49 Tver from Air

Tver from Air

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Russian city Tver, air shots

We had Moscow from air and St. Petersburg from air, now Tver city and its outskirts, photos by Russos.

Russian city Tver, air shots 1

Russian city Tver, air shots 2

Russian city Tver, air shots 3

Russian city Tver, air shots 4

Russian city Tver, air shots 5

Russian city Tver, air shots 6

Russian city Tver, air shots 7

Russian city Tver, air shots 8

Russian city Tver, air shots 9

Russian city Tver, air shots 10

Russian city Tver, air shots 11


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49 Responses to “Tver from Air”

    • Miss India says:

      OMG What happen to that god foresaken town? The town looks like a grass field sprayed with weedkiller. I feel sorry for the poor Russian souls living in that hell of a town :(

    • Nina Germany says:

      wow, it looks like a dump :( I guess it’s true what they say- except for few relatively nice places in Moscow and St.Petersburg, Russia is poor and devastated

  1. Miss India says:

    OMG Russia is very poor country. Look those pitiful messed up buildings like they were destroyed in nuclear war. Russians can not afford descent houses like in the West. :-(

  2. Bilosh says:

    Truck stop in Foto 3 is voted #1 premium site for prostitution. The girls are famous for have teeth and hair.

  3. Ngern says:

    i think all those people should move out the areas and reserve those for natural areas (allow the forest, tree and animals living there.

  4. Good photos. Thanks you. It was nice of the people at the airport to display the lat-long coordinates so I could find the place on Google Earth.

  5. OPERATOR says:

    A lot of these places remind me of STALKER.

  6. Starshii says:

    It might only be the time when pictures are taken (early spring, late autumm?) but still it looks kind of sad.

  7. Jim-Bob says:

    Reminds me of blighted, post-industrial New England towns like Binghamton New York here in the US. Some nice areas, but with plenty of post-industrial decay.

  8. maxD says:

    These pics are not really representative of the city of Tver. Tver is actually a pretty nice place with plenty of 19th century buildings, like St. Pete.

  9. Kirov says:

    Nina Germany, I wouldn’t talk if I was you. I’ve been in the outskirts of Eastern German cities – worse then this.

    Russian cities are really modern and beautiful – in general.

    Also, it looks far worse then it actually is.

  10. Kirov says:

    Oh, when I mean Russian cities, I mean the central part of them.

  11. Igor Stravinsky says:

    Which building is the wwal-mart?

  12. Henryk says:

    I am glad to see some of the beautiful old churches are being restored. (Some still in ruins though). This town seems remote and with a very wet climate. Where is it?

  13. Mister Pakistan says:

    I rofle, also RAPE!

  14. Kirov says:

    MaxD, I never said the entire cities were perfect, did I? I only said their centres were.

    PS. It’s a matter of taste, I don’t have anything against Soviet era apartment blocks. They work. Also, Moscow is a very beautiful city. If you don’t like it, move to St.Petersburg.

  15. Miss India says:

    In 1686, King James II, concerned about the increasingly independent ways of the colonies, including their self-governing charters, open flouting of the Navigation Acts, and increasing military power, established the Dominion of New England, an administrative union comprising all of the New England colonies. On August 11, 1688, the provinces of New York and New Jersey, seized from the Dutch in 1664, and confirmed on September 12, 1673, were added

    New York was in deed part of New England at one time.

  16. Jane says:

    “now Tver city and its outskirts”
    These pictures are not Tver at all. It’s outskirts of Tver. Most of pictures were made in industrial town Vyshny Volochek.

  17. Jane says:

    “Tver from Air”
    These pictures are not Tver at all. Most of pictures were made in industrial town Vyshny Volochek. http://russos.livejournal.com/543369.html

  18. maxD says:

    I agree, it is a matter of taste.

    But my personal POV is that ‘taste’ is so underdeveloped in the average ex-soviet citizen [not surprising after 70 years of communism] that some guidance and restrictions [coming from the municipality, i.e.] might be a good idea. I know in St. Petersburg there are guidelines that in general are obeyed [also because ST.P. is on UNESCO's international heritage list] but in most Russian cities everybody can do as they please, with in general horrendous outcomes.

    4 different colors on one historical building, the plastic window frames in a neo-classical construction… the only thing that matters for most people is that the windows keep out the draft/cold, are cheap and are easy to maintain. Understandable, but not pleasing to the eye. Which is also important I think – one has to look at it day after day for the rest of his life.

  19. Bangkok says:

    омфг мой дом на первой фотке!!!!!11

  20. CZenda says:

    I know exactly what you mean – the cheap plastic windows are like a plague and IMO those with the “wooden” look are even worse than the plain white ones.
    Fortunately, their heydays (mid 90s) are over and now they are used mainly for refurbishing the Commie-era blocks of flats in CZ and the authorities insist on changing the windows in the whole block using the same type.
    They may very well be practical, but they look like what they are – a cheap substitute…

  21. Jason says:

    I wonder if there is a Ikea Mega Mall in this city!

  22. darussia.com says:

    I can’t believe it – a comment by Miss India that isn’t racially degrading someone!!!!

    Nowadays when people refer to “New England” they are referring to the geographical region of the United States comprised of the 6 northeasternmost states. New York was never a part of this region. You lifted your information from a Wikipedia article on New England, specifically the paragraph about the “Dominion of New England” which was an “administrative union”, not a geographical region. Furthermore, in 1686, the area was a British colony, The United States was another 101 years in the future.

    “Indeed” is one word, not two.

  23. темч says:

    а мне нравится. кому нет – идут на 3 веселых буквы

  24. ivan123 says:

    actually its not tver,its some industrial small cities in tver oblast’, u can see photos tver in summer http://russos.livejournal.com/466731.html

  25. w says:

    Nina Germany is Miss India – any ninas on this site is miss india

  26. Bruce Willis says:

    You were neither First or Second..

    • hkinthewind says:

      I actually posted this right after he posted the message I was responding to… But apparently there was a delay in the actual posting of my response. Thanks for pointing out that I wasn’t first or second. It was a useful addition to the conversation :-P

  27. Kate Smith says:

    You can understand why Mihail Krug wrote such sadly songs

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  30. mogur says:

    I walked around in Tver. How come there are no pictures of the park-circus-tour boats area along the river? There are some very modern glass skyscaper shopping buildings (maybe 8-10 stories tall) on a main street and they are very nice looking. What about some of the city center area that is old+new and nice to walk around – shops, cafes, and so on.

    These dismal pictures are not what I walked around in the main central part of Tver. Maybe these pictures were taken to show the worse side only.

    I admit that there are places in my own town that are not so pretty. Russia is not all that bad – just different from elsewhere. It has it’s own charm and pimples just anywhere else. However, people still take pictures of waterfalls, nice parks, zoo, and so on.

    Why not these guys?

  31. Maher Radi Ammari says:

    I stuided in Tver,from1983till 1989.it was called (KALININ).
    I loved this beautifull city(mou LUBIMI GORAD)THERE IS A Loooot of beautifull places.friendly people.I like them .Volga River in city center.churches.
    so,why you are not showing real face of TVER???!!
    Maher Ammari
    kalininski politexnechski institute.

  32. Dolgih says:

    it’s an ugly beauty… my motherland

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