46 Perm City Station

Perm City Station

Perm city station, Russia

All the travellers coming to the Russian city Perm station are now being greeted by such an artwork. It’s like “Welcome to Perm city”.

Perm city station, Russia 2Perm city station, Russia 3Perm city station, Russia 4Perm city station, Russia 5

Perm city station, Russia 6

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46 Responses to “Perm City Station”

  1. Alex says:

    You need to mention the Biblical quotation at the bottom to understand the poster.

    “Whoever welcomes a child like this in My name, welcomes Me”

    Matthew 18:5

  2. CBEH says:

    Before that irritating fly Miss India comes in, her repetitive propaganda content is proof of modified method of internet subversion for the purpose of destabilization.

  3. Ag says:

    @ CBEH
    Your wisdom is enough irritation.

  4. LiraNuna says:

    OMG russians are so poor…

    etc etc.. you get the image…

  5. Girl Katya says:

    I think that guys on right is Finnish. Sometimes he has bad breath that smell like a donky butt!

  6. w says:

    This is toothism at its worst. What they are implying is people with poor dental hygene are to be considered threatening and poor however they try to win respect by stating they accept the toothless vagrant with open arms. The irony is that the toothless will more than likely be singled out more regularly and find it harder to get work or home and will thus suffer even more.

  7. Katja says:

    What a great way to improve the city’s public image.

  8. bilosh says:

    These are successful businessmen from my willage. They run best prostitution and crack cocaine cafe in entire oblast! The one on the left so rich he even have color televisor in living room and another in bedroom!!!!

  9. OMG Russians are so poor they can not even afford teeth brushes and health care that we have in the West :-(

  10. Rodriguez says:

    That`s Syava the rapper`s friends. :-B

  11. konvlad says:

    I’m from Perm, but now I live far from the city. So, I don’t know, what does it mean, to show these two unsocial teenagers is quite strange. Just a guess…

    There is some tendency in street advertising. It’s possible to meet in Perm now. The advertising message consists of two parts. The first message is being showed in some time after the second one. The first message is something very strange and remembered, the second one is neutral. So, contrast effect works…

  12. Джейсон says:

    I would rather see a Lenin monument instead of this picture.

    The one in Ekaterinburg kicks ass!

  13. Miss India says:

    Hi everyone

    Because of you guys I am the most popular name on this site!

    I love all of the attention!

    Thank you all so much!

    Lots of love:Miss India

    • Cuban : D says:

      Well, that´s true, actually all the time when I check the forum I see if you are wrinting in there, and see all the answers you got.

      You are really famous in this site, and a mistery for many, at least for me you are.

      lots of love for u too

  14. Girl Katya says:

    Yes I think they double penetrate my butt once.

  15. brbrbr says:

    region well famous for numerous concentration camps …
    so maybe its not vagrants on picture, just victims of machine :/ who knows[exactly] ?

  16. Oscar says:

    found the original picture that was used for this drawing!

  17. Mr India says:

    Anal gangbang of Miss India in my house tonight.

    Email for directions

  18. GEORGIAN says:

    because u cant hide it visitors still gon see people like that in russia :)

  19. TG says:

    Definitely in need of a stomatologia. . .

  20. Lutra Lutra says:

    I am the one who left

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  22. greyone says:

    i saw the original picture somewhere in a ‘bidlo’ section , i dont believe this is real , its provocating for everyone :s…

    realy strange but i think its fake , even with all the different pictures and angles , … just my thoughts

  23. Jane says:


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  25. Is someone in Perm prepearing for April Fool’s Day?

  26. guys; this kids are not russian, in the original photo these kids are scottish and they are fans of celtic fc.

  27. they are scottish kids and fans of celtic fc in the original picture

  28. Corran says:

    These guys are russian internet meme, so if you don`t know it`s history, you won`t laugh

  29. Buy valium. says:

    Buy valium….

    Buy valium….

  30. Maybe you could make changes to the webpage name title English Russia » Perm City Station to more catching for your subject you make. I loved the blog post even sononetheless.

  31. Dolgih says:

    in the river station is carried out restoration work. so… hung up this poster temporarily… but just do not understand why such a picture … would be better off something…. squirrels with nuts or something else…

  32. Pickled says:

    I think those are supposed to be those kids who when they were younger had killed that toddler from England. I forgot what their names were or even what city that happened in. A very brutal murder.

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  35. Muzzlehatch says:

    When you type “Famous British Smiles”, this always come up.

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