8 Bus Stop Parking

Bus Stop Parking

Posted on February 2, 2009 by

Parking at the bus stop in Russia

They say this guy was too drunk and took the bus stop for his parking garage, so he parked and left the building.

Parking at the bus stop in Russia 2

Parking at the bus stop in Russia 3

Parking at the bus stop in Russia 4

Parking at the bus stop in Russia 5

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8 Responses to “Bus Stop Parking”

  1. Reenox says:

    Fiiiiiiiirst damn it!!!

    • Miss India says:

      OMG look at how rich Russians are, now every Russian can afford their own car, even alcoholics! Meanwhile, poor trash Americans are busy raising their disgusting interracial children, so revolting! :(

      • Vampyre_Smiles says:

        What is with you?

      • cj oregon says:

        Yah, and I’ve been screwing with her too, I’m horrible. But what can I say? She’s such an easy target! Maybe she thinks I’m black now but who cares what she thinks! What I think is halarious is that if she really is from India she’s just another black head too!

        • Bilosh says:

          I do not believe Miss India a woman. Not a many womans use the “N” word. He/She claims to be from USA – called americans “fellow countrymen”. This I believe. OMG! :)

          • cj oregon says:

            Well I’ve heard the ‘n’ word used all too many times by all kinds of people. Sadly even by some of my own family members. I think rasicm is something that’s almost primal (I’m sure you’ve noticed how naughty little kids can be to one another sometimes.) Biggotts come in every color too. I’ve noticed the orientals here rrrreeeeaaalllly don’t like blacks, but they still know how to be polite when they have to. In today’s societly there is really no place for it – but it is hard to ‘un-learn.’

  2. Zafarad! ! ! says:

    I am back!!!!!In time to see skillfull parking in hockey goal!!!

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