17 At the Beach [updated]

At the Beach [updated]

Just at
the beach...
Russian Remote Relay network
54 Russian Ionospheric Link

Russian Ionospheric Link

Before the satelite communication was implemented Russian military bases located at the low-populated places such as shores of Arctic Ocean or frozen Siberian forests had to communicate somehow. It was practically impossible to connect them with wire because required too much effort, and was not secure at all - just a small cut off of the line would cause days of searching for it at -40 weather. So Russian army has implemented the network of stations that fired their messages to ionosphere then the message was reflected from it and returned to the Earth surface - right to another station. By connecting those stations in relay chain
they could communicate through all 10000 mile wide Russian land instantly. After the sat connections came into play some of the stations were discontinued some were converted to satelite link. Below you can see the map of this system, and the basic stations. People were sent there to serve their military service for two years guided by full time military commanders. Some still remember those times with a nice nostalgic feeling, some don't - just imagine to live in the middle of the nowhere for couple of years with the only task to service some strange looking antenna.
Russian Fortress
111 Icicles of Brick

Icicles of Brick

This abandoned Russian fortress is probably one of the creepiest places I have seen. The reason for it to have such a strange look is because it was used later by Russian army to test the influence of Russian alternative
to napalm inside of the brick houses. Due to very high temperature of napalm the bricks started melting just like ice melts in the spring forming the icicles, but those icicles are of red brick.
Russia from satelite
20 Russia from Satelite 5

Russia from Satelite 5

From time to time we publish shots of Russia made from satelites gathered from different places. Today just a few. The first one is the Black Sea - the warmest sea in Russia also bordering Turkey and some other countries. You can see millions of tons of floating plankton. There is an interesting detail about Black Sea. It is also sometimes was called Sea of the Dead in the history. It was so because of it's bottom - there
are no any life forms at its bottom because of the vast amounts of hydrogen sulphide coming out from the holes in the bottom and gathering in masses on the bottom thus not letting any plants or fish to grow there. This hydrogen sulphide is a very easy inflammable gas. So during some strongs storms, like back in 1927 it came out to the surface and was ignited and the sea surface was on fire!
Giant from Russia: Tallest man ever
31 Fedor the Giant

Fedor the Giant

In the beginning of the twentieth century there was a real giant living in Russia. He was 9.3 feet (2.85 m) tall! World leaders from all over the world invited him to have a look. He has
visited Theodor Roosevelt and Pope of Rome, as well as many others in his world wide journey. It's a pitty not much of good quality photos have been left since then.
elk in Russia
64 Elk in the City

Elk in the City

Some think bears wander around in Russian cities, well
maybe sometimes, but elks much more common, realy.
Russians charging ipod with lemons
20 Lemon Charge

Lemon Charge

One lemon is small but a few can
charge your ipod decently.
Soviet Means of Transportation
29 Soviet Means of Transportation

Soviet Means of Transportation

Soviet means of transportation.
Just self-descriptive.
demolition of the houses in Russia 1

57 Demolition


While there is an economic recession in the rest of the country or even in the rest of the world in
Moscow they demolish whole residential blocks to build new more expensive living houses.
Russian coins in Ukraine
50 Coin Fun

Coin Fun

It's just another post to show how creative Russian person can be while spending time at job. He makes those things without any glue to amuse coleagues and
other local office workers - they don't fall down placed like this on the edge of the table. Below are some photos of the preparation process.

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