15 Protect Your Children, Russian View

Protect Your Children, Russian View

Posted on March 18, 2009 by

This video footage is a social ad being aired in Russia. It’s main idea that Internet helps unwanted entities to affect one’s children. All the incoming heroes of the video ask if the woman’s children are at home, and the come inside visiting them, except the last man. He asks “Is your small Anny at home?”, then Anny appears with a bunny and he wonders “If that’s your little bunny?”, Anny nods, and then he says “Come on I’ll show you the real bunny” and they leave together. Then man’s voice asks “In real life you could protect your children, why don’t you want to do this on Internet?”. They say the video might prepare masses for some censorship measures. Who knows, but the video itself seems to be kind of controversial.

Update: And this is the version from Ukraine, devoted to the same task of privacy protection:

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15 Responses to “Protect Your Children, Russian View”

  1. Administrator says:

    first haha

  2. DeeL says:

    I have already seen this video somewhere online long ago, but I just cannot find it now.

    cool though ;)

  3. Hans Wurst says:

    The first clip is orginally a german ad translated to russian. Look at the door bell… ” Fam. Dr. Vogel”

    • glipglop says:

      Yes its a german campaign. The whole series was aired here in Germany several years ago. I think its message is very well put.

  4. zipfl says:

    It’s on TV here in Austria all the time. Why it this a russian thing?

  5. jorss says:

    This footage is from Estonian TV

  6. Miss Zimbabwe says:

    OMG poor russians cannot afford safe internet connections to protect their children.

  7. w says:

    Russians get ladies to trick western men into sending money for faster internet and better phone connection

  8. PPlys says:

    And this was the followup about a computercamp for seniors (Sorry it is also in danish) :)
    They learned everything about informationhighways, contcat-ads and so :)

  9. YJ says:

    Funny and sinister.

  10. alexb says:

    The first video is originally a french social ad preventing parents from letting their children meet unexpected people on the internet.

  11. Overlord says:

    You can’t be serious? I mean how sad can your existence get without wanting to just blow your own head off?

  12. [...] Protect Your Children, Russian View. [...]

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