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Better Shot

Posted on February 15, 2009 by

They really need to be more careful when performing such winter car racing. This girl was hit by the moving car when she wanted to make a better shot. She’s OK but in hospital with a broken leg now.

The video of the incindent is below.

via vkontakte.ru


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44 Responses to “Better Shot”

    • Miss India says:

      OMG Russians are so poor they cannot even afford safety barrier at a car racing. I hope she pulls through :(

      • Gena says:

        Hector she is not India nor she is from India nor she ever was in India.. nor that that is she.. most likely it’s a guy from US who is Russian himself, who just likes to smack talk

      • The abominable raccoon says:

        All joke aside though, to me it’s absolutely stunning how primitive Russians can be. The woman gets hit and instead of trying to organize something, the security guard or whatever he is just pushes people aside like a dumb highschool bully.

        In any civilized country paramedics would have been dispatched and security would have set up a perimeter without pushing people out of the way like cattle.

        God forbid Russians to be able to travel anywhere in the civilized world without a visa!!!

  1. JouHou says:

    Are you saying the crash was the driver’s fault? I strongly disagree with you!

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  3. KuBi4K says:

    Renault > Russians :D

  4. scot says:

    I was wondering how you would comment on this one. Quite difficult to get an anti Russian slant on an accident at a rally!

    Right, it’s a RALLY. There are no barriers at rallies anywhere.

    -10, mainly for ignorance.

  5. Bilosh says:

    This is nothing! Several year ago wife and I watch similar race event. Wife wanted “better view” so she did same thing as this young lady. Wife was hit by not one avtomobile but 17!! She break neck, back, legs, kneecap, left arm, right shoulder, 6 fingers, 14 ribs, 1 ankle and both wrist. She back to work 3 day later. The worst part being that I had to milk all the goat by myself for 3 day while she recover.

    • maxD says:

      Yes I heard of this story. But you made it sound better than it was. First, no avto’s were directly involved but KAMAZ-trucks loaded with avto’s! 17, indeed! She also had to make up for the lost hours and was not paid for that, of course. The trucks were soiled with blood and one had a flat tire because of bones – woman had to pay for that, too!!
      And because of your unskilled milking the goats got infected udders, caught rabies and had to be put to sleep with a blunt axe! The meat was confiscated after that!

      BTW, anybody noticed the moose in the background ? Or was it an elk ?

    • cj says:

      You always crack me up! But if Russians are anything they really are tough! My great uncle Vern (mother’s mother’s sister’s husband) was the son of Russian immigrants. He was was out bailing hay one day when a bail got stuck. Instead of turning the bailer off he just stuck his arm in there to pull out the bail, and you guessed it: it took his arm off – just above the elbow. He had a kid working with him, but he fainted so Vern got some bailing wire and made himself a tourniquet and then drove I don’t know how many miles to the hospital….

      And my Russian friend at work just had a tripple bypass done (heart surgery) two weeks ago and he’s already been in the office twice since and wants to come back to work! (His doctor won’t let him yet). But he looks great! Amazing!

      • Bilosh says:

        CJ – my Oregonian friend! Uncle Vern sounds like he has the making for a true goat herder. And wery inwentive too! Was he still productive at farm labor with the only one arm?

  6. gieroy says:

    Another tragic, even fatal incident in Russia. This time during shooting hidden camera:

  7. OMG! That was awfulllll….

  8. zaq1 says:

    loved to see the pictures she took

    • Vladislav says:

      Yah, I wonder how the camera held up? What a needless waste of a decent looking camera (that was either headlight or telescopic lens landing in snow at about 00:08); I too would like to see that shot ^_^

  9. freedom4651 says:


    I think the driver realized that the girl are too close to the car (pic1)

  10. renegade1990 says:

    Sad But True!

    P.S. Смърт за журналистите!

  11. maxD says:

    I have no problem with it.

  12. Kirov says:

    You aren’t funny because you make complete lies.

    • JoeMc says:

      And how old are YOU to spend so much time constantly writing comments on a site like this, arguing with people??? Do you actually have a life?

      • maxD says:

        I’m not arguing with people. They are arguing with me.

        I’m old so I have plenty of time. Although I do not write that much, actually.

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  14. SalaKrestu says:

    Thanks for the translation Gena!

  15. ricco says:

    You say they need to be more careful? meaning the drivers? The spectators know that the cars are coming through there, there driving where there suppose to be, It’s her fault for getting so close, next time she will know better, stand away. I’ve been to watch rally racing but you don’t see me getting so close. Be smart and stay safe not like some people, but I hope the foto was worth it…

  16. cj says:

    You could say he was very productive; they had more than a dozen kids altogether. After Aunt Florence had given him 5 girls and not a single boy Vern said he didn’t care, the next one was going to be named Bobby. So when girl number 6 came they named her Bobby. Vern was very happy that the 7th child was a boy and of course named him Bobby too…

  17. viperman says:

    Lets see here….cars driving on snow at a very high rate of speed and I get in front of one to take a picture as its coming at me????

    Just what I want to do when Tatyana gets her “monthly”!!!

  18. SSSR says:

    I am sure I drove this car on a xbox game.It does not drive well in the snow at all!

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  20. zig says:

    I hope, when she got out of a hospital, she’ll make very good movie of an oncoming, heavyweight, Russian train :-))

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  23. Maria Rogers says:

    If the Los Suns were wearing their uniforms to celebrate Cinco De Mayo, I would be all for it.’

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