23 Russian Police is Cool

Russian Police is Cool

Posted on March 16, 2009 by

Russian police car, it's cool

Russian police is cool and XXX, see why:

Russian police car, it's cool 2

Russian police car, it's cool 3

Russian police car, it's cool 1

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23 Responses to “Russian Police is Cool”

  1. Lutra Lutra says:


  2. Lutra Lutra says:


  3. Lutra Lutra says:


  4. Lutra Lutra says:

    calculation over all thanks

  5. Miss India says:

    Im getting bored…

  6. Miss India says:

    Ladas are gr8 !

  7. barrie muscroft says:


  8. Anrkist says:

    Anarchy Burger, hold the government please.

  9. Joemil says:

    I laughed.

  10. w says:

    It is porno? I am not cool

  11. Roger says:

    Why show us the same car in various settings? We get it in the first picture.

  12. Jason says:

    Hollywood is everywhere,you can not escape it!

  13. Helga from Finland says:

    I wish we had cars in Finland but we have to use our grandparents to travel from village to village.

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  15. AH says:


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  17. Max says:

    Biff Hooper – I’m afraid that your IQ is between 0 and 10, so 75-80 should be pretty impressive for you.

  18. Joe Blow says:

    In Russia, movie watches you?

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