81 Russian Antarctic Station

Russian Antarctic Station

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Russian station in Antarctics

Anton Chekalin has visited Russian Antarctic station and has shot there some interesting places.
For example, what you see on the photo above is the Russian water well. The have made a 16 feet (5 meters) deep hole in the ice and there they can get fresh water from somewhere, so when person gets in there he can see sun trying to penetrate through this many feet thick ice.

Russian station in Antarctics 2

Russian station in Antarctics 3

Russian station in Antarctics 4

This is photo from so called “oasis”, where the temperature is about 5 degrees higher than around, so it’s just a hot place over there. Penguins have a strange ritual – from generation to generation they go on peligrimage – sometimes for as long as two months – so that just to reach this place, stay there for sometimes for just a few hours and go back to their usual places of living.

Russian station in Antarctics 5

Russian station in Antarctics 6

Russian station in Antarctics 7

Russian station in Antarctics 8

This truck was abondoned there since the Soviet era of Antarctic exploration.

Russian station in Antarctics 9

photos by Anton Chekalin

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81 Responses to “Russian Antarctic Station”

  1. angella says:

    first ha ha

  2. Bilosh says:

    We litter this place too with junk machinery

  3. LiraNuna says:

    Amazing photos. Thanks ER!

  4. Ivan phuckupski says:

    Photo number 4 is upside down…
    Other wise what a wicked place! A few more years and explorers will be able to walk over all the debris to get to the poles…

  5. -md-tt- says:

    is this abandoned truck filled with foam ?

  6. Miss India says:


  7. Spooker says:

    Antartic is a surreal place.

    I remember a Soviet and an American in the 80´s saying that they were there just because the other one were there.
    Americans because of the Russians and Russians because of the Americans.

    But what is the name of this station?

    I read once that Vostok station register the coldest temperature ever taken, −89.2 °C (−128.6 °F) and unnoficially -91° C.

    Very nice.

  8. Andrey says:

    very nice place, I have heard than nowadays some tours to Antarctica by the ships are available.

  9. w says:

    Im probably the closest one here to Antartica being that I am in New Zealand

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  12. Gera says:

    Ты олень еще поплач, что антарктиду засарили,съезди и прибери там при таком морозе,глаза рассыпятся.

  13. Pems says:

    Beautiful pics!! Thanks a lot!

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  15. Ivan Mikhailov says:

    Why “trash”? It simply stays there, waiting for repair. It can wait for decades in The Firdge That Never Breaks. Sya, the “official” way of storing spare jet engines is to put the box under 1 meter of ice and mark the place to find later, the box will not be damaged by any accident that might happen on the surface.

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  17. Chris says:

    I literally jus got home from a 3 month tour there. The base is Novolazarevskaja. If you want to see some more pics, check out my website above. It crazy to see these on hee.

  18. [...] El Jefe sent me a link to this really cool set of photos by Anton Chekalin. They’re all really cool, so i recommend you check them out. He hung out at the Russian Antarctic Station. One of the shots is an area they called Oasis- it’s about 5 degrees warmer than the rest of Antarctica, so penguins from ALLLLL over go on a pilgrimage once a year to visit – kinda like a summer vacation! [...]

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  20. anh says:

    The oasis picture is definitely upside down.
    Is there a fear of the underground well collapsing?

  21. Jestempies says:

    As far as I know (from the BBC Planet Earth series:) the penguins go there to lay eggs. The females then return to the ocean, while the males stay, each with one precious egg, for the whole arctic winter, until the young hatch from eggs and the mothers return with food for the young. Then, presumably, they live happily ever after.

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  24. Rd! says:

    Looks like just a bunch of ice…

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  26. jamkeng says:

    amazing..i have never it before.
    nice picture…

  27. 3v1lM1nD says:

    I`l make a trip to Russia just to see these beauty places.

  28. I says:

    I call that soviet era abandoned vehicle!

    I’m going to get some turboprob amphibious aircraft & retrieve it at my earliest convenience. Thanks, “engrish prussia” website for bringing this to my attention!!

    Great success!!

  29. Chris Anton says:

    Antarctica, cool cool photos :D

  30. pradeep bisht says:

    oh god how do work there cool places……….
    what types fish ….

  31. Taupey says:

    Interesting, Thanks

  32. Jack P says:

    This is so interesting
    Solar Yard Lights

  33. L Viser says:

    These pictures are so amazing
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  36. E Cig says:

    Amazing pictures, I really love the snow.

    Your girl Mary :)

  37. E Cig says:

    These pictures are amazing.

    Your girl Mary :)

  38. Beautiful pics!! Superb collection of Russian Antartic Station.

  39. MLM says:

    Very nice post…..
    Great job done by you.Its an appreciable work.

  40. artur says:

    very good!!!!!!

  41. Nice location.I just thought that how would penguins live in like place so cold.loved the pics as well..

  42. Amazing pics.I`l make a trip to Russia to see these beauty.

  43. Superb collection of Russian Antartic Station. I really love the snow. Good post for sharing.

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  45. That’s too awesome…amazing pics!!

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    Superb collection of Russian Antarctic Station. That’s too awesome…amazing pics!!

  48. Nice location.I just thought that how would penguins live in like place so cold.loved the pics as well..

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  51. $unny says:

    I liked the pic of monsoon around the mountain and the inner part of Anton Chekalin has visited Russian Antarctic station
    such a nice post ………..thnks

  52. Love the pics! Keep up the good work

  53. Jim Austin says:

    really breathtaking photos. it is not a place, i think it is heaven on the earth. what a place. really amazing and truly mind blowing.

  54. eyefull says:

    No 7 , spooker.

    I know why the Russians went there.
    It was somewhere they could guarantee to keep their Vodka cold ALL year around.!
    The Americans followed them because they are paranoid the Russians may have figured out something they don’t have, and want a claim on it for themselves.!

    This was the philosophy of the cold war era.

    Both sides stayed, drank, and made love to the penguins under the Aurora skys…….

  55. Amazing..i have never seen it before.Great collection of snow thanks for sharing.

  56. truly breathtaking. i loved all of them a lot. thanks for sharing. great post.

  57. amazing pics. loved it a lot. thanks a lot for sharing. impeccable pics.

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  60. The snaps are really amazing and the work is really appreciable.

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  64. Retro says:

    In soviet russia, ice melts you

  65. It was somewhere they could assure to keep their Rum freezing ALL season around.! The People followed them because they are aware the Russians may have realized out something they do not have, and want a maintain on it for their selves.!

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