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Norilsk City

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Photos of Norilsk

Norilsk is a Russian city. Here are some photos from Norilsk. They do some metal production there too.

Photos of Norilsk 2

Photos of Norilsk 3

Photos of Norilsk 4

Photos of Norilsk 5

Photos of Norilsk 6

Photos of Norilsk 7

Photos of Norilsk 8

Photos of Norilsk 9

Photos of Norilsk 10

Photos of Norilsk 11

Photos of Norilsk 12


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47 Responses to “Norilsk City”

  1. sexyonion says:


    • Miss India says:

      OMG look at that god foresaken city and the gloomy and poor people living within that hell hole. I’ve never seen such a miserable city , dirty, polluted and poor city in my entire luxurious life in the west. :(

      • sexyonion says:

        why did yo post this to me?….nt like in jelous or anything xD

        btw i live in iceland so, pretty luxury ^^

        • Miss India says:

          OMG look at the sexy, BEAUTIFUL Russian women and rugged, MASCULINE and hardworking Russian men! Meanwhile, poor trash Americans are spawning a race of disgusting interracial hybrids, overweight women and effeminate metrosexual men! No wonder America is the fattest nation on earth, such a disgusting, backwards country! :(

          • Anrkist says:

            “Miss India” – Yes, India is a great place… a place where the long outdated caste system is still in place.

            You hate the poor, you HATE Muslims, you turn a blind eye to everything. Unfortunately, jobs from America will no longer come to your country… we helped stabilize you, give you Tech Support jobs… but frankly, it’s time for you to go back into obscurity.

            Your call centers fall silent tonight.

            • american irony says:

              Let me tell you that america as well as many other countries don’t frankly care about providing development but simply wants profit, PROFIT, you hear that, pig!

        • oh yes says:

          oh yes? well let me ask you then what is iceland, is that a piece of ice?

      • Mixas says:

        Why do you call yourself miss india – if you live in the west your entire life?

      • Adan says:

        Get back to India, “miss”, to cows on street and dead bodies in the rivers.

    • Bruce Willis (AAAH) says:

      Really WGAF

    • Sergei says:


  2. Miss India says:

    Not the best of Russian cities, but it is incredibly remote.

    PS. These pictures give very bad examples of the city, only showing the dirty parts.

  3. sexyonion says:

    FIRST :D

  4. brbrbr says:

    but you can post better puctures, Miss India.

  5. Noah says:

    Dirt and grit have their own charm. These pictures of working men are quite beautiful, and the rocky beach only emphasizes the beauty of those stunning Russian girls. :D

    • cj oregonian says:

      I’m in complete agreement. These are AWSOME pictures! The steele industry turns everything gray, but the people shine!

  6. Chilean_dude says:

    It’s like gothic city with some hot-hot-hot vampire-like girl!! (drowling)

  7. Texas1 says:

    I like anal !

  8. Jason says:

    MMMM,a young russian woman posing on some rocks.She remindes me of a cute waitress I saw in Ekaterinburg.

  9. Miss India says:

    OMG look at that god foresaken city and the gloomy and poor people living within that hell hole. I’ve never seen such a miserable city , dirty, polluted and poor. :(

  10. Bilosh says:

    Foto Number 8 show small infant being dropped from 8 floor flat. The flat have no stairs and this is the only way to market. Woman trying to catch infaant is blind from using too much crack heroin. Infant does not have a long life-expectancy.

  11. Marko says:

    I thought so. Those gilrs are very good looking. I don’t think it’s possible to look that way if all environment they live in is grim as it seems on pictures.

  12. ÖÖRghf! says:

    Norilsk is the northernmost city in Siberia. It was based in 1935 by Stalin as a prison camp. It is a “closed city” – even Russians have to apply for a permit if they want to go there.

    According to the Blacksmith Institute, Norilsk is one of the 10 most polluted cities in the world.

    • Sergei says:

      Thanks for that ÖÖRghf!
      I was wondering about the pollution, there are some serious poisons given off as by-products to some of these processes but people in the pic’s seem oblious to that.
      The water must be really toxic?

  13. nox says:

    i want chat with local girls :)

  14. anuszka says:

    What are these “showers”? What are they for?

  15. Robert says:

    ..umm.. when did Russian girls start shaving legs and armpits ? Post-Soviet ?

  16. CCCP says:

    You said that last time,if this is the real one and only Miss India.Comment all you want.That is what this website is for.But remember the russian banya page.I know you are just goofing off but you could get a lot of negative feedback from your posts!Maybe you could write something wierd about russia each time and not so many negative things.Hang in there kiddo:)

  17. Bangkok says:

    о как там круто! уже еду в норильск

  18. Henryk says:

    Is it still a “closed” city? Would I be able to travel there as a foreigner?

  19. El_Greco says:

    Nice city

  20. alter says:

    Henryk, yes you will.
    But i dont realy think youll find some intersting there :О)
    from Russia with love.

  21. atılgan says:

    şimdi bu şehire girilemiyor mu gerçekten enteresan bir şeyir sanayi fabrikalarının dibinde nehirde yüzen insanlar

  22. Towin says:

    I’m spanish , i’ve about the remote location, extreme cold & pollution in norilsk & I want to to visit it because i love different trips.

    I’ve heard that that city is closed to the tourists due to the pollution or something.

    I really want to visit it. Have you russians know more about it? if it’s allowed to enter with an special visa or something

    • Norilsk man says:

      Hello friend. I am from Norilsk. I can date you in Norilsk, and help to see all famous in my city.

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