15 Don’t Mix Vodka and Drugs

Don’t Mix Vodka and Drugs

Posted on February 4, 2009 by

Russian Social Stuff

This social stuff is, like, tend to be part of an anti-drug-using campaign.

Let’s take a closer look on what this all about…

Russian Social Stuff 2

“How it all begins: Some rich folks having plenty of vodka and meats start mixing vodka and probably some drugs – see one man is holding glass and another is giving his hand for a shot to the lady. Remember this lady, we’ll meet her one more time later. And who is that man with a giant plunger – is he going to make a douche of heroin to somebody with this thing?”

Russian Social Stuff 3

“Now same people but at the dump. They are still mixing vodka and drugs. And now they have a nice detail – see that smoking cat? They taught the cat to smoke!”

Russian Social Stuff 4

“No the doctor lady tries to save life to one of those from above, it looks that this picture is merely OK, if not to mention the look doctor’s legs”

Russian Social Stuff 5

“Oh no, the treatment didn’t help, he is feeling much worse, but stop, what do Pushkin do in the ambulance???”

Russian Social Stuff 6

“Now the final part: everyone died… very young. Just look at the dates on the tomb stones”

Russian Social Stuff 7

“But do you remember that injecting lady in red? She seems to feel well, she has done her job!”

Those comments are translated from Russian.

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15 Responses to “Don’t Mix Vodka and Drugs”

  1. brbrbr says:

    strange ads made by someone, definetely rejects promoted things, such as not using drugs and alcohol.
    in facts, at least harddrinkers[at work].

    • Miss India says:

      Given the the harsh realities of life on the ground in poor Russia I am not surprised people use Vodka and drugs to escape from the poverty, pain and sufferings in poor Russia :( I feel sorry for them

      • cj oregonian says:

        I feel sorry for poor Miss India; whoever the first Miss India was. She sat in front of a computer in a dark hole for years and years until she had a complete melt down. The janitor smelled something one day and well…she was rushed to the univeristy hospital. There she was cloned by evil med students and now what was previously just one living sack of toxic chemicals capable of typing is now any number of living sacks of toxic chemicals capable of typing. Be warned their numbers seem to be increasing.

  2. Miss India says:

    Hum, that add was a allot different then those we have in the west. The Russians really are smart.

    PS. Scot, you see? I learn ;)

  3. brbrbr says:

    brahma 2 putra: do you copy that ?

  4. Anrkist says:

    Well I thought the ad was done in the 1800s… but it would seem the people in the ad just enjoy looking like jolly ol chaps with old school mustaches.

    1985-2000… time to get with the times!

  5. Bilosh says:

    I have this poster hanging in dining room. I always wonder why double amputee muscle man forces crotch into face of chess playing mans and womans. I though it was kinky sex instruction.

  6. Bert says:

    “And who is that man with a giant plunger – is he going to make a douche of heroin to somebody with this thing?”

    Jesus Alex, get a translator.

  7. Bruce Willis (AAAH) says:

    Helluva party

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  9. Miss India says:

    OMG who said that?? :(

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  11. vg25@bk.ru says:

    This “social ad” looks very funny even for Russians! There is no money to make proper illustration, usually this kind of ads are put in corridors of russian hospitals or polyclinics, they are drawn by some unknown people))) They look very funny) it is true!

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  13. David Levy says:

    Why is the cat smoking ? Is it cannabis ?

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