Russian construction hardware
55 Russian Special Construction Hardware

Russian Special Construction Hardware

Some companies in Russia earn their living by buying cheap old Russian army vehicles and converting them to civil engineering and construction hardware that then is being used at the various construction sites in Russia. With those it comes like, passing across a place where the new residential complex is being built a big military camouflaged tank can appear
from across a corner equipped with a hoe instead of the gun. Also, it might be handy in exporting to third world countries where the construction areas are sometimes being combined with a battle front. Such construction machinery won't be an easy target and would be able to continue digging under the light to moderate range fire.
Russian souvenirs and Russian gifts
76 Steampulk Tableware

Steampulk Tableware

This stuff is being made by the guy from Moscow. He sells all this right there in Moscow, but probably can sell via internet
too. He makes stuff to decorate tables and turn the regular salt and pepper sets to some steampunk exotics.
44 Better Shot

Better Shot

They really need to be more careful when performing such winter car racing. This girl was hit by the moving car when she wanted to make a
better shot. She's OK but in hospital with a broken leg now. The video of the incindent is below. via
Photos of Russia by Eugene Safian
31 Russian by Eugene Safian

Russian by Eugene Safian

Photos of Russia (mainly Moscow) by
Russian photographer Eugene Safian.
Russian army and its Russian telescopes
29 Russian Army Telescopes

Russian Army Telescopes

Russian army has space vessels and it needs good telescopes to control the fleet. Some like those ones in the
mountains of Tajikistan, previously very secret location, now is sometimes open for the visitors.
Russian comics book
31 Russian Comics Book

Russian Comics Book

In Russian comics books teenage mutant turtles are lead
by the giant Russian bear with balalaika-gun.
11 We, Children of Galaktika

We, Children of Galaktika

Some Soviet hits were not devoted to propaganda but had some mystical agenda beneath their lyrics. Like this song "We, the children of Galaxy" is still well remembered and cover versions appear
from time to time. The lyrics is something like "We are the children of Galaxy, but what even most important we are children of the Earth". Soviet enjoyed a lot this song.
Russian toys sold to train passengers
40 Toys, 24×7

Toys, 24×7

In this small Russian town some people earn their leaving by selling the
soft toys day and night to the passengers of passing though trains.
Life in Russia
24 Daily 16

Daily 16

Some assorted stuff
submitted by Russian readers.
Adidas Made in Russia
42 Russian Adidas

Russian Adidas

As it comes out not all Adidas or Reebok is being made in China or Malaysia. Today they make it in
Russia too, so next time buying something from them you might have a Russian pair of snickers.

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