111 Tatoo Fail

Tatoo Fail

Posted on March 2, 2009 by

Funny Tatoos

In case of making a tatoo one Russian proverb comes very handy. The proverb we are talking about is ” you must measure seven times before you start cutting”, in English there are also plenty of alike, ” score twice before you cut once”, for example, though in Russian language they warn to think seven times before acting. That’s especially important in regard of tatoo, to consider the good artist with big experience and rich portfolio.
Well, still some find it easier not to think seven times. Now their tatoos cause lot of laughs when are seen by someone for the first time.

Funny Tatoos 2

Funny Tatoos 3


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111 Responses to “Tatoo Fail”

  1. LiraNuna says:

    Haha, the nazi sign with the skull and the black rectangle are pure win.

  2. Potanin says:

    They could not even draw Black Square, how sad.

  3. Mr Pakistan says:

    OMG, The Russians are so poor they cannot afford colored tattoos.

  4. Pacific NW says:

    I prefer the dinosaur wearing the crown tattoo.

  5. Half-Breed says:

    hahaha at number 12!

  6. Miss India says:

    OMG Russians are soo poor they cant even afford decent artistic tattoo :(

  7. Girl Katya says:

    That looks like me on #4. WHy they no draw me with donkey?

  8. Girl Katya says:

    What 15? Some drunk russia guy who stop for vodka drink?

  9. Bilosh says:

    foto 12 – mr homosexual dinosaur!! World’s unscariest dinosaur! him tooths not even sharp. He hands hang limp wristed. Plus he stuck on man’s hair butt.

  10. Bernie Madoff says:

    I’m probably about to go to prison, and I would like to have some tattoos before I get there so that I will look tough and scare the anal pirates away. Can anyone recommend the best tattoo for scaring away anal pirates?


    • angella says:


      I have ‘do not enter’ across my lower back in my tramp stamp. It works but I find I then have to scratch at my piles when they itch.

      And get it on the fleshy bit, when they hit my spinal cord I thought I was going to pass out.

      • Bernie Madoff says:

        Dear angella,

        Thank you for that great suggestion. You’re too kind.

        By the way, can I interest you in a great investment opportunity? It’s not something I tell everyone about, but since you’ve been so helpful. . . .

  11. Johnny says:

    The guy from No. 6 wanted a jewish Star of David – he got a swastika. Epic fail!

  12. w says:

    A lot of these look like self inflicted prison tatoos – half my limbs are covered in similar when I was inside

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  14. Bruce Willis (AAAH) says:

    Note to self:
    Never get tattooed in Russia – unless of course I want a kindergarten dinosaur

  15. eniuss says:

    Wicked :D

  16. jurgen says:

    quality stuff — ‘i want the dino-king from pic 12! ..

    hhahahah …

  17. blicu says:

    eso les pasa por ir a cualquiera en lugar de profesionales…

  18. Girl Katya says:

    Why my posts always get delete? This is soviet style censor ship!

  19. Lutra Lutra says:

    king dino rulezzzzzzz
    down under the chair and there done in syrup with brown pants with laughter

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  21. Natasha kalashnikova says:

    haha ha ha ha ha ha D

  22. Authorized1 says:

    Hehe, they also adore Stalin, who killed even more than Nazis – “mysterious Russian soul” :-)

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  24. Lutra Lutra says:

    OMON in Russia accelerates disgruntled government rallies and parades of homosexuals but turned a blind eye when the Nazis celebrate Hitler’s birthday

  25. Oriuken!!!! says:

    [...] E QUI ALTRI FENOMENI… E QUESTE, ANCHE SE NON IN FACCIA SONO TUTTE DA VEDERE! English Russia Tatoo Fail __________________ .: NIKI – Vespa PX "t7" – DR 177 [...]

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  27. noname says:

    “Hehe, they also adore Stalin, who killed even more than Nazis – “mysterious Russian soul” ”
    Wtf does this have to do with tatoos?
    And who tf adores Stalin in Russia?! I have never seen Stalin, to be honest with you, but from what I have learned, I do not adore him. At all. He sent my grandpa (100% russian) to labor camp for nothing, just as h did to many other citizens of USSR, no mater what republic they came from, no mater what nationality they were. So no, dear, we don’t adore Stalin, no way.
    And wtf does this have to do with tatoos anyway???

  28. MrMattock says:

    Hey kid, u know something. Karealia was far more better condition when it belonged to their righteous owners.

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  30. Lai-Lai says:

    The first cat one didn’t turn out to be a total failure, as it looks like American McGee’s Cheshire.

  31. Boo says:

    This is exactly why one should research their tattoo artist, not get a tattoo on a whim, and not get one while drunk…or while the tattoo artist is drunk. Ask to see a portfolio, look at the work they’ve done on other people. A lot of these look like they were done freehand, they need to be stenciled on, because skin moves when you draw on it, so the lines have to be pre-drawn so the artist can follow them properly.

  32. Tattoos says:

    The Russian tattoos are very different and very nice to see them.

  33. Asa says:

    Awww… I feel so sorry for everyone… :(

    …except for the Nazi, he deserved that >:|

  34. Agatha says:

    OMG!! The first one its just sad x.x!

  35. Matt says:

    To be fair, those tattoos would have looked rubbish even if they were done really well!

  36. Randy says:

    This is why, as a tattoo artist, i NEVER do free-hand work. you should ALWAYS draw out a tattoo on a person BEFORE YOU INK THEM UP!!!

  37. excentric says:

    Why is the one with the tiger and the red sun twice in there?

  38. Jk says:

    In Russia tattoo gets YOU!

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  41. mandygreeko says:

    so many bad tattoos …so many feline inspired ..any corelation?

  42. cm says:

    I can’t stop laughing at these ;)

  43. RayJay says:

    The ground should be littered with the dead of these so-called tattoo artist!!!!

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  46. Lorielleftw says:

    #11.. The one of the dinosaur with the crown is Jason Mraz and he actually did it himself while looking in a mirror. He posted that picture on his blog along with his other tattoos he did himself. So that shouldn’t even be included in these “Russian tattoos”.

  47. Nico says:

    I love em!!

  48. Blarg says:

    Was just about to write basically the same thing you just wrote.

    That definitely does not belong with the rest of them.

  49. Sammy says:

    those tattoos were unsual yet interesting!!:)

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  52. mirror says:

    I’ll cry everyday if I have those tattos on me….

  53. Rina says:

    Let them say what they want about South Africa, but our tatoo artist are great. I worked in a biker bar and all those guys are covered in tatoos. And they are all masterpieces. I have one myself and it was done by a traveling artist and its also a masterpiece.

  54. Eric Soyke says:

    Daddy, daddy, I wanna draw your tattoo!

    No me, daddy, me! I wanna draw your tattoo!

    Now now children, you can both draw Daddy’s tattoo.

  55. summertime says:

    OMG!! LMAO!! the dinosaur with the crown had me on the floor with laughter. it looks like it’s about to fall asleep & die of old age.

  56. Ashley says:

    Those tattoos are drawn on with a plain black biro. don’t insult our bloody intelligence.

  57. joneame.net says:

    los tatuajes de Bala_Perdida, Papa_Noel, Brimstone, El_iulius, Curroide, Txeriff y Jonarano…

    Las obras de arte que llevan nuestros queridos jermanos tatuados en su cuerpo…

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  59. I love the cat tattoos More then one person got it and both were messed up. Pretty funny

  60. Hilarious!
    It never ceases to amaze what levels of foolishness people will go to.
    Thanks for sharing!


    Wedding Photographers Miami

  61. Leah says:

    BAAAHAHAHAHAAAAA! Oh man… this is why most apprentices start out tattooing musk melons and frozen chicken. Epic Fail.

  62. sexc_angel says:

    photo #10 is so hot … well would be with out hair …

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  64. omg those are prison tattoos like my grandpa had!

  65. Daddy Tatt says:

    oh my effing gawd half of them are females too….russian bulldykes with 3rd grade art is too much for my heart to take….just toooo much.

    And to the guy who thinks a giant koi is going to look sweet…. ah I don’t even have to say it. You know you have a car on blocks in your driveway, fool

  66. Daddy Tatt says:

    What was it supposed to spell?

  67. Spud says:

    Oh my God. This is worse than the fear of developing an allergic reaction to the dye used in the tattoo!

  68. MishyC says:

    Although I’m not fond of it, the T-Rex wearing a crown is supposed to look like that. It’s a Basquiat pic.

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  71. Aimee says:

    Those WOULD be really bad tattoos if they weren’t bad ink pen drawings.

  72. Lorena says:

    I think that the last one and the one before the black square tattoo, are getting a tattoo to cover the existing one. those violet lines are the guide the tattoo artist uses to make the tattoo right?

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  74. Lothers says:

    No. 3 is also “awesome” ;)

  75. Dudester says:

    Poor girl in the bra with the dodgy effort. She seems young too and its unfortunate now she bears that scar for life.

  76. mycibb.com says:

    In case of making a tatoo one Russian proverb comes very handy….

    In case of making a tatoo one Russian proverb comes very handy. The proverb we are talking about is ” you must measure seven times before you start cutting”, in English there are also plenty of alike, ” score twice before you cut once”, for exa…

  77. lumo says:

    Fail Fail Fail. I bet they were all realy angry about it! Tattoos should be forever. I don’ have any yet but I’m thinking about something on the back of my right hand.
    PS. You can check my site http://mynichemall.com/mall11335-topic-tattoos

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  79. Marta Loopah says:

    Title fail.

  80. mr just says:

    Miss india, Miss pakistan and all the racist so called teenagers atleast don’t use the name of countries to represent your idiocy.

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    via English Russia » Tatoo Fail…

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  83. miss pakistan says:

    pakis can do a better job

  84. Anjo says:

    Crazzyy Tatoo´sssss!

  85. Soendoro Soetanto says:

    What a nightmare.

    Soendoro Soetanto

  86. Kilee says:

    Epic Fail.

    And this is why you don’t let your aspiring tattoo artist friend give you tattoos.

    You should always go professional and look at some of the artists previous work before you opt in for a tattoo.

    I have 3 beautiful tattoos.All done professionally, yes it may cost more money but obviously as you can see above… it’s worth it in the end.

  87. TWed506 says:

    You got to make sure that your tat artiest isn’t drunker then you are.

  88. fuzzy says:

    Well they could be worse?!

  89. cecil says:

    It is spelled tattoo, not tatoo or tatto or even tato…all of you FAIL!

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  91. svvoy says:

    tattoo fac! fac! fac!

  92. Team Roster says:

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  93. LBandy says:

    Never trust anyone working for low price. :)

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  95. _Made_in_Russia_ says:

    Hi to all!

    So, I saw this photo & for me it was like OMFG!!! It’s really terrible. It’s a first time I saw so awful tatoo …

    I want to ask all of you, please don’t think that Russians are poor drunkards. All nations have people suffering from alcohol. Don’t think that our country doesn’t have anything proper. This photos are just for demonstration “before”, it’s a pity that there are no “after”.

    Sorry for mistakes=)

  96. Tattoo says:

    What many people do not know is that tattoos have been around for centuries already especially the lower back tattoos for women

  97. dövmeci says:

    süper dövmeler ben bile daha iyilerini yapamam :)) super tattoos i like tiger tattoo on her back :)))

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