17 At the Beach [updated]

At the Beach [updated]

Posted on February 11, 2009 by

Just at the beach…

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17 Responses to “At the Beach [updated]”

  1. Pjotr Demenovicz says:

    What is this about? Some cars following each other? Why?

    And why the police doesn’t shoot the tires if the car won’t stop? Out of bullets?

  2. Gaz! Gaz! Gaz! says:


  3. Vlad xP says:

    Amazing! It looks identical to the video in last week’s police chase post http://englishrussia.com/?p=2273

  4. Bilosh says:

    He is searching for trouser snake

  5. viperman says:

    I feel sorry for this man!!!!
    He is simply drunk at the beach – what’s wrong with that? He isn’t driving a lada is he? Give him a break!
    I know his story and why he is drunk and I will tell you as you want to know so bad – ok?
    His wife’s named Olga. About 10 years ago Olga said no more sex! What was he to do? Well, he decides to drink more and imagine his wife actually looks good naked at 65 years of age. He is a good man – doesn’t cheat but just drinks a lot to remember when his Russian wife was hot and actually liked sex.
    I am shocked to say this…but I wish the man the best and many happy dreams of Putin’s new 20 something girlfriend that he denies having.

  6. Gera says:

    Bugaga…eto j nada tak nalizatsa))esli b mujik ne pomog, tak bi i ushol s shortami na golove)))

  7. w says:

    This is terrible this poor man has alzheimers and has forgotten how to wear his pants

  8. gg-) says:

    Mans, all no so scary as you think-)
    sry my english-) Bom Shnakar!

  9. milky candy says:

    how’s the vodka bottle goin?

  10. bmpa2020 says:

    Alcohol kills brain cells. I don’t feel sorry for this man. Drunk.

    Yours Hypocritically


  11. Soma. says:

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