Pants down in Ukraine Subway
10 Pants Down in Ukraine

Pants Down in Ukraine

Those "pants down" protest actions - what are they? Now they
seem happen too often, just happened even in Ukraine.
Flight on the fire extinguisher
34 Riding the Extinguisher

Riding the Extinguisher

They say that if the train moves with the speed of light and you then start moving in the train you can't move because it means you would start moving faster than speed of light and that contradicts with modern science beliefs, but nobody actually tried to do this. Well, here the Moscow subway train that is not moving with the speed of light yet, so they could do some nasty
tricks like this one - the flight on the fire extinguisher inside of the moving train car full of people. Obviously it's some kind of attempt to attract attention to the site mentioned in the end of the video but the method they use is like not usual. And another video about movement, this time about the flight on Porsche Cayenne.
Lenin standing on the ball
7 Lenin on the Ball

Lenin on the Ball

Lenin standing on the ball is an idea for the momument that was used widely in Soviet Russia. Actually, the ball symbolizes the Earth globe. They say that when people type the word "Lenin" 50% typing it for the
first time would type "Lening" with the letter "g" at the end, you can try doing it someday, when you'll forget about this already - because if you try right now I bet you'll type it correctly.
Russian Orthodox Church Priest
35 Russian Orthodox Christian Priests

Russian Orthodox Christian Priests

Russians have mixed feelings about the priests of Russian Orthodox Church (ROC). Some consider them to be almost holly (well, really maybe just some), others are not glad with some money schemes the ROC was involved in during last years. To comment a little, during 1990s the state couldn't support church with any money but they wanted to (maybe they believed it would help them somehow, or their sins would be pardoned someway) so they passed to church some very honey business opportunities like importing cigarettes and tobaco products to Russia without any taxes, so in just months Russian Orthodox Church has become the main dealer of cigarettes in Russia pushing out from
the market any other competitors who had to pay taxes and this lasted for years. Other people say that they can't trust modern day priests because during that same time - after the Soviet Union collapse - some people went to study for priests just with the thoughts that they would always have plenty of food and place to live if they join the church. Well, nevertheless, for sure there should be some real believers and followers of Christ's path, who are ready to fast for 40 days and then give out the last dime to the asking soul. Please submit some photos of such if you met one, I believe there should be!
fake canon vacuum cleaners
48 Canon Vacuum Cleaners

Canon Vacuum Cleaners

Recently Russian service centers of Canon have started receiving complains from the people having the troubles with their Canon... vacuum cleaners. It seems that one large electronics supplier in Russia has bought somewhere what they truely believed to be Canon Vacuum Cleaners, and even advertised them. So many
bought intrigued by the brand name and overall feeling to get something cool from Canon. Now it seems it was a nice planned action to sell thousands of some third party, probably Chinese vacuum cleaners labeled as "Canon", having the manual and boxes looking like actual Canon stuff.
Russian Design of Meat Production Distribution
29 Sausage Marketing

Sausage Marketing

Russian designers from Altai region know how to advertise sausages and meat products! They asked the publisher of this merchandise lookbook to
not a change a thing in it. Maybe it was their intuitive knowlege from deep inside knowing that this would end up on Internet soon.
Parking at the bus stop in Russia
8 Bus Stop Parking

Bus Stop Parking

They say this guy was too drunk and took the bus stop for his
parking garage, so he parked and left the building.
17 Russian Investment Cartoons

Russian Investment Cartoons

Russian investors like many other investors around the world has experienced huge
losses. Some now instead of investing they now make cartoons about fellow traders.

38 Students of USSR

Students of USSR

Soviet Russian students don't look like the modern Russian or Western students.
Seeing this pictures make me think they look like grown ups who go to the college.

22 Caucasian Mountains

Caucasian Mountains

Caucasian mountains once to be the most visited ski resort in USSR, now Russia still has access to some parts of them including the tallest mountain
of Europe and Russia - mt. Elbrus, standing as high as 18,156 ft. tall (around 5642 m). Those are some photos from those places.

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