48 Canon Vacuum Cleaners

Canon Vacuum Cleaners

Posted on February 2, 2009 by

fake canon vacuum cleaners

Recently Russian service centers of Canon have started receiving complains from the people having the troubles with their Canon… vacuum cleaners.

It seems that one large electronics supplier in Russia has bought somewhere what they truely believed to be Canon Vacuum Cleaners, and even advertised them. So many bought intrigued by the brand name and overall feeling to get something cool from Canon.

Now it seems it was a nice planned action to sell thousands of some third party, probably Chinese vacuum cleaners labeled as “Canon”, having the manual and boxes looking like actual Canon stuff.

fake canon vacuum cleaners 2

fake canon vacuum cleaners 3

fake canon vacuum cleaners 4

via wwwboards.auto.ru

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48 responses to “Canon Vacuum Cleaners”

  1. Eugene Popov says:

    huh, what’s next? Electrolux cameras? 🙂

    • Miss India says:

      Gullible Russians got fleeced by scheming chinks ba ha ha 🙁

      • scot says:

        Miss India,

        Today is an important day! Your marks for this post are 8/10! Fireworks and parties to follow!

        Posting a factually correct coment = 8 marks.

        The only reason I haven’t given you ten is because you have let your personal views cloud your work. It would have been 10/10 if you had stopped yourself from adding Chinks (minus one for racism) and “ba ha ha :(” (minus one for being a bit nasty).

        On the whole though, I am very pleased. Zero to 8 marks in three lessons!

        Keep it up!

        Mr scot
        University of Life

        • SSSR says:

          Hey Scot,read the comments on the russian banya page and about 8 pages after that.It is not far from this page.You are wasting your time with this so called Miss India!

  2. YaFFa says:

    noo, Nokia juicer )

  3. brbrbr says:

    not funny :/
    Bosh goods for kittie or Philips boat[really !!]
    almost everything on market – FAKED – from[dangerous 4 health]food to cars.
    99% of volume.
    biggest brands, sometimes.

  4. Bilosh says:

    Chineses = Capatalist Communists. They more evil than American capitalist if that even is possible. They kill they own babies to make 3 rouble.

    • cj oregon says:

      The laws and inspections that keep these things out of the US don’t do anything for Russia. It seems that the Asians are dumping whatever they can’t sell to the US to Russia – like that sick pig joke of a toy a while back.

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  9. Gustavo Miranda says:

    Canon Vacuun Cleaner?! Thats weird man, here in Brazil Ive found twoo hair dryers made by Bosch and Siemens, even weird, like a suposed Chevrolet ice cream…

  10. SSSR says:

    Hey Scot,read the comments on the russian banya page and about 8 pages after that.It is not far from this page.You are wasting your time with this so called Miss India.

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  13. Kirov says:

    MaxD, I’m sure you believe the Commies are gods, and Medvedev AKA Putin’s puppy is a devil?

    Your comments aren’t lies entirely, but they aren’t truth either (you invent bS, for example).

  14. Miss India says:

    1.YESS! Once again you show your brilliance, by not making any concrete facts! You simply say this and that, and compare different products with each other. You proved nothing mate.

    3.Provide the price of THE SAME vacuum cleaner in Holland, Britain, and Russia. Then talk.

    4. Russia exports only resources? WTF? Russia may not have a strong light industry (but it is evolving, especially in IT & computer area), but Russia exports MANY heavy industrial products, like tanks, Commercial aircraft, tractors (and the like) etc.

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  18. Ann says:

    Useful info, nice blog, thanks.

  19. Foseshierry says:

    А как на блоге можно заработать? У меня есть блог о игре на гитаре. Правда там народа в день не много ходит…человек 20. Можно с него что то заработать?

  20. Foseshierry says:

    +1 поддерживаю

  21. Foseshierry says:

    Молодец, хороший пост.

  22. Foseshierry says:

    А у Вас талант писателя прям 🙂

  23. Foseshierry says:

    Админ, а много блог отнимает времени у тебя?

  24. Foseshierry says:

    одобрямс статью 🙂

  25. Foseshierry says:

    блин…писал-писал, а сообщение не отправилось и не сохранилось 🙂 вообщем блог понравился. админу удачи в развитии.

  26. Foseshierry says:

    Блог очень понравился. Так держать!!!

  27. Foseshierry says:

    Не подскажете, как ссылки в футере убрать, если он закодирован. С интересом читал ваш блог и тоже решил завести себе на подобную тему. Заранее спасибо.

  28. Foseshierry says:

    А почему у вас так мало читателей, по мне отличный блог.

  29. Cracking stuff, keep up the good work, interesting read.

  30. Charles says:

    Canon brand is a more expensive one. I believe it is a japanese own. Why don’t you try an american one. The brand is hoover which is the brand that only do best on vacuum cleaner not doing everything like canon. Just IMHO.

  31. Increase Traffic says:

    I agree! Japan is a very expensive place. I don’t even undestand how these people make ends meet!

  32. Buy Traffic says:

    Expensive falls short. Japan IS one of the most expensive places I have ever visited! I would like to visit Russia soon…

  33. Alex says:

    forgery can be purchased under different label, not only Canon

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