29 St. Petersburg by Alexandr Alexeev

St. Petersburg by Alexandr Alexeev

Posted on February 17, 2009 by

St. Petersburg, Russia

Shots of St. Petersburg city, Russia, by Alexander Alexeev.

St. Petersburg, Russia 2

St. Petersburg, Russia 3

St. Petersburg, Russia 4

St. Petersburg, Russia 5

St. Petersburg, Russia 6

St. Petersburg, Russia 7

St. Petersburg, Russia 8

St. Petersburg, Russia 9

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29 Responses to “St. Petersburg by Alexandr Alexeev”

  1. w says:

    I am so first

  2. Starshii says:

    One of the greatest cities in the world! 2nd…

  3. fotografu says:

    Does anyone know a link of his online portfolio/gallery. I really enjoyed his photographs and I’m curios if there are more available. Thank you.

  4. scot says:

    Hmmmm…. I think I will have to go and visit. I’ve always wanted to go after learning about Peter the Great in history.

    Is it still cold in May?

  5. Bilosh says:

    I am wery familiar with last image. I offer helpful hint: It work better with telescope. This a way yous can look INSIDE window, not AT window. Much more interesting!

  6. ripi says:

    ooohhh, I love the last picture! It’s fantastic!

  7. Mister Pakistan says:


  8. Snuxxy says:

    These photos are amazing! Very beautiful!

  9. redwhite&blue says:

    what an ugly city… the sky seems stained with pollution. it actually reminds me of Newark, NJ.

  10. Mort says:

    I live in this city and realy love this place =)

  11. Russian says:

    It’s beautiful, yes. It’s impressive, yes. But it’s Russia. So I’m personally willing to leave this city.

  12. Bogdan of Australia says:

    It would, indeed, be a very beautiful city, if the SOVIETS hadn’t FUNKED it so thoroughly up…

  13. aca says:

    amazing photos. great city.

  14. Monkee [usa] says:

    These photos are amazing. They only further my desire to go experience it one day.

  15. Vytas says:

    Sankt Peterbug is very beautiful rown, about 300 brigdes! I was in Venezia but Sankt Peterbug is more impresive!

    Vytas (Lithuania)

  16. [...] English Russia » St. Petersburg by Alexandr Alexeev. [...]

  17. Very well written post however, I would recommend that you turn the No Follow off in your comment section.

    Keep up the good work.

  18. russianAndProud says:

    miss hundu should check pics from india

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