34 Riding the Extinguisher

Riding the Extinguisher

Posted on February 3, 2009 by

Flight on the fire extinguisher

They say that if the train moves with the speed of light and you then start moving in the train you can’t move because it means you would start moving faster than speed of light and that contradicts with modern science beliefs, but nobody actually tried to do this.

Well, here the Moscow subway train that is not moving with the speed of light yet, so they could do some nasty tricks like this one – the flight on the fire extinguisher inside of the moving train car full of people.

Obviously it’s some kind of attempt to attract attention to the site mentioned in the end of the video but the method they use is like not usual.

And another video about movement, this time about the flight on Porsche Cayenne.


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34 Responses to “Riding the Extinguisher”

  1. Para bellum says:

    За первое видео можно спокойно инкриминировать статью УК за хулиганство, надеюсь им еще пизды хорошенько дадут в отделении милиции!

  2. Gaz! Gaz! Gaz! says:

    Это подстава парень….. хотя яб им вломил!

  3. alle says:

    Напрасно им никто из пассажиров вагона носы не переломал. Впрочем, лица видны, исправить не поздно.

  4. Jason says:

    Those paruskas are very durok.

  5. Bilosh says:

    Q: If train A leave New York at 1/2 speed of light and train B leave Moscow at 1/2 speed of light, where will trains pass each other?

    A: Parent company of train A collapses during failed merger with larger company resulting in shutout of 5,500 previously exploited workers. Workers picket train company and destroy train track in violent protest. Train crashes and all passenger die hideous death. Train B comes to peaceful stop at station.

  6. canadian who loves englishrussia.com says:

    that fire extinguisher video is not real. it’s fake. look carefully at the movement as he “flies” down the subway car. also – the beginning of the video has a very strange vibe. the “actors” are paying too much attention to the camera. then at the end a guy with a beard wearing a black and grey toque shows up all of the sudden. his vibe is also very weird. he is too aware of the camera. watch it again closely and see if it feels off to you somehow.

  7. Bilosh says:

    You are correct Mr Canadian. If extigusher for fire possesed that amount of thrust, it would be too dangerous to be using it to put fire out with. Yous would fly away in opposite direction.

    You really are Canadian; you say “toque”! Eh?

  8. SalaKrestu says:

    Yup I thought exactly the same when I watched it…

    Did anybody watch the second video?

  9. Chris says:

    Of course it’s viral BS…
    An extinguisher does not have enough propulsion. I’ve tested it litterally hundreds of times. Not even 15 extinguishers can produce enough propulsion to move a few centimeters if you’re on well greased *wheels*.

  10. Andrew says:

    Interestingly enough, you COULD walk on a train moving at the speed of light, because the actual equation for additive velocities is not c= a + b, but rather c = (a + b) – (a + b)/c^2. No matter how fast you move, you won’t exceed, or even reach, the speed of light.

  11. Jason says:

    That fire extinguisher was built by the russian space agency “Interkosmos”!

  12. hokker says:

    damn she’s hot

  13. anonymous says:

    Does anyone know the name of the song in the second video?

  14. Martino says:

    It’s time for a short relativity lesson. No matter how fast you move, no matter which reference frame you are in, you feel the same. So you can move when the train you are in is near the speed of light.

    However, to someone outside the train, the speed of the train and the speed of you on the train don’t add. Instead, they add in a weird way that keeps the sum less than the speed of light.

  15. Jack Vermicelli says:

    You know it’s a great post when the first sentence is incorrect. :-P

  16. supd33556 says:


  17. supd33556 says:


  18. Chris Anton says:

    Did anybody watch the second video … ???

  19. ao says:

    The speed of light thing in the intro is wrong, it’s part of what helped Einstein figure out the theory of relativity. If you were going at the speed of light, the light would change it’s speed, problem. The problem with getting to the speed of light, however, is that your mass would basically become infinite (not possible).

  20. DV says:

    Whats the song in the second video? Its nice.
    How many Porsche Cayenne’s are there in Russia? just wondering…

  21. lucy says:

    Nothing more than Russian hoodlums with too much time on their hands. Anybody that puts others in harms way so they can pull of their silly little prank needs to be put away for a little while. I would not have wanted to be these guys if the Russian cops got hold of them. Lucy

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