69 Double Meaning

Double Meaning

Posted on February 1, 2009 by tim

All this photos has something in common, most of them are from Russia or made by Russians. The thing is common is… well everyone can figure out this by himself, probably.

Russian people - strange situations 2Russian people - strange situations 3Russian people - strange situations 4Russian people - strange situations 5

Russian people - strange situations 6Russian people - strange situations 7Russian people - strange situations 8Russian people - strange situations 9Russian people - strange situations 10–nextpage–Russian people - strange situations 11Russian people - strange situations 12Russian people - strange situations 13Russian people - strange situations 15Russian people - strange situations 17

Russian people - strange situations 18Russian people - strange situations 19Russian people - strange situations 20Russian people - strange situations 21Russian people - strange situations 22–nextpage–Russian people - strange situations 24Russian people - strange situations 25Russian people - strange situations 26

“Hi, Freak!”

Russian people - strange situations 28Russian people - strange situations 31


Russian people - strange situations 32Russian people - strange situations 33Russian people - strange situations 34

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69 responses to “Double Meaning”

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    • Miss India says:

      OMG look at the rich and sexy Russians! Why oh why can’t poor trash Americans look more like them instead of being disgusting interracial half-breeds, so disgusting! 🙁

  2. Fidel Castro says:

    It’s the fault of capitalism, that the once mighty Russian people are wasting their time on this nonsense.
    In the USSR all people were good workers like Alexey Stakhanov.

    • Anonymous says:


    • scot says:

      Ah… Miss India, you’re misunderstanding is so sexy & cute!

      Most of these pictures show something called “advertising”. Companies that “advertise” only ever spend money if there are people with money to buy things called “products”. If there are ads – there is money.

      As for your comments on prostitution – Can you tell us a little more like what percentage of Russian women are prostitutes in Dubai etc? I know there are some in London… you can tell them by their supertight stone-washed jeans and white boots with gold patterns. Hot!

    • Navygunner says:

      Oh please, since when was russia ever mighty? Before capitalism they were slaves to the russian government. Your so called “mighty russian people” now have time for things THEY like to do and don’t bend to the will of the oppressive government. The russian people are finally having some fun in their lives.

  3. Chilean_dude says:

    Whats the girl thinking?

  4. Chilean_dude says:

    BTW, I would love to go Moscow just to see the massive ads.

    • maxD says:

      Landlords make lots of money having the facade of their building covered in a huge billboard – up to millions p/year if the building is in a good to excellent spot, like close to Red Square.

      The m.o. is usually like this: they announce a renovation and erect a huge scaffolding, which in turn is then covered with this huge printed fabric; the billboard. After that, nothing. No renovation, jusy money pouring in the landlords pockets. The tenants are sitting in the dark, sometimes for years. Afraid they will be kicked out [no tenant-protection at all in Russia] they do not protest. They suffer.

    • Domo says:

      You won’t believe it, but it’s the Winnie The Pooh.

    • lol … i too didnt got that one … as there are few pics with few words in diff lang rather then english

  5. karabas says:

    it’s not a hamster. It’s a bear. Google “vinipuch”

  6. Chilean_dude says:

    OMG! I’ve never seen such a bizarre cartoon, i mean by the graphic technic, its like, ahmmm, i just can’t describe it.

    Second, is this some kind of Winnie the Poo based cartoon?

    Third, was this under the soviet era, if so, did they (the government) made it??

    Fourth, i noticed that there is no Vini Puch articles under any language in Wkpd, do you where i can fin either english, spanish or french info on this???

  7. Rodriguez says:

    That`s girl is blonde. She doesn`t can to think! 🙂

  8. Eugene Popov says:

    I luv that man’s horns on that photo with Yeltsin

  9. aleke says:

    i bet that last photograph with Mikhalkov boosts his enormous vile ego

  10. ha ha ha … have seen few of those pics before ….but many from those above are new ones … lol

    each pic are really better n funniest then each other

  11. happy_foriegner says:

    I’m not russian, so maybe I’m not smart enough 😉 but what is the “gay” joke? (the white-haired man reading the newspaper at a restaurant). What’s the double-meaning?


  12. JOhn Woods says:

    Wow dude that is totally hilarious! Well done!


  13. reddy says:

    very very funny and intelligent selection.

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  15. ozračeni says:

    who is the man on picture #25??

  16. Erik says:

    gay globalization – headline in that newspaper..

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  18. Waraza says:

    it’s not a hamster. It’s a bear. Google “vinipuch”.

  19. Justin says:

    “The tenants are sitting in the dark, sometimes for years… they suffer”

    LOL 🙂

  20. Cat says:

    I loves this blog by first sight! Because Im Russian 38 & all items- its my life!!!!!!!!!

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  23. Shine says:

    Can someone please explain the double meaning of the woman standing next to the bear mascot, with the man taking a picture of her.

  24. ery funny and intelligent…….

  25. r4 ds games says:

    I wonder how many of these images are photo-shoped?… If they are original then that statue one must havetaken a lot time for clicking….

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  27. Lovely says:

    photos with double meaning

  28. no1 says:

    I didn’t get the one with the woman in the rocks by the sea.

  29. cigarettes says:

    Very amazing and creative pics

  30. rayan says:

    very interesting and good thinking

  31. Johnson says:

    Few are original others are photo shop

  32. rob says:

    Crazy, and a little bit strange

  33. Bk.Soni says:

    Realy Nice

  34. joneame.net says:

    Fotos con doble sentido…

    fotos que molan, no se puede describir más…

  35. DEWAN says:

    suchitation create dubble meaning

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  37. Macsen says:

    Very well done!

  38. Abhi says:

    1st photo is really cool

  39. Rashmi says:

    Very intellegent. Good looking

  40. Rashmi Ranjan says:

    Very very very very funy & interesting

  41. naufer from sri lanka says:

    Very nice photos. Photographers are wise and very clever, of course.

  42. faye says:

    soooo funny !!!! i want to laugh and laugh and laugh !! ! ! ! ! ! !

  43. Riepha says:

    Informatively hilarious. Really:))..The writer seems to grab the idea of ‘save the last for the best. LMAO…!

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  45. ha ha ha !!!
    Funnu, Interesting!!!


  46. Me says:

    I didn’t get the one with the woman in the rocks by the sea.

  47. john mark says:

    i love the simplicity of this website..i love the funny photo that is published here..

  48. esskay says:

    Creativity !!!!!!!

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