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Fedor the Giant

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Giant from Russia: Tallest man ever

In the beginning of the twentieth century there was a real giant living in Russia.

He was 9.3 feet (2.85 m) tall! World leaders from all over the world invited him to have a look. He has visited Theodor Roosevelt and Pope of Rome, as well as many others in his world wide journey.

It’s a pitty not much of good quality photos have been left since then.

Giant from Russia: Tallest man ever 2

Giant from Russia: Tallest man ever 3

Giant from Russia: Tallest man ever 4

Giant from Russia: Tallest man ever 5

Giant from Russia: Tallest man ever 6

Giant from Russia: Tallest man ever 7

Giant from Russia: Tallest man ever 8

Giant from Russia: Tallest man ever 9

Giant from Russia: Tallest man ever 10


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31 Responses to “Fedor the Giant”

  1. Gaz! Gaz! Gaz! says:


  2. Kapitan says:

    Actually he was only 7.1 feet (2.39 m) tall. But that’s still impressive!

    More about Machnow (you see the name on the postcards):

  3. Vlad xP says:

    Anxiously “awaiting” another “witty” comment by Miss India…

  4. Miss India says:

    I actually get paid for my comments – the more hate the better for me. So sad :(

    • Miss India says:

      I actually get paid for other “services”. So sad :(

      • Dennis says:

        well why dont you go and post your comments on some other sites, cos really you just annoy everyone on here. it dont make sense are you just a 13 year old kid who has nothing better to do then troll random websites.

  5. John S. from sunny central PA says:

    It’s a photoshop – I can tell from the pixels.

  6. maxD says:

    Did you know Stalin was 1.56 ? That’s why he was usually photographed seated or from a frog’s perspective.

  7. Alpha-Toxic says:

    slight correction:
    2.39m is 7 feet 10 inches, not 7.1 feet

    btw, looking at him compared to the furniture around him, he is tall, but he really can’t be 2.85. That would not fit in most rooms.

  8. Bilosh says:

    LAst foto shows Russian invention of “World’s Tallest Man Hat Installation Machine”. Nation leaders was worried about how to make Fedor wear on a hat. Top Scientists labor in secret many year to invent this device so that Fedor could go into public with a hat. To this day no nation has machine equal to this. It is great acheivement. But no one has yet invented “World’s Tallest Man Hat Removal Machine”

    • edog says:

      pant pant pant wag wag wag

    • scot says:

      They did invent such a machine… however, unfortunately:

      1) He died before it was finished

      2) It only removes hats from Russian heads so it is kept in Lenins Tomb until the day another Russian becomes the tallest man in the world.

  9. Jason says:

    I wonder if some people called him tiny!

  10. w says:

    h eis big like mine penias

  11. Miss India says:

    I love getting paid for my other “services.” One day, I hope to be able to do them without a bed!

  12. juanjo says:

    juego simple y muy adictivo
    Prueba y disfruta :)

  13. Taupey says:

    I wonder how far he could slao someone with those big hands?

  14. MBT Shoes says:

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  15. Normally I think Miss India is a total tosser but that was a actually funny (a teeny bit funny, that is) :-)

  16. Schedule says:

    Best you should change the page subject title English Russia » Fedor the Giant to more specific for your blog post you create. I liked the the writing all the same.

  17. Craig says:

    This is a fake post, he was really only about 7′ tall. I dont know where this man got his info from, but the real tallest man was Robert Wadlow (8′ 11′) not fedor. 9′ 3″ ??? really? how do you get that form 7’0″

  18. Craig is correct. The tallest man who ever lived was Robert Wadlow at 8’11”. Feodor Machnow was 7’10” (239 cm) at his peak. You can find the medical articles to prove this here: http://www.thetallestman.com/feodormachnow.htm

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