55 Russian Special Construction Hardware

Russian Special Construction Hardware

Posted on February 17, 2009 by

Russian construction hardware

Some companies in Russia earn their living by buying cheap old Russian army vehicles and converting them to civil engineering and construction hardware that then is being used at the various construction sites in Russia.

With those it comes like, passing across a place where the new residential complex is being built a big military camouflaged tank can appear from across a corner equipped with a hoe instead of the gun.

Also, it might be handy in exporting to third world countries where the construction areas are sometimes being combined with a battle front. Such construction machinery won’t be an easy target and would be able to continue digging under the light to moderate range fire.

Russian construction hardware 2

Russian construction hardware 3

Russian construction hardware 4

Russian construction hardware 5

Russian construction hardware 6

Russian construction hardware 7

Russian construction hardware 8

Russian construction hardware 9

Russian construction hardware 10

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Russian construction hardware 12

Russian construction hardware 13

Russian construction hardware 14

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55 responses to “Russian Special Construction Hardware”

  1. w says:

    These are incredible

  2. Starshii says:

    Hey, nobody said “first” on this thread!?

  3. ozračeni says:

    these are military trench diggers converted to construction use :DDD
    Great idea! they’re engineering vehicles anyhow…

  4. Dan says:

    Beating swords into plowshares is something to be proud of no matter how modern the sword was to begin with.

  5. El_Greco says:

    Propably some fake mashinery some is brand new they could not sell it….

  6. Egor says:

    аффтар, иди в армию для расширения кругозора – это техника инженерных войск. БАТ, ИМР, ПЗМ

    this soviet army еngineers forces (Corps of Engineers)

  7. jk says:

    these things are made like that from the factory. yes they are based t-54s and krazes and what ever, but still stock factory stuff.

  8. kendermore says:

    englishrussia, as always, is 50% fake

    photos are ok, but comments are either misleading or completely false

  9. SSSR says:

    Heavy equipment Russian style!

  10. milky candy says:

    that’s indeed what we do all call “recycling”

  11. insider says:

    You have a wonderful website and a special sense of humor but sorry, this time your comments profoundly wrong. Literaly every single car or tank is original. Nothing is converted.
    Auxillary tanks and trucks are in use of every army around the earth.

    (Sorry for my poor English.)

  12. Fuel says:

    Just imagine what quantities of fuel get consumed by those monsters.

    People in normal countries buy Caterpillar with AC, stereo and coffee machine.

  13. VPower says:

    This are not simple cars such machines were taking part in Buring of Chernobyl reactor…
    They were built especially for making difficult work in difficult regions…
    And also this cars are from USSR
    Some of them do nat have any analogs in the world…and their name are ИМР…

  14. .... says:

    hah special force?? its look like a strip club on the road haha!

  15. Cris Anton says:

    This are not simple cars such machines were taking part in Buring of Chernobyl reactor…
    They were built especially for making difficult work in difficult regions

  16. simone says:

    If I suddenly was as wealthy as a typical U.S. legislator, I believe I would go and tour every military museum on both sides of the “Cold-War

  17. UnderM says:

    difficult work in a difficult regions… bla-bla-bla. On the pictures is Soviet Union army machines. In difficult regions they doing nothing. Look how big is their weight. They will sink.

  18. Lilthery says:

    most people commenting in englishrussia are guys who have nothing to do on the net, when they see its insane they make wrong impressions, anyways I like these machines, I think the Philippine Government should make some changes in their preferences in choosing our equipments here, russian equipments are sturdy and reliable we really need this machines for developing our country..

  19. partner says:

    It shows support for those fighting the battle with cancer and respect for those who lost their lives to the battle of cancer.

  20. good pictures and post, thanks admin

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  22. Shalom bar Kohen says:

    Mukha Ka peeee!

  23. Erick says:

    I love the high armored vehicles that are used to keep people safe.

  24. sağlık says:

    I found your site on Google while surfing around. Just wanted to say that you’ve been favorited for great content, have a great rest of the day friend sağlık fiid

  25. Kyla Hanns says:

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  26. Erasmus says:

    I find the lack of knowledge regarding army engineer equipment appalling:
    any mechanized/motorized army will need several kinds of combat engineer vehicles.

    If you study the Soviet/Russian Mechanized Division’s Order of Battle you will find the vehicles depicted in these pictures there.

    It is sad that most us/western eu men no longer are required to serve in the forces – this explains the baffled comments above.

  27. Logo Design says:

    great share about russian army vehicle i love army and its vehicle

  28. Online Ups says:

    Very interesting machines.

  29. I will be attending an interview with an air tool manufacturer this week.

  30. Bornventure Gamba says:

    am speechless…..i love the machines…..is there away that i could get your picture magazines….with this stuff inside?

  31. dddddd says:


  32. Nice collection of pictures…and very old machines.

  33. doomage says:

    epic, Russians defiantly know how to make machinery. CAT better watch out, these machines will take a dump in their front lawn.

  34. Will89 says:

    If russia ever decides to invade Britian our field are going to be ploughed with deadly accuracy

  35. Quite amazing pictures to see, as i am not a big fan of Russian vehicles so i can’t say that i have seen them before. But really amazing to see these vehicles and their equipments that are with them for their desired work. Thanks for sharing it..

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  38. dzakwan says:

    Awesome Pictures, nice machine

  39. Antieconomic Warfare says:

    Pretty Cool Gru. I mean deep Gru, Collection.
    Rider I

  40. russian thinkin is superb and amazing hatts off

  41. Doc says:

    As mentioned before, I have no idea of the dependability of the machines. There awesome but how well do they run. Because half of Russia is frozen dirt I wouldn’t want to stranded in Siberia. I for one would stay closer to Russia. They have abundent N.G. and oil resource. But the army needs to run the bucket full of gangsters out of town.

  42. whtb says:

    good pictures…

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