30 Uzbekistan Shots

Uzbekistan Shots

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Some photos from Uzbekistan, former part of Soviet Russia by Borzih Victor.

Uzbekistan 2

Uzbekistan 3

Uzbekistan 4

Uzbekistan 5

Uzbekistan 6

Uzbekistan 7

Uzbekistan 8

Uzbekistan 9

Uzbekistan 10

Uzbekistan 11

from Borzih Victor

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30 Responses to “Uzbekistan Shots”

  1. scot says:

    Well… FIRST!!! would have been sufficient.

    I presume that the rich looking guys are the salesmen from the Mecedes Benz dealer?

  2. OMG Russian people are so poor, look how prosperous Uzbekistan now without Russian rule. Uzbekistan now is richer than Russia. Russia is 3rd world country for sure :-(

  3. OMG look how prosperous Uzbekistan become after Russians left the country. Uzbekistan now is richer than Russia, Uzbek people all drive luxury cars, that Russians can not afford. Russia is 3rd world country with poor population :-(

  4. maxD says:

    What a bunch of crooks. Bought themselves some pairs of ‘CHURCH’ britsh shoes and Mercedes. But no class.

  5. Anrkist says:

    Looks like an episode of The Sopranos.

  6. w says:

    OMG Uzbeks are so rich they bought themselves a fleet of 15 year old Mercedes and a pair of shoes

  7. Detroit says:


  8. LiraNuna says:

    Someone needs to create a “Miss India Comment Generator” – it’s easy:

    “OMG Russia is so poor . Russia is 3rd world country :(”

    So repeatative <_<

  9. jaybeecity says:

    Are they the local mafia?

  10. canadian_inquiry says:

    what do they do for money? (Oil? US aid?)

  11. KBR says:

    Don’t know if anyone has noticed but the type of the S-class benz you cannot find it any more in Western Europe. And I think I know why, and where the cars are gone. But it doesn’t make any sense why they have such old (but good) Benz’s while they can buy/build such houses and have tailor made shoes. So why not new Benz’es?

  12. Girl Katya says:

    Si, si amigo.

  13. Girl Katya says:

    Bill Clinton like to visit this country.

  14. Girl Katya says:

    What is nsa logo in pic #1?

  15. Chris says:

    What’s up with all the old w140 benzes? Very nice cars for us poor people now. You can get a beautiful one for $7,000. Maybe I’ll finally trade in my 1968 Heckflosse…

  16. milky candy says:

    looks like the way those guys earns money isn’t really “clean”

    • Mr India says:

      They earned their money by prostituting Miss India! I know, I sold her to them back in 1992 (shortly after the fall of USSR) and she is not that great so it took many years before they can afford to buy old benzes.

  17. brbrbr says:

    everywhere in the Worlb – mobsters are hardly do recognise from each others.
    those on pictures – looks like jakudza.

  18. Soviet_Russia says:

    GDP per capita in Uzbekistan is 950$
    In Russia 16.000$
    In US 46.000$
    In Ukraine 8.000$

    Yep, Uzbekistan is rich!

  19. ayaman says:

    In other words, the concept of “Second World” was a construct of the Cold War and the term has largely fallen out of use since the “Autumn of Nations” in 1989. Subsequently, the actual meaning of the terms “First World” and “Third World” changed from being based on political ideology to an economic definition (see the terms developed country and developing country).[1] Since the 1990s, “Second World” countries situated in Central Europe are considered part of the “First World”, while their Asian counterparts (and Cuba) are regarded as “Third World” countries.

  20. Josie says:

    What is this? An episode of The Godfather?

  21. Alex says:

    That guy is one of the most powerfullman in Uzbekistan.
    His name is Rich Salim or salim abdullaev,if u r really interested on him u can have a look on google Salim Abdullaev ,u will find out who he is

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