’t get outsourced to Indonesia by a Chinese tech company :P

    • Boris says:

      You all americans think people have to learn english, but nobody in the usa know other language, they even speak english badly… grow up the cold war has gone, stop criticating the russians they would not change with any comment of yours… and dont hide behind a computer go to russia and criticate people face to face… jejej

      • Christopher says:

        “but nobody in the usa know other language”

        You really think thats true? Because it isn’t.

        From my understanding and travels, English is the most widely spoken language in the world. Not because of Americans, because of the British. But you are correct, The Cold War is over and there is no reason to criticize the Russians. Every culture has their share of assholes, America is no different and truly neither is Russia. Best not to judge an entire group of people based on a post by one jackass on a website. There are plenty of well traveled and well read Americans who love visiting Russia.

        aleke, you might want to rethink your understanding of ownership. China’s debt-to-GDP ratio is actually worse than the US’s. Even if you want to base your arguement on American debt alone, they hold nowhere near 50%. So if international business is done in US Dollars, which it is. Would that make international business at the whim of the rise and fall of the dollar? Indeed it does…So in other words, if the US were to decide to hyper-inflate the dollar it would lower the actual amount of debt in relation to physical goods. In other words the debt could be paid with useless, worthless dollars. It would seem that your understanding is a bit off of reality.

        Also, The model pictured is pretty awesome!

  5. Nusse says:

    Give me a lizard suit and I will go Godzilla on that city.

  6. jaybeecity says:

    Love it, its brilliant, id love to see a model of the city where i live.

  7. bilosh says:

    In foto #14 you may view a model man making #2 in his model flat.

  8. Ole says:

    I’d be a KING KONG

  9. Jason says:

    I purchased a fridge magnet in Moscow of the 12th picture down.A bridge crosses the river and the road goes right or left.My picture is in full color.

    Picture 21 is the church Stallin had demolished so the palace of the soviets could be built.

    The palace was never built and the church was rebuilt in the early 90s.

  10. SSSR says:

    Moscow looks like a giant dart board!

    The kremlin is the bulls eye!

  11. SSSR says:

    If you add 70 more floors to moscow university in the 6th pic down and take the wings off it would be the empire state building!

  12. scot says:

    Pretty good. I imagine that this assists people as well as computer models as it would give a better overall perspective than on a screen.

    anyway, after all – once you have it – why not keep updating it?

  13. Jason says:

    Can anyone name the river in english and in russian?

  14. w says:

    This model would be hard to view when exhibited. You would need to hang people above it to view it properly – maybe they should stick it to the ceiling instead.

  15. Calvin says:

    amazing. any idea how long it took to create initially? (excluding the ongoing time required to update), and how do they edit the buildings in the centre? by pulling the tables apart or hanging someone from the ceiling?

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