15 Soviet Road Safety

Soviet Road Safety

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Soviet Road Safety Propaganda

In Soviet state they also have cared about the road safety. Though, there were some peculiarities linked with such propaganda. Like, for example, because there are not many cars in Russia and even in Moscow, like in North Korea nowadays, and the roads were wide and paved – so kids used them for their football/soccer games, one or two cars in hour passing by didn’t cause much interruption to their game. Then more and more cars appeared on the roads and such kids fun could cause accidents to happen, so the piece of artwork from above was devoted to this problem, condemning the adults who rather more interested in game itself than in securing the kids.

Soviet Road Safety Propaganda 2

“Driver! Obey the rules on the crossroads!”
“Pedestrians! Don’t risk your lives! On the roads without paved sidewalk walk only on the left road shoulder, towards the traffic.”

Soviet Road Safety Propaganda 3

“Driver! Speeding causes accidents!”

Soviet Road Safety Propaganda 4

“Driver! Overtaking is prohibited while in the coverage of those signs”
“Driver! Overtaking is prohibited while low visibility.”

Soviet Road Safety Propaganda 5

“Dear Gentlemen and Ladies!
Tell me please!
Why you sneak before the bus?
Why you go against the traffic?”

Soviet Road Safety Propaganda 6

“The movement is chosen by the driver”

Soviet Road Safety Propaganda 7

“Driver! Don’t allow people ride on the footboards.”

Soviet Road Safety Propaganda 8

“Parents, explain your children traffic rules!”

Soviet Road Safety Propaganda 9

“I don’t do this ever!’

Soviet Road Safety Propaganda 10

“I have hitched to the car
then in hospital I am!”

Soviet Road Safety Propaganda 11

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15 Responses to “Soviet Road Safety”

  1. maxD says:

    I like these old Soviet posters.

    This old-school headmaster-tells-you-how-you-should-behave style. People nowadays would just laugh about them. This advice is now needed more then ever before – countless traffic accidents are happening and no-one seems to care. Cars using the side walk to avoid the traffic jams, stuff like that. And the police is easy to bribe so why bother ?

    A drivers license can be bought easily, so many don’t even have the faintest notion of traffic rules. Those rules are for others, not for me, is a common attitude.

    In fact, one of the few positive effects of the financial crisis is that traffic jams are more scarce nowadays – more unemployment, less people on the roads…

  2. Quite original grafix…

  3. w says:

    Looking at russian driving id say these didnt do much – or they were really really bad back in the days

  4. scot says:

    My favourite is the hitching onto a car on ice. It must have been quite popular if they made a specific poster about it.

  5. BigDane says:

    The Skate-hiking killed me too? People did/do that? Cannot imagine, that cars would be faster than skates on ice or hard snow. Maybe it’s as fun as water skiing!

  6. dgdfhd says:

    Guys on the first pic look Jewish.

    This should be Odessa then.

  7. Rodriguez says:

    The houses from last pic situated in Ekaterinburg city. 100%.

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