38 Students of USSR

Students of USSR

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Soviet Russian students don’t look like the modern Russian or Western students. Seeing this pictures make me think they look like grown ups who go to the college.

Students of USSR, or Russian students during Soviet reign 1

Students of USSR, or Russian students during Soviet reign 2


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38 Responses to “Students of USSR”

  1. Vulcan says:

    Everybody looked like grown ups in the sixties. Nothing wrong with the USSR.

    • SalaKrestu says:

      That’s right

      • Miss India says:

        OMG look at the healthy, fresh-faced Russian students who go to college for free, meanwhile poor backwards American students are segregated and their government can’t even afford to provide free college, so sad! :(

        • Nina Germany says:

          actually state colleges are free in usa

          • Gorp McGarnigle says:

            That is not true

          • Chris says:

            >Nina Germany : actually state colleges are free in usa

            Are you on drugs?

            Have you ever even been to the US?

            Also, are you by any chance the unwanted offspring of a German mother and Russian soldier father in 1945?

            • scot says:

              Yes Nina. McGarnigle is a well known Russo-Germanic name.

              • Brandon says:

                Re: Nina

                If you and your parents are really poor (no income the past year poor) or you’re really poor and can claim independence (24+) from them, then your pell grants will likely cover the full cost of a community college. Otherwise, it’s most definitely not free.

    • russoturisto says:

      Everything with you is “3rd world, 3rd world. Poor, poor, poor” WTF? Your comments reflect your intelligence, saying the same f…ing thing over and over!

    • scot says:

      Dammit – this reply to comment is bust. Se my helpul post below, Miss India

  2. w says:

    All the girls are unshaven and wear no make up

  3. greg says:

    things seemed so solid, i felt old looking at their faces. i am now going to look at my own student pictures. the soviet union fascinates me.

  4. A.N. says:

    Those were different times: times when university or college wasn’t a playground, where you didn’t have a thousand distractions like the internet, tv or other garbage. Darnit, I feel nostalgic right now.

  5. Cbeta says:

    Wellcome with double “ll”?????????????????

  6. Vlad xP says:

    In the former USSR you absolutely must look serious when someone is photographing you. If you smile, they’ll retake the picture.

    *That’s what I look like in my school pictures*

  7. maxD says:

    Very true. Having your picture taken is a serious business, esp. for the older generations.

  8. Bert says:

    These are awesome, thanks. Feels like they’re pictures of people you know.

  9. Bilosh says:

    Stundents are too busy with reverse engineer Neutron Bomb and functional toaster oven. They no time to smile.

  10. Faith Gorodki says:

    “Everybody looked like grown ups in the sixties. Nothing wrong with the USSR.”

    Yeah, looks like $ANY_RANDOM photo from Finland in the 60’s when looking at clothing and hair styles.

  11. maxD says:

    They still do.

    10 cm heels, leather shafts up to their crotch, fishnet stockings, walking in the snow on slippery roads… where ? In Russia!!!

  12. scot says:

    Ah… Miss India. Today’s lesson is on “observational skills”

    I’m afraid that you are in danger of failing this module of your online BA in Basic Human Understanding.

    Correct use of observational skills in this context would have meant that you noted that there are no rags, the people look well fed and content.This, by deduction (we’ll cover that later in the course) means that, unfortunately, your comments are a bit “off the mark”.

    BTW – in the UK we had students then and they looked the same as these people. In those days, however, poorer students received free money for the government on the basis that an educated workforce is a good thing. Nowadays, everyone pays so they leave college with £30,000 of debt.

    Let me know if I have confused you.



  13. Vitalik says:

    Wow they all look LIKE MY PARENTS


  14. Pas says:

    Whatever anyone says about any countries economy they’re education high school is equal to ours US college, college for them is like Masters to us. Believe it or not.

  15. Bela says:

    Are you high?

    Otherwise the photos are beautiful. I love my country, but US ROCKS

  16. Gena says:

    hahahaah miss india it’s a good thing that you are soo intelligent.. there would be no one to communicate with if it wasnt for you. go back to the trailer park

  17. El_Greco says:

    It was great you knew what and who you are what is love and what is passion you learned to do the work for good and not for money today its fked up thanks to the usa system…..

  18. RubberLaser says:

    I think these are fantastic photos. It’s difficult to find real human beings nowadays. Real feelings and thoughts on faces, not just shallow PR and fake smiles.

  19. Gingernut says:

    some of the pictures look from the 70’s & 80’s kinda a rag tag groups trying
    to hard to be fashionable but yeah at least some girls were cute.

  20. too much vodka says:

    Why is it that during seventies and eighties people ALL OVER THE WORLD were butt ugly?

  21. Otis R. Needleman says:

    These students were bright and worked hard, but lived under the stultifying Soviet system. Say what you will, but the American students of that time, such as myself, beat them in the Cold War.

  22. chuck says:

    The look on their faces are looks of suppression .

  23. Kiki says:

    The crazy part is graduates from Moscow University with degrees in physics do not require a visa to enter US or United Kingdom soil all they need is a master degree in physics/atomic science.

    • Original Kirov says:

      Unfortunately, all of former USSR was robbed of their finest minds during the 1990’s…

      Braindrain is one of the worst things that can happen 2 a country… sad :-/

  24. borealis says:

    these kids look pretty normal compared to other college students of the day. maybe a little conservative, no hippies. but honestly they’re even smiling in many of these pictures! i can’t see what the fuss is about, unless the fuss is sarcastic.

    anyways, cool album. its weird how these pictures look exactly like pictures out of my yearbook but in a completely different time and place.

  25. Non-traditional students have a lot to think aboutthan traditional college-aged students. They have the demands of jobs to contend with as well as the stresses of trying to find student loans that will allow them to attend university.

  26. Vadim says:

    The guy in the very left of the 7th picture looks just like my father, maybe it is him actually :) haven’t seen this pic in his album though.

    The collection is awesome, it shows that all the people in the world are firstly the PEOPLE, and only then Soviet, American, British etc. check out your parents’ college albums and you will see same faces, saying that Soviet students are different from today’s students around the world is finny in itself, the word Soviet is not necessary in this statement, any student of that time is different from today’s guys and gals, people change, fashion changes, the world is constantly changing.

    Someone mentioned that they are bored or something… Are you sure you’ve seen all of these pics? well check again, they smile, they have fun at the fire in the wood, they are enjoying life just as all young people do. Living in SU might not be all that bright and cloudless, but it was alright, it had it’s ups and downs, just like living in any other country

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