16 Revenge to His Ex

Revenge to His Ex

Posted on March 16, 2009 by

Russian guy revenge his ex

This Russian guy decided to revenge his ex. He asked his friend to do the action and meanwhile taped this on the video.

Russian guy revenge his ex 2

Russian guy revenge his ex 3


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16 Responses to “Revenge to His Ex”

  1. RuSSiaNThuG says:


    stinky indians

  2. amerikanyetz says:

    Flea powder?

    Didn’t he have any paint?

  3. Anarchia says:

    Next time collect sperm from all your friends and then …splash!!

  4. w says:

    It is cocaine. All russian girls will sex you for drugs

  5. ILoveMissIndia says:

    Somehow I don’t think that was his ex. Looks more like some innocent passer-by.

  6. Vlad xP says:

    What a douchebag! No wonder why she an ex (if that’s fact is even true).

  7. Miss India says:

    OMG Russian are so dumb that they mess up with pretty Russian girls. What a shame :(

  8. JerryBarada says:

    No class… No wonder Russian women are so eager to share their considerable charm with Western men.

  9. Fred says:

    Haha @ the woman. I am laughing! Haha!

  10. USAss says:

    nice antiquing!

  11. TheDudeYouHateToMeet says:

    HAHAHA!!! that’s awesome! He’s got the balls to do what we all want to do to our ex’s!

  12. Wow, those are some great action shots. I really hope she deserved such public humiliation!

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