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Freedom of Choice

Posted on February 26, 2009 by

Russian tram

If someone expresses enough persistance and will he can break away from the rails of the everyday life and routine he is having and set himself off the track.

This Russian tram looks like was very persistant, but then totally puzzled – “I am of the rails and, like, independent – but what’s next?”.

Russian tram 2

Russian tram 3

Russian tram 4

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40 Responses to “Freedom of Choice”

  1. OMG Russian are so poor they can not afford normal trams that we have in the West :-(

  2. Jaybeecity says:

    2ND Hooray, hopefully first next time.
    Trams are rubbish, the trams where i live come off the rails from time to time lol

  3. John S. from sunny central PA says:

    OMG Russians are so poor they have to resort to ground travel like in a third world country. They can’t fly around in gold plated Lear jets like in the west. :-(

    /there, I remembered the frownie at the end that time

  4. brbrbr says:

    west have not trams.
    so thay are soo poor, so cant afford trams and medication for Miss India/Zhanna Friske

  5. Chris says:

    Whoever is marketing DARUSSIA.COM is trying VERY hard.

    Miss India (or larussophobska), you went too far, look at the knockoffs you spawned.

  6. I like anal sex, hardcore interracial porn!

  7. w says:

    Tram is like “i am puzzled”. Its has gone off the rails. It is funny because it is a tram.

  8. tram farmer says:

    Tram is staging a protest.

  9. Sclith says:

    I think he made a very wrong left turn. He needs a new map or a GPS unit perhaps? :-)

  10. russia in dark says:

    Nice one!!! :) :) :)

  11. zax says:

    What make is that tram? Is it perhaps Czechoslovakian ČKD?

  12. brbrbr says:

    no, it [relatively]new Russian-made model.
    go tram-related resources for exact description.

  13. Gaz! Gaz! Gaz! says:

    Это действительно Tashkent (uzbekistan). я на этом маршруте в школу ездил)

  14. Mr. India says:

    Wipe ass with left hand , eat with right hand!
    And curry sauce only up to the finger tip, not the wrist!
    Yes we are modern example to all world!

  15. Bangkok says:

    OMG Россия такая бедная что её путают с узбекистаном! :(

  16. Tramdriver says:

    tip from me here in Sweden Goteborg we talk about trams in Russia.Ok look on this video on google .and youtube
    car 71-153
    car 71-154
    moscow trams
    volgograd trams
    goteborg trams
    More tip seek on trainz.ru

  17. haligi says:

    It’s definetely Tashkent, Uzbekistan nor Russia. Street name Farg’ona yo’li.

  18. Tramdriver in Goteborg says:

    I think tram line 13 on pictures is in NOVGOROD ?.Look self on youtube video.
    trams of russia (for tram lovers)

  19. Tramdriver says:

    Security Regulation for Tramdrivers in Sweden Goteborg.
    -Tram run of the rails
    1.Take down streambow.
    2.Evacuate passenger out of the tram.
    3.Alarm to radiooperator this is line xx tram nr xxx driver nr xxxx position xxxxxxx directing to xxxxxxxx tram run of the rails,streambow is down,tram is evacuated over.

  20. Tramdriver in Goteborg says:

    The Russia tram line nr 13 on pictures is not a dangeros to evacuated, because ( back boggier is on rail ) and stream 650 volt ( Direct Current = DC ) can go to boggier back and down to rail.I think you have same volt on your tram in Russia.Also i can observe on the pictures electric wiring is hanging on the left side on the tram.

  21. Tramdriver in Goteborg says:

    But what´s next ? Cran lift tram back to rail and Wiring workers hanging up wiring.

  22. Tramdriver in Goteborg says:

    But what´s next for driver of tram line 13 if this happening here in Sweden Goteborg ? First relieving and 30 minutes extra income payment :- work for report writing.
    Soon after report writing new tram from depot or relieving online.If tramdriver have end of day time.Driver can go home.And are very welcome day after for new tram work.

  23. Tramdriver in Goteborg says:

    On sixties 1960 to ? We had a tram out of rail here in Goteborg.Cran driver says “I looking here after a tram but i can not find a tram here”.On cran drivers radio”look on other the page on street inside at USED CARS”

  24. Tramdriver in Goteborg says:

    I wrote cran driver but i meant cook driver sorry.
    Seek and listen on Volgograd radiostations.
    Listen online radio MakkiRUS Volgograd live internet
    Volgograd radio stations-listen online

  25. hufi says:

    As I remember always russian and soviet stuff had to be tough and reliable, not “cool designed” :] Most of my equipment with sticker “Sdielano w SSSR” on it still working with a little bit of maintenance :)

  26. Tramdriver in Goteborg says:

    Hold is why right,tough and reliable is mush better,not”cool designed”.But Russian new car 71-154 soon in Volgograd and Moscow Kt3r low-floor-tram is tough,reliable and cool designed.
    Volga Siber “want have”.

  27. Tramdriver in Goteborg says:

    Hello.Cranedriver yes yes i known.Hope that translation becomes better.Is you russ and tramdriver?
    Would you drive tram here in Goteborg?
    The education here for tramdriver is 7-8 weeks.
    Self i would try drive tram in Russia Moscba St.Petersburg or Volgograd.I would tell about tramdriving here in Goteborg.This can you happen out for that tramdriver in Goteborg.On end station you must pick up free magazines from floor.This is much usual.On winter snowball throwing on tram.We have stone throwing on tram,happens.And we have classic sabotage for exemple any pulls in neediness brake.
    Neediness open doors.We have windows krossing.Scribble inside and outside of tram.Other sabotage is bycycle and other clutter on tracks for that get tram out of tracks.
    We have firing most with air weapon,this happens occasionally.Such here lives in Goteborg.But you not become worried of this.But i think this is better in russia.Tram drivers in Russia what you think about this?Comments ? ? ?.

  28. Tramdriver in Goteborg says:

    the computer translation become no good.Them hooligan fires with airweapon on tram.

  29. Tramdriver in Goteborg says:

    After Work.Forum for tram driver.We can talk about services,break,free days,and vacation and much much more.
    services 1.Line 13 Time 3:30 Depot to 7:35 Railway Station
    Time for break
    Line 3 Time 8:23 R S to 11:48 Railway Station
    End of Time
    Free Days W = Work and F = Free and S = Services Number 1-6
    2 3 F F 4 5 5 6 F 4 5 5 F F F 2 6 1 F 3 3 4 5 F F 2 6 6 1 F
    We have vacation Short = 2 veeks winter and vacation Long = 4 veeks summer.

  30. Tramdriver in Goteborg says:

    When the work not reaches—– trainz.ru
    Have a Nice Weekend.

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  32. Artem says:

    This is not Russia!!! By the way this is my hometown Tashkent in Uzbekistan. I used to take this tram route # 13 to go to see my grandfather at TTZ (tashkent traktor factory)

  33. Actos news. says:

    Generic actos….


  34. Tramdriver says:

    TJ 5 Måndag – Torsdag
    2 1068 4,30 MX – 9,22C
    5 1050 10,20 BP – 14,20 BP
    Resa 9 14,21 BP – 14,38 M

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