23 Surprise to a Neighbour

Surprise to a Neighbour

Posted on February 23, 2009 by

Russian fun

That’s how some Russian young people surprise their neighbors. They find a car of their neighbor standing on the parking lot, then…

Russian fun 2

Cover it with the snow on the day when the temperature is warm and snow is soft and nice to make such formations. And then…

Russian fun 3

In the night it freezes and makes that kind of ice armor around the neighbors car so that the only way to open it is to use a small axe or a torch.

via leprosorium.ru

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23 Responses to “Surprise to a Neighbour”

  1. Gera says:

    нормально так залепили))фотки с лепрозория…

  2. OMG Russians are so poor, they can not even afford buying snow-removal equipment, that’s why Russia is always covered with snow :-(

  3. brbrbr says:

    Masha from Russia
    and so ? American so poor, so they cant afford snow itself ?

  4. Heatmiser says:

    I love pranks – This is pretty funny.

    Why the sign that says “Spectrum”? (If I translated that correctly)

  5. w says:

    This wreck was an eyesore and a public nuisance the owner did it good thing burying a dead Lada. By summertime it will have rusted away and owner can by a new one.

  6. jaybeecity says:

    Lol, if you were going away for a few days you could do it to your own car so no one could steal it.

  7. Gena says:

    This is too funny… Masha from Russia and miss india is the same thing??? noo….. hahahahahah

    Masha from India.

  8. canadian_inquiry says:

    silly gypsies

  9. Miss India says:

    OMG I am truly depressing, why oh why don’t I build a garage before killing myself?

  10. asghar says:

    i’m sure you do my dear, i’m sure!

  11. CBEH says:

    In Soviet Amerika, money tax you

  12. Do you know what the hell you’re talking about? Didn’t you see the snow removal equipment in Russia during the UK freeze last month?

    All Russian cars are fitted with shovels…but no snow machine operator is going to waste time digging out one person’s car, especially since the machine would probably break the car…didn’t you read the freakin’ article?

  13. El_Greco says:

    Hmm atleast thats pure snow clear not like american imagine in america its everything fake even the snow not talking about so called freedom…..

  14. Girl Katya says:

    I like the ruff sex!

  15. Jim from Iowa says:

    They would not think it was funny if they did that to me.

  16. lala says:

    nicely said!

  17. fikamar says:

    I want it!! but… I’m from Indonesia… and there’s no snow in my country… except in Papua

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