22 Caucasian Mountains

Caucasian Mountains

Caucasian mountains once to be the most visited ski resort in USSR, now Russia still has access to some parts of them including the tallest mountain
of Europe and Russia - mt. Elbrus, standing as high as 18,156 ft. tall (around 5642 m). Those are some photos from those places.

20 Falcon Hunt of Kazakhstan Nation

Falcon Hunt of Kazakhstan Nation

While in the North of Russia they have deer racing in the South of ex-USSR, now independent (and glorious, remember what Borat has said!) country of Kazakhstan they practice in
falcon hunt. Special trained falcons find the victims, chase, catch and bring the bodies to the hunters. The best hunter gets TV and DVD as a present.
69 Double Meaning

Double Meaning

All this photos has something in common, most of them are from Russia or made by Russians.
The thing is common is... well everyone can figure out this by himself, probably.

10 Bubble Machine

Bubble Machine

Sometimes, when people don't know what to do at their jobs they start creating some funny stuff. This is a computer controlled soap
bubble maker made out of an old CD-Drive connected to computer from one side and to the glass of whater from another.