Soviet Russia
52 Soviet Russia, 1977

Soviet Russia, 1977

Shots from Russian streets back from 1977, probably
the most prosperous time of the Soviet society.
Russian bullet
29 One to a Billion

One to a Billion

Those are two bullets, French and Russian collided in the air, back at 1854 during the war in Russia at Crimea peninsula. People say
that a probability odds for this to happen is one to a billion, and to find such 150 years laters was also a great luck.
Russian cars parking
50 Efficient Parking

Efficient Parking

When the parking lots are small and the surrounding residential buildings are big and
populated they have to park the cars this way. Probably, they access the cars from behind.
Russian city Tver, air shots
49 Tver from Air

Tver from Air

We had Moscow from air and St. Petersburg from air, now
Tver city and its outskirts, photos by Russos.
Russian vintage shot of people and radio
33 Radio Village

Radio Village

This vantage photo of poor Russian family back from 1925 listening to
the radio. People then made their corrections to the photo.
Yuri Gagarin, First Man in Space, He is from Russia
67 Yuri Gagarin

Yuri Gagarin

Yuri Gagarin, the first man in the
modern world's history into space.
Sholokhov Monument, Moscow Russia
15 The Modded Monument

The Modded Monument

We have mentioned already this monument for it's weirdness and horse heads, but now some
enthusiastic and creative Moscow youngsters has modded it to even higher degree of weirdness.
Soviet Road Safety Propaganda
15 Soviet Road Safety

Soviet Road Safety

In Soviet state they also have cared about the road safety. Though, there were some peculiarities linked with such propaganda. Like, for example, because there are not many cars in Russia and even in Moscow, like in North Korea nowadays, and the roads were wide and paved - so kids used them for their football/soccer games, one or two cars in
hour passing by didn't cause much interruption to their game. Then more and more cars appeared on the roads and such kids fun could cause accidents to happen, so the piece of artwork from above was devoted to this problem, condemning the adults who rather more interested in game itself than in securing the kids.
Snow Car in Russia
20 The Snow Car

The Snow Car

If the snowmen could drive they could
prefer this Russian snow car for a ride.
St. Petersburg, Russia
29 St. Petersburg by Alexandr Alexeev

St. Petersburg by Alexandr Alexeev

Shots of St. Petersburg city,
Russia, by Alexander Alexeev.

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