17 Old Russian Humour Postcards

Old Russian Humour Postcards

Posted on February 6, 2009 by

Russian Humour 100 years ago

Hundred years ago they had some funny postcards too.
The one above reads: “An Optimist: Rain during the sunshine? For the good crops!”

Russian Humour 100 years ago 2

“This what I call a well-educated – he can do two things at once!”

Russian Humour 100 years ago 3

“National Education”

Russian Humour 100 years ago 4

“At sunset”

Russian Humour 100 years ago 5

“Small incommodities shouldn’t harm big happiness!”

Russian Humour 100 years ago 6

“Get what you deserved!”

Russian Humour 100 years ago 7

“Just married but already quarelled!”

via lerosorium.ru

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17 Responses to “Old Russian Humour Postcards”

  1. karabas says:

    first suckas!

  2. Emilino Cornejo says:


    • Miss India says:

      OMG Russians are so creative they have their own style of drawing and make their own cartoons, unlike poor trash backwards Americans who only read Japanese cartoons and cartoon poon, such a sad, disgusting inbred country, no wonder they are the laughing stock of the world, yuck! :(

    • TiZzer says:

      I’m russian and I watch “Japanese cartoons”(man, I hate when they call anime this way). I hope I’m not an american ‘cuz of this =)

  3. heatmiser says:

    We have old Russian saying:

    First is for Emilino Cornejo

  4. roy27 says:

    this is awesome design. it is old but the illustration work is something to be admired even for a simple post card. I wish i could get some originals of these.

  5. Russian_NYC says:

    Good old fashioned nightmare fuel!
    “Humor postcards” hehe yeah, ok.

  6. Jason says:

    I like the animated cards from mail.ru better.

  7. Kirov says:

    LOL something abou the ‘starichok’ in the 1st pic cracks me up =))
    He kinda looks like a ‘grib’ himself

    Overall, pretty funny post. Reminds me of КОЗЬМА ПРУТКОВ, I don’t know how many of you people know him =)

  8. Heatmiser says:

    When I first brought up this page, Emilino Cornejo’s post was the first and ONLY post on the page. Somehow karabas posted afterward but still got the “first” spot. I dont know how that is possible – must be due to caching??. People make such a deal out of being FIRST and it doesnt even work right.

  9. Russian_NYC says:

    Can you explain the wheel part a little better?

  10. heatmiser says:

    Thats very interesting, but why do you think that they didn’t freeze the milk in little buckets instead? Easier to move and no poop! Do you remember what they poured the milk into to freeze it into wheel shape?

  11. Scotty Cordell says:

    This was Siberia, they didn’t make daily deliveries.They said one wheel lasted about a month.I wasn’t there and anyone who was, is too dead to ask.I saw the black and white photo back in the early seventies as my father was burning them to avoid the cold war paranoia of our neighbors.
    The cottage was in winter? with snow on it and had a round topped rough wooden door and the wheel was to the left of the door. I easily miss took it for a grinding wheel because it was light colored in the black and white photo.
    I remember it was about half as tall as the door,and I remember thinking it was a joke, until Mother added that you didn’t want to roll it through any animal poop on the way to the door…

  12. David Levy says:

    Well educated he can do 2 things at once . Burguasie

  13. David Levy says:

    How come in india and Pakistan they do not have toliets why do you guys go outside like animals.
    Better yet why don’t they use soap it is so very cheap. Also why do you guys sweat a kavas type liquid most peoples sweat is clear but not you guys it’s all brown like tea yuck!!!!!! Now that makes me want to vomit :( P.s. Cahnge your panties miss india I can smell them from here that also makes me want to vomit :( :( :(

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