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The Pop Singer

Posted on February 26, 2009 by

This Russian pop-singer is looking obviously scared after that woman approached him.

Also, as you may noticed the voice track was not interrupted in that moment. Here is why.

We can say that almost all Russian pop singers don’t sing live. They all use the pre-recorded audio with their voice during all the performances and Russian people seem like don’t care.

Sometimes if they try singing live you can see what it can look like, the same Russian musician again:

And now the next video. It requires a little explanation – the voice you hear during it was recorded by the technician from the mic he was holding – it didn’t go live so the audience has heard only the recorded audiotrack:

If someone occassionally get interested in this Russian singer’s name – that’s Kirkorov.

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24 Responses to “The Pop Singer”

  1. OMG Russians are so poor so they can not afford qualitative western pop, so they just copy it with poor quality :-(

  2. OMG that’s an example how unpretentious Russian people are, they go to the concerts of artists who don’t even care about their lipsyncing… What a shame :-(

  3. Mike from Iowa says:

    Second!!! Because Tim Berners Lee was First.

  4. Jaybeecity says:

    I want to visit russia, looks like a real cool place, lots to see and do.

  5. mrp says:

    People in Russia like to pay money for nothing – and they actually do not mind if the artist simply screws them by singing lip-sync!
    But simply lets face the facts – majority of Russian stage artists simply do not know how to sing to live audience!

    Please do no argue with me without thinking about what I said!!
    Thank you!

  6. Jason says:

    You forgot to type a is after he!With more practice you will get it rite.

  7. I’m looks like Kirkorov today, ugly shemale hoe :(

  8. patrick says:

    fake Russians, with fake HUI

  9. heatmiser says:

    Does anyone remember Milli Vanilli?

  10. Caprea says:

    Oh man, this is priceless!!

  11. Ginger nut says:

    Didn’t the Duma Deputy Kovalev/ rocker try to pass a law to stop pre-recorded
    tracks because he felt people were getting ripped off?

  12. MiHuevoIZQ says:


    From mexico!

  13. Mr India says:

    I use Miss India as my sex slave. I share her with 300 of my brothers and cousins named Kumar, Kerpal, Tipu, Babu.

  14. Mr. India says:

    Miss India shall get the old time india divorce tonight-
    I will drag her onto street and set her on fire.
    After she make my rat on a stick dinner of course.
    Because India is most modern country in world!!

  15. max says:

    You will find that he’s Bulgarian….

  16. Jason says:

    Oops,I mean right…

  17. w says:

    His scream was awesome what a homo

  18. K says:

    Filip Kirkorov is not Russian, he’s a Bulgarian Armenian.

  19. Bolshoy says:

    What is this ? 90s ?

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