111 Icicles of Brick

Icicles of Brick

Posted on February 10, 2009 by

Russian Fortress

This abandoned Russian fortress is probably one of the creepiest places I have seen.

The reason for it to have such a strange look is because it was used later by Russian army to test the influence of Russian alternative to napalm inside of the brick houses.

Due to very high temperature of napalm the bricks started melting just like ice melts in the spring forming the icicles, but those icicles are of red brick.

Russian Fortress 2

Russian Fortress 3

Russian Fortress 4

Russian Fortress 5

Russian Fortress 6

Russian Fortress 7

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111 Responses to “Icicles of Brick”

    • Miss India says:

      OMG Russians are such cruel and inhumane people, testing napalm on bricks while millions of Russians starve to death as a result of poverty. I feel sorry for the poor bricks :(

      • Miss India says:

        OMG just, humane Russians with their inborn sense of fairness, test their weapons on bricks instead of on people, like backwards 3rd world Americans did with their nuclear weapons testing in Nevada! No wonder the savages have 25% of the world’s prisoners, what do you expect when your the people in your country have mixed their genes beyond all recognition into mud, you get a bunch of braindead, overweight rednecks, so sad! :(

        • edog says:

          sniff sniff sniff sniff sniff


        • quinoa says:

          You gotta be kidding right. Take a biology or genetics course.
          Everyone now knows that the more mixed up the genes are the better. What are you an old uegenicsist?
          My kids are 1/4 Navajo, 1/4 Hispanic, 1/4 British and 1/4 German. Very handsome and very smart.
          Genetic purity is a Nazi myth.


          • Erik says:

            I’m sorry quinoa, but you are mistaken. Any evolutionary biologist will tell you that yes; genetic variation within natural populations is good for the overall survival of a species. However, this means nothing for the integrity of the genotype of an individual. I mean nothing; they could be well adapted for survival or unlikely to survive to reproduce. All the genetic variation within the population indicates is that some of the organisms will likely be able to adapt and survive changes in their environment, thus increasing the chance that the species will survive.

            However, in modern human populations, we have an altogether different situation. With the advent of modern medicine we have been able to symptomatically treat genetic diseases that previously would prevent a person from living to reproduce. While this seems beneficent to the overall health of a population, in reality it is very dangerous. Do not misunderstand me; these people should be treated as normal human beings, and be helped and allowed to live their shortened lives as normal and fulfilling as possible, but they shouldn’t be allowed to reproduce. As horrendous as it may seem to deny or discourage an individual from having babies, allowing these people to reproduce would allow the dissemination of faulty genes into the gene pool, resulting in a greater frequency of dysgenics. Likewise, allowing people to reproduce through extensive fertility treatments due to poor reproductive function as a result of mutated genes is dangerous; they will invariably pass their infertility to their offspring, which will either be expressed in their phenotype or subsequent generations.

            What is so bad about this, you might ask? The result over time is disastrous. Statistically modeled, human populations will experience exponential increased in the frequency of previously fatal diseases or conditions that prevented reproduction. Such populations are unhealthy, genetically unstable, and likely to collapse in the event of environmental change. If modern medicine were somehow hindered, these people would DIE or be unable to reproduce, resulting in the extinction of human life as we know it.

            You are absolutely right. Genetic purity is a Nazi myth. Likewise racial superiority is a misconception. We must resolve never to allow such monstrosities as the holocaust to ever repeat themselves in human history. However, we must realize that we have reached a critical point in human history where we are no longer subject to the law of natural selection that once served the purpose of protecting genetic integrity. Almost every geneticist or evolutionary biologist is a supporter (although not necessarily an open advocate) of the use of “Negative eugenics” as a means of artificial selection. Recognizing the threat of overpopulation and ensuing competition (which would cause natural selection, anyways), these people understand that “positive eugenics” is not the solution.

            These people will tell you that a humane approach towards curtailing the reproduction of genetically disadvantaged people is a necessity for the continuation of the human species. This model for the future is far less frightening than that which would result from inaction, positive eugenics, or the medicated test-tube baby world envisioned in Huxley’s Brave New World.

        • iconoclast says:

          Madame India, you sound a little like a racist in denial or perhaps an ignorant racist in denial who has never taken a world history class (or perhaps you believe that it never occurred like the Nazi genocide attempts). I hate to disapoint you, but unless the maternal side of your lineage wore chasity belts for about 2,500 years, there’s a good chance that you got a little of the following in you:

          Iranian (the Achaemenid Persian empire around 543 BCE), Greek (Alexander the Great in 326 BCE and Demetrius of Bactria from 184 BCE), Italian (Kerala’s maritime business links with the Roman Empire and the Middle East before the birth of Jesus) Arab (General Muhammad bin Qasim conquered Sindh and Multan in southern Punjab in 712 CE, setting the stage for several successive invasions between the 10th and 15th centuries CE), and English (from mid-18th century through the next century).

          When you said “what do you expect when your the people in your country have mixed their genes beyond all recognition into mud, you get a bunch of braindead, overweight rednecks, so sad!” you must be double-jointed in your hips, knees and ankles (put foot in mouth.) You have the pleasure of being being truly called international. Most of the rest of us have a rather boring and less colorful genalogy compared to yours.

          • Brinn says:

            i’m pretty sure she’s talking about inbreeding, not mixed race…based on the redneck remark.

            • Kelly says:

              Also, the South is the most populace region in the US now having 110,000,000 people last census, so if I were you I would really watch out for those rednecks they’re everywhere. One is probably looking at you right now. O_O

            • Kelly says:

              Hey! Check out the Jews. They have an inbred past sooooo great that God approved of it. I mean if Jews were descended from the twelve sons of Abraham, that means they were all cousins, so that means all Jews are cousins even today. We have record of it in the Bible. Cousins marrying cousins, imagine that! Cheer up Mr. Inbred Brinn, I bet all of mankind is inbred!

        • japgirl says:


          Can you tell all of us overweight rednecks a humanly way to treat a red brick? Maybe if your people wasn’t so worried about keeping cattle as tokens from God and eat a steak maybe you would like to waddle in the mud with the rest of us inbred, backwoods rednecks.

        • Haggus breath in your face says:

          May a thousand 3rd world rednecks forever worship your elitist pseudo intelligencia and leave their car bodies, empty beer cans and tire fires on your front lawn in adoration of your superiority.

        • al gore says:

          They didn’t test them on people dumb ass -.- People watched the early tests before the effects of radiation was known.
          Russians are only the second cruelest/ murderous people to the Chinese.

      • scot says:

        Actually quite amusing for you! I resign from my job as your teacher.

        • w says:

          Please dont ive been compiling all Miss India marks we only have half a term left

          • "La failure" says:

            Nobody reads that blog, every article on it has 0 comments LOL talk about epic fail

            • scot says:

              and you think this makes YOU significant!!!

              OMG Russians are such cruel and inhumane people, testing napalm on bricks while millions of Russians starve to death as a result of poverty. I feel sorry for the poor bricks :(


              I would much rather post silly comments on the posts here than take myself as seriously as you. I have no agenda – I just like the pics & stories – and I’m Scottish, not Russian.

      • Gena says:

        PATNA, India – Eight members of a man’s poverty-ridden family were shot and beheaded before their bodies were thrown into a river in eastern India after he secretly married a wealthy girl, police said Wednesday.

        Police in the eastern state of Bihar found the eight bodies floating in a river and have charged 15 people, mostly from the girl’s family, with the murders.

        The weekend killing took place after 21-year-old Ratan Mandal eloped with 18-year-old Kanchan Kumari and got married secretly, afraid their families would never approve due to an old social rivalry.

      • Martin deBoer says:

        If you can find one… Cows are… well… female.

        • BillNye says:

          Cows are female AND male…get your facts straight.

          Male Cow -Bull
          Female Cow – Heifer
          Castrated Bull – Steer
          Baby Cow – Calf

          • dakdob says:

            It really depends what source you use for your information. Some say a cow can be male, others do not. I grew up on a cattle farm in Iowa, and for us a cow is definitely female. A heifer is not the term for a female cow in general. A heifer is a female cow that has yet to give birth. Once it has given birth, it is a cow. I suggest you get your facts straight before you post.

            • BillNye says:

              Well, I guess that growing up on a cattle farm in North Carolina and working with them every day didn’t really teach me anything. What do you call a male dog…? Female dog? Still call them a DOG….right?!? Cow is a collective term for any sex, size, or color of bovine. But I guess thats what makes the world tick. Gotta love differences.

      • hrgina says:

        yum yum does it have cum yum yum!!

      • SAPPHIST says:

        Hey not all russians are cruel and inhumane my gf is russian and she is kind and very humane

      • Kitteh says:


  1. Yegorij says:

    Fort “Zverev” in Finnish bay

  2. UK says:

    Anyone explain the black part of the wall in image 1 & 4 where there is no melting?

  3. Chilean_dude says:

    The lost city.

    I dislike it visually though.

  4. maxD says:

    These are close ups of the insides of a heavy smokers lungs.

    Do not be fooled.

    • CZenda says:

      Do they still produce “Belomorkanal” cigarettes in Russia?
      I think I still have a pack of them hidden somewhere, a souvenir from my business trip to Kazakhstan, but it was long, long time ago…

      BTW, contrary to popular belief, Belomorkanal is a mild cigarette taste-wise compared to e.g. Cuban Ligeros Extra Suaves or French Gauloises Caporal. When lit, it does not have the strength of dark tobacco, its suffocating effect is a result of its smelly smoke, which reminds one of a burning hay.

  5. AndersonBMX says:

    One more hell of weapon!

  6. That’s not creepy, it’s insanely cool – ity’s also crying out for someone to shoot a movie there…

  7. Bilosh says:

    Do anyone know where I can purchace this Naplam? I have room in house I wish to “do-over”.

  8. Jason says:

    This fortress is perfect for a heavy metal video!

  9. LiraNuna says:

    Finally a quality post not seen in a long time.

  10. Masha says:

    Great fotos.
    Is this Kaunas Fortress? It seems yes because General Zverev was there. That was after Franco Prussian War when we needed to build defense against Germans.
    Wasn’t it later used for camps to hold war prisoners? Is there a monument to Holocaust victims?
    The person who posted this new thread should explain where and what this place was. And why napalmed later.

  11. Chukcha Boy says:

    Financial Apocalypse for Putin’s Russia

    Two weeks ago, Russia’s top central banker, Sergei Ignatiyev, boldly declared that after the dramatic devaluation authorized by the Kremlin the U.S. dollar would not rise above 36 rubles in value for the foreseeable future.

    On Monday, the dollar crashed through the 36-ruble barrier to close at 36.41. One Russian ruble is now worth 2.75 American cents. Six months ago, it was worth 4.15 cents. It has lost one-third of its value since Russia invaded Georgia in a naked act of imperial aggression.

  12. Roman says:

    Wow, that’d be cool to be there to make couple of photographs – or maybe even a brutal photosession for some emo-girl :)

  13. [...] no es que me guste postear algo que no sé bien que demonios es. Según dicen en la gran página English Russia las imagenes de más abajo pertenecen a una antigua fortaleza rusa abandonada, no dicen cual, la [...]

  14. Slinky says:

    Does anyone know the actual location of this “melting” fortress? I agree that it would make a cool video or film location.

  15. Think. says:

    If America mixes their genes so many times they just may adapt to the conditions of living more quickly. Oh God. Look out they’re evolving! Miss India you should think before you type such rash responses. I’ll grant you there is probably no reasoning with your logic :)

  16. rturner says:

    Not to be a doubting thomas… But…

    The amount of energy required to melt brick on that magnitude is amazing… On the order of nuclear reactions. And why not so much around the mortar (which is essentially the same thing- silica- though it would be more reflective of relatively low-energy radiant heat, not that that would matter at the required energy levels)? Where would this tunnel get enough oxygen to sustain this reaction? How many hundreds or thousands of tons of napalm did it take? To be believable- this would require a relatively quick release of a LOT of energy, fast enough so that the heat couldn’t be sunk into the surrounding soil- or anywhere other than the face of the brick (while sparing the mortar). But that is not the M.O. of petroleum (which napalm, in all of its iterations essentially is). Really, we’re talking about a flash that is very very very hot. The wind created from the reaction would knock off any of the “stalagtites”, leaving smooth glassy surfaces, and piles of pea-sized beads- and all of that only if it didn’t simultaneously self-extinguish. Even above-ground nuclear weapon test sites have glassy surfaces that are only a handful of millimeters deep- and those temperatures reach millions of degrees.

    It looks a lot like the natural progression of water through building materials with a high salt content (often called efflourescence, and this would be an extreme case- though the soviets were known for their workmanship)- which can be seen in a number of older tunnels of poor material quality.

    I mean, really, I’ve tried to melt a brick with a plasma torch once, and it worked. Kinda. Even then the plasma continually knocked-away the molten silica.

  17. Mac says:

    I was thinking the same thing. It doesn’t look like melted brick. Besides, brick erodes usually when it fails.

    I’m thinking they may have tested some coating of the bricks and that is the melted remains.

    • joe says:

      i think i like your explanation the best out of all the rediculous fightin n the brainiacs debating over how it’s possible.

  18. GuyFromRussia says:

    Hi, dear nazi!
    I have read about “horror”, which i am living in and about how i hate neighbor countries and laughed a bit. Pure propaganda. Russia bomb Georgia and Georgia is holy, OK.
    And about Olympics, where is the option to show that i DON’T support you? Or it is one way (so not democracy).

    P.S. I’m Russian and live in Russia.

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  21. [...] Icicles English Russia Icicles of Brick There’s an explanation in the link as to why this looks the way it does. Friggin’ awesome. [...]

  22. bs_methodic says:

    its all about heat and gravity

  23. lemco says:

    rturner is crazy cool with a plasma torch.

  24. John says:

    The melting bricks are not stalactites formed by water and time and can easily be proved by further inspection of where the melted bricks are most profound. The longest formations are concentrated in the highest zone within the tunnels which would be more consistant with heat rising to the highest region. Also stalagtites from dripping water would form on edges or outcroppings where drips collect before falling off (not in an even and consistant pattern over a surface).

    Not all incendiary materials are aerobic (requiring oxygen).
    Some are anaerobic, meaning they either don’t require oxygen or already contain the oxygen they need to burn. So this event was most likely due to the ignition of some very special compound as suggested.

    • butsy says:

      yeah! what john said.

    • Jen says:

      Who is to say that an ignition would be required? Could this possibly be the result of a chemical reaction, from a substance that would melt the substance of the bricks, or perhaps break their molecular bonds and allow the material to drip? I was thinking some type of very concentrated acid, but then it has been a long while since chemistry at the university.

      • raven says:

        I’m afraid your explanation is too vague and childish for someone who really did study chemistry at university level. Peace. Btw. there’s no acid except (maybe) the hydrofluoric acid being able to dissolve a brick.

        Anyway, i don’t believe that the icicles were caused by burning napalm or similar flammable substance – thermal energy required for melting bricks is far greater. I used to test thermite (which burns at 3000-3500 deg. C, compared to cca. 1200-1500 deg. C of burning napalm, essentially a petroleum-based gelatine) placed on bricks, stones etc. and never noticed any marks of melting. And finally, bricks exposed to high temperatures would rather crack and crumble before reaching the melting temperature, so the ceiling and walls would collapse and we wouldn’t see these interesting pics.

        Most likely the icicles were created by water leaking through the mortar, as suggested by some ppl here.

  25. Gioseppi says:

    It is sad and sickening to find out that this world still has thoughts of creating weapons of mass destruction, when in fact those same thoughts could be used to fight hunger, cancer, aids, heart disease or other mass destructive diseases that have caused the same sadness and sickening in people’s hearts.

    It is cruel to see our children going to school and that they are sometimes finding out that there’s people out there that think about nothing but doing but harm to our world, we as a whole world need to start acting and thinking about doing more positive things to this world, leading by example and showing our kids the right way of behaving.

  26. Jase Mace says:

    Im with Rick James…

    Yo Rick I dont understand how a discussion about some melted bricks turns into an arguement about geneaolgy of all things WTF!!!. Bricks look good. Im bored 2 and thought I would post a comment….

    • butsy says:

      bored here too. that’s all i have to say. too much has been said already. about melted bricks? musta been alot of bored bloggers

  27. pinoy says:

    Com’on lets forget about the thing of the past. To become truely citizens of the world,be educated enough and respects differences around the world.

  28. jon says:


    • pinoy says:

      Hey Im asian but do you think americans are weird, because they were supplying Taiwan or Japan or the Philippines for warship?

  29. JoelMichael says:

    This message board is nothing but a place for people who do not know the essence of respect about other’s opinion. The point is… you all are living in a world where ego, pride and hypocrisy are facts of existence… and in that world you are all correct, righteous and perfect human being, but in real world you are all not exist…think about it!(‘.’)

  30. homezoo says:

    They are bricks people. BRICKS.

  31. joe says:

    no tall man shall enter

  32. Smokey McPot says:

    I’m stoned and this looks amazing Iwish I could be there

  33. Chad says:

    Why are you attacking Brinn for his comment? He didnt say anything negative towards rednecks. He just stated his interpretation of the comment.

    • JoelMichael says:

      Brinn has the Brain, and he didn’t say anything negative towards rednecks…I respect your opinion with that, because we might have different understanding in defining negative thoughts…cheers!

  34. Drone.nl says:

    [...] het blijkt te gaan om een oude Russische fortificatie, waarin men heeft getest wat de effecten van gel-benzines (napalm enzo), in een gebouw zouden zijn. [...]

  35. Maegan says:

    Ok, so back to the BRICKS…..
    Creepy! Like a surreal painting, or a bad dream.

  36. BillNye says:

    Learn to use the spacebar…..

    Then I’ll be intimidated.

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  38. Farmer Devin says:

    Thank you BillNye, for bringing some wisdom to this blog. Nearly everyone else is self contradicting or a self proclaimed expert, who upon further review, doesn’t have a clue. Farmer Devin

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  44. [...] from a  local sanctuary (I still blame @_romi, despite the fact she’s in Canada), I saw some rather haunting photos of a napalm test site, and I found an office I was hoping was for [...]

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  47. Roger says:

    These are interesting shots, but I am very sceptical about the explanation.

    Bricks typically have a melting point of around 1800°C, which is higher than the melting point of steel (although of course it depends on the type of brick.) The quantity of material that has “melted” here is quite a few tonnes. So to achieve this by operating an incendiary weapon inside the vaults would have required many, many tens of tonnes of fuel costing at least $100 K. And to do what? Create weird looking bricks? If it was meant to destroy the structure, it was a pathetic failure, as you might well have guessed from the poor flammability of bricks. If it was an anti-personnel weapon, then any hypothetical people would have been killed in the first minute, the subsequent several hours of blazing fuel serve no purpose but to look dramatic — the sort of ludicrously dramatic but astonishingly inefficient “super weapon” that helped the Nazis to lose the war.

    There are several other reasons to doubt the given explanation. Several sections of the walls have been painted, and the paint hasn’t burnt off, even though paint is a lot more flammable than bricks. Secondly, brick or masonry arches are held up by the mutual pressure of each brick on its neighbours. If you soften all the bricks in an arch, the arch will not just drip a little material out, it will immediately and totally collapse — yet in only one spot do we see even a small number of bricks actually fallen out, and since the material under them is not “melted” this obviously didn’t happen during the “test.”

    However, the most powerful reason for disbelieving this explanation is that the photograph resembles another well known, fairly common phenomenon: mortar stalactites. In a cave, stalactites can take hundreds or thousands of years to form, but when the percolating water supply flows through pores in concrete or mortar, the soluble calcium fraction is so high that stalactites can form within as little as a decade, although usually it takes more like 50 years. It is often seen in underground carparks, brick-lined sewers and many other places where mortar or concrete are exposed to a steady supply of dripping water. This is, however, the most dramatic example I have seen and suggests that there is a lot of water above these vaults; possibly it is the substructure of a water treatment plant.

  48. [...] Icicles of Brick – The reason for it to have such a strange look is because it was used later by Russian army to test the influence of Russian alternative to napalm inside of the brick houses. Due to very high temperature of napalm the bricks started melting just like ice melts in the spring forming the icicles, but those icicles are of red brick. [...]

  49. [...] Quite possibly one of the coolest things Ive ever seen in my live, this abandoned Russian fortress was used by the Soviet army for testing alternatives to Napalm. The unbelievable temperatures actually MELTED the bricks. From the amazing English Russia. [...]

  50. wendigo says:

    Hey, have coordinates where to find this place on maps?

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  54. [...] this interesting set of pics Posted by nurseinbox under random thoughts Leave a Comment  Look here. The caption mentions using napalm testing in this area and the bricks melted. Incredible. [...]

  55. NoName says:


  56. [...] speaking of icicles.. this isn’t them.. it’s brick melting from napalm testing inside a fort in russia.. mmmm yummy.. i don’t know where this is and i don’t want to go.. soo more photos/info here.. [...]

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