27 Lock Mod

Lock Mod

This body modding young Russian schoolboy has found the lock on the road back from school. The best idea he had about this find is to put it
to his ear piercing hole just for fun. Then suddenly he pushed it bit harder and the metal thing has locked itself. via life.ru
Russian Humour 100 years ago
17 Old Russian Humour Postcards

Old Russian Humour Postcards

Hundred years ago they had some funny postcards too. The one above
reads: "An Optimist: Rain during the sunshine? For the good crops!"
45 Some Chase

Some Chase

In real life police chase doesn't look much like in
Hollywood movie, even when the shooting is involved.
Russian Anti Coca-Cola
109 Russian Anti-Coca-Cola Calendar

Russian Anti-Coca-Cola Calendar

In Russia they started selling anti-Coca-Cola calendars. The reasons for this are not very clear.
Here is it. It's being made in Soviet stylistics. The cover reads "Chemistry or Life?"
Russian Cocosmanaut
12 Cocosmanaut and  Cactusmanaut

Cocosmanaut and Cactusmanaut

In Russia astronauts are being called "cosmonauts", but this is not the case. Those are two widely
discussed Russian heroes: cocosmonaut and cactusmonaut. They travel to cocosmos (space).
Russian killer woman
31 Russian Lady Killed Look-Alikes

Russian Lady Killed Look-Alikes

This story has shocked many this days. The woman you see on the photo is accused in murders. What is so shocking and at the same time interesting with those murders is the scheme and her motivation. It's surely a 21-st century style murder. This lady has used social networks much but not just to chat and communicate with her friends, but to find the victims for murders. She tried to find women who look alike with her. Then she found their adresses and other personal information - checked their posessions and social status like which car does her victim drives etc. She tried to find lonely but prosperous Russian ladies who resembled her in appearance. Then after a good preparation she killed the victim and... took her documents and then hid the body somewhere and
started selling all the victim's belongings. Having all the papers and ids made this task easy. First she took all the cash from bank accounts, then sold cars, appartments etc. And went out with all the money in cash. After a series of such crimes she has been caught. Police officers say that they were really strucked with such case. Once, they found body earlier and started finding the connections of the murdered lady, they came to bank one day and said that they want to know when last time this murdered lady has visited the bank branch - the bank manager said "She just has left", after this they understood all the whole evil scheme - that someone has killed people to use their identities later.
Photos of Norilsk
47 Norilsk City

Norilsk City

Norilsk is a Russian city. Here are some photos from
Norilsk. They do some metal production there too.
Russian Social Stuff
15 Don’t Mix Vodka and Drugs

Don’t Mix Vodka and Drugs

This social stuff is, like, tend to be part of an anti-drug-using
campaign. Let's take a closer look on what this all about...
Russians against Monument
24 No Monument, Please

No Monument, Please

This monument was built in Moscow, but caused a lot of protest. They are even protesting now, after it's standing there for some time. Some people say it was included in
the list of the ten ugliest structures in the world. One artist decided to see how it look like if placed not in Moscow but in other places in the world.
Russian Mobile Computer
42 The Mobile Computer

The Mobile Computer

When the recession reaches it's most coarse drastic form and the consumption would aim for zero point values, then all the Asian production would stop causing so much chaos there. That means for us that no cheap consumer electronics would be made. Still some middle-class proffesionals would need a
mobile computer to be carried with them on their job tasks, so anyone would be able to make a mobile computer like this. It's durable, lasting doesn't attract much attention and still it's a mobile computer! Some people in Russia has already started making some.

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