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Daily 16

Posted on February 12, 2009 by

Life in Russia

Some assorted stuff submitted by Russian readers.

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24 Responses to “Daily 16”

  1. El_Greco says:


    Hope the police man that crashed in the bus is ok :|

    • Miss India says:

      OMG Russia truly is an amazingly poor country, people peeing everywhere, cats everywhere, chicken living with human, military everywhere, roads are dirty. The whole country is look like a giant slum. I hope they are happy nonetheless :(

      • M.M says:

        1) In India you get diarrhea just from drinking the water.

        2) Don’t visit the Taj Mahal — all you will see is beggars defecating in front of it.

        3) Indians wash their dead in the Ganges river AND drink from it.

  2. maxD says:

    It is clear that the police is not liked very much, judging from the smashed cars. Or, they cannot drive. Probably both.

    Nice set of pictures !

  3. jaybeecity says:

    I love russia, theres always something going on. I also love the look on the cats face with the seagulls lol

  4. Rodriguez says:

    last pic freaks me out

  5. 0cp says:

    Who paints a cat blue?

  6. Chilean_dude says:

    Nice pictures dude.

    Are those tanks for sale??

  7. Coolio says:

    I love Russia! This is real gangsta’s paradise.

  8. scot says:

    It’s not Indian – just a troll.

  9. scot says:

    The load of police is a bit frightening! Perhaps they are off to police a football match?

  10. ogopogo says:

    Yes, we are! :) So, and you is n`t?

  11. Bilosh says:

    Foto 14 is most-secret Soviet Stealth AirFighter. If all soldiers flap arms quickly they zoom at rapid speed. Is Stealth because no engine to make the loud noise. Is great achievemnet – other nations not deveolp this secret teknology!!! Do not worry, we are peacelover nation and will not bomb you a like evil western nation.

  12. Jason says:

    I wonder if that cat jumped out the window and caught the bird.

  13. jmndos says:

    Its not that bad…just like Ukraine….
    Poland is the only former soviet satellite that is fully westernized…

  14. squirt girl says:

    Great information, thanks for posting this. Was actually thinking of writing something similar.

  15. Ellis Gibson says:

    Whenever i have diarrhea, i just take some Diatabs or Imodium tablets and it gives me some relief after a few minutes.,~:

  16. Mr Russia says:

    Wow! An Obama monkey joke. How clever.

    Some say that we are a dying nation with no future but this display of creativity fills me with confidence.

    Now, tell me: how come the so called civilized world didn’t think about doing it first?

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