20 Falcon Hunt of Kazakhstan Nation

Falcon Hunt of Kazakhstan Nation

Posted on February 1, 2009 by

While in the North of Russia they have deer racing in the South of ex-USSR, now independent (and glorious, remember what Borat has said!) country of Kazakhstan they practice in falcon hunt.

Special trained falcons find the victims, chase, catch and bring the bodies to the hunters.

The best hunter gets TV and DVD as a present.

Hunting with falcons in Kazakhstan, Russia 2

Hunting with falcons in Kazakhstan, Russia 3


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20 Responses to “Falcon Hunt of Kazakhstan Nation”

  1. Dobra Dyen says:

    The trained falcons are even capable of killing a wolf! Kazakh sheep farmers use falcons to keep wolves away from sheep.

    • Miss India says:

      Look how they handle the fox , disgusting cruelty to animals, then again they are also cruel to their fellow human beings. Thanks to 100 years of Russian occupation Kazakhs are reduced to the level of monkeys in terms of intelligence. :(

      • Gorp McGarnigle says:

        You are an ignoramus.

      • Russian_NYC says:

        Miss India,

        Completely agree. You have no idea what goes on in families, schools, and even kindergartens.

        Like I say, stay away from Uzbeks, Russians, Tajiks, and other mongols.

        These things (russians) may look like you and me, but what goes on in their heads, you’d be better off not knowing. I suppose this happens when you mix 1/2 white blood and 1/2 mongol blood.

        Oh, by the way, this is coming from a 100% russian.

        “then again they are also cruel to their fellow human beings” <– you’ve made an excellent point.

  2. 4estgraham says:

    Awsome! Another great post. Thanks ER…

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  4. maxD says:

    I’ve seen a demonstration once. Very impressive ! Good pictures !

  5. cj-oregonian says:

    More great photos! – Thanks You!

  6. russia in dark says:

    anon, what a fool you are, Dobra Dyen just mention that falcon CAN kill the wolf

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  8. Jason says:

    I want to borrow that bird for my next rabbit hunt.

  9. Bilosh says:

    Kill game with 2000 year-old hunting technique, win flat screen televisor and attractive wall plaque

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  11. SalaKrestu says:

    The hare and the fox are SO fluffy! Poor little fellas.

  12. Boghdan says:

    // The best hunter gets TV and DVD as a present. //

    Right! Whet else has the hunter got to do while his falcon is hunting! Watch porn on DVD! )))

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  14. Candi says:

    Hahaha… Wait…Mongolian and Caucasian mixtures make for savage people?

    Geez… good thing my great grandmother was further south and on an island…or I’d have to don a straightjacket and lock myself in a padded cell.

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