31 Russian Lady Killed Look-Alikes

Russian Lady Killed Look-Alikes

Posted on February 5, 2009 by

Russian killer woman

This story has shocked many this days. The woman you see on the photo is accused in murders. What is so shocking and at the same time interesting with those murders is the scheme and her motivation.

It’s surely a 21-st century style murder. This lady has used social networks much but not just to chat and communicate with her friends, but to find the victims for murders. She tried to find women who look alike with her. Then she found their adresses and other personal information – checked their posessions and social status like which car does her victim drives etc. She tried to find lonely but prosperous Russian ladies who resembled her in appearance.

Then after a good preparation she killed the victim and… took her documents and then hid the body somewhere and started selling all the victim’s belongings. Having all the papers and ids made this task easy. First she took all the cash from bank accounts, then sold cars, appartments etc. And went out with all the money in cash.

After a series of such crimes she has been caught. Police officers say that they were really strucked with such case. Once, they found body earlier and started finding the connections of the murdered lady, they came to bank one day and said that they want to know when last time this murdered lady has visited the bank branch – the bank manager said “She just has left”, after this they understood all the whole evil scheme – that someone has killed people to use their identities later.

Russian killer woman 2

This is one of her latest victims.

Russian killer woman 3

As you see they could use same documents.

Russian killer woman 4

And that’s the personal page in Russian social network of the victim. It’s sad but it’s still online.

The story is truely shocking, and Russian police say that they afraid that now this scheme can be used by other criminals all over Russia or even abroad or overseas. So they warn people to watch out if they spot someone look-alike to them. Scary!

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31 Responses to “Russian Lady Killed Look-Alikes”

  1. maxD says:

    Full story here [English with links to Russian websites as well]


    On the same page other crime acts, mostly in St. Petersburg region – like cannabalistic emo’s / goth’s, an unusual way to commit suicide, teens commiting euthanasia on another teen on his request, plus 2 cops killing and dissolving the bodies of 2 alcoholics in acid, in order to rent out their apartment and fill their wallets… and more.

    Russia should start it’s own horror movie studio’s – all the true life stories are already there !

    • Russian_NYC says:

      Just browsed the first few stories… F-ng horrifying. The worst ones are when the half-witted “police” do nothing despite the complaints and warnings.

      • Miss India says:

        OMG this evil Russian b!tch needs to die. This is a result of the non functioning, greeds driven, poverty stricken Russian society where most people earn less than $ 5 a day while a few handful drives American luxury cadillac and Hummer. Russia truly is turning out to be the most dreadful, dangerous, poverty , crime ridden and violent country in the world. I feel sorry for innocent poor Russian souls. may her victims rest in peace :(

    • Miss India says:

      OMG this evil Russian b!tch needs to die. This is a result of the non functioning, greeds driven, poverty stricken Russian society where most people earn less than $ 5 a day while a few handful drives American luxury cadillac and Hummer. Russia truly is turning out to be the most dreadful, dangerous, poverty , crime ridden and violent country in the world. I feel sorry for innocent poor Russian souls :(

      • Ash says:

        what your sick or psycho why you put two different comments, guess in india sorry in the slams of NY where you stay you have no medical health to help people like you…

    • Justin says:

      Max… are you still self-harming? Look, I do understand just how difficult it is living with depression from personal experience. But don’t worry, there is help. It’s just that you must realy want to help yourself first, and stop this senseless self-denial.

      But I do have faith in you friend. Perhaps one day the glass will be half-full for you too.

  2. Gaz! Gaz! Gaz! says:


  3. vlada says:

    im not sure that its truth

  4. brbrbr says:

    recorded in official statisted, so “beter” be truth.

  5. Zork says:

    People like this should be dragged behind a car on the hiway chained to the back bumper

  6. Russian_NYC says:

    This story is just as sad as it’s scary. She’s obviously a beautiful woman who could have had a normal life. I wonder what happened to her in her past to drive her to do this type of stuff?
    Human psyche is more complicated than your valenki, people! A person is a whole universe in itself, just as infinitely complicated.

  7. CBEH says:

    Old American type of crime


  8. cj-troll at work in Oregon says:

    I think this woman might have gotten her ideas from the woman in red on the anti-drug poster.

  9. Bilosh says:

    Perhaps this tactic still will work on unwary webblogger. Are there any people looking like me that would like to share bank account and apartmant flat with me? I like a you – I am a nice.

  10. Gera says:

    На первом фото Ингеборга Допкунайте?

  11. brbrbr says:

    нЭт, это Клаус Фукс.

  12. roy27 says:

    This Lady is crazy! but this is something that is expected any where in the world. it would make for a great lifetime original movie

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  15. brbrbr says:

    victim acount still active ??
    what police do with it ???!!!
    [if its not their activity]
    track thats people down[if not police-realted] !!
    there a maybe a even more or less organized group of murderes or evenorganized crime sheming[or international #$!@-making orgs].

    its truly ashame.
    they can track down child porn suspect in about 12 hours, but still let up, latest(!!!)serial killer victim, social network account.

  16. brbrbr says:

    not bad attemt to backtrace.
    this topicstarter – simply LIE.
    and use smurf account on blog, depicted here.

  17. Lago says:

    It is funny to see people talk about America when they obviously have no clue what it is like.

    Our “Poverty stricken” are better off than your middle class.

  18. Alprazolam. says:


    Heroin mixed with alprazolam. Alprazolam….

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  20. Malaresian Luciferia says:

    Poor woman who is prettier..

  21. You’ve got your position across much better than I ever might, thanks!

  22. bezboznik says:

    >Russian Lady Killed Look-Alikes

    yeah, chunky, plain looking older women with lesbian haircuts

    do the USA a service, go and kill your look alikes there too

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  24. jasmin says:

    i jst want to noe how to look for a weather thats look alike and the same

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