20 The Snow Car

The Snow Car

Posted on February 17, 2009 by

Snow Car in Russia

If the snowmen could drive they could prefer this Russian snow car for a ride.

Snow Car in Russia 2

Snow Car in Russia 3

via wwwboards.auto.ru

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20 Responses to “The Snow Car”

    • Bruce Willis (AAAH) says:

      Will you be retiring now you’re at the top of your game or will you continue to push the boundaries of, errrr being first?

      • scot says:

        Congratulations w – good job.

        Bruce has failed to learn about the internet before commenting! eep up Bruce!

        Tim Berners-Lee, the inventor of the internet, introduced the fantastic innovation of first! Who are you to question the noble tradition?

        omeone has grafitteed the truck…. a bit annoying. If it was a real Soviet truck – they would currently be being “interviewed” – mainly around the groin & kidneys….

        Oh…. and THIRD!!!

    • scot says:

      I wish they would fix the damn comments!!!!

    • Heatmiser says:


      I can’t believe I live on the same planet as someone who was FIRST on a web posting of a truck made of snow!!! Not only were you FIRST, you were FIRST AGAIN!!!!! I am in awe of your skills. You give us a reason to live. Keep up the good FIRST work W.

  1. w says:

    Thank you for your kind words people – I actually got 3 firsts in a row – A first for me. Welcome to the site Bruce Willis – I understand your agression as I have watched all your movies.
    May you endeavour to have many happy firsts of your own in the future.

  2. El_Greco says:

    Great work

  3. Tasha says:

    Bruce has been on this site for years – used to reckon he was scouting for locations/sets for his next Die Hard – harmless

  4. VoDkA says:

    What is the MPG on that? Diesel or gas?

  5. chewbie says:

    the comments on this are priceless!

  6. viperman says:

    Does it come with a/c???
    Lets see….the warmer it gets outside….the lighter it gets……and the better gas mileage it will get!!!
    Wow!!! Lets tell Al Gore!!!
    Awesome job you Russian children – now get back to school and learn how Putin is your best choice forever to lead you to the promised land of security and peace.

  7. It’s nice to see that most comments are on topic

  8. dodger says:

    Ahaha – ЕКХ – only goverment people can have this number. :)

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