not so Russian brand 1

95 What if…

What if…

Some Russian bloggers tried to imagine how the popular international brands
and products could look if Russians took over the world someday...
Russian book about earning million dollars 1

32 How to Earn One Million, The Book

How to Earn One Million, The Book

Lately, in some Russian bookstores this book is a true bestseller. Mostly people buy it as a gift. And here is why. First of all, it's title is "How to earn a million?", well this kind of titles are always very intriguing, but usually contain kind of not so worthy stuff. But believe me, not in this case. Then there goes a
contents. It says: "1. How to earn a million? page. 1" "2. What to do if you have not succeeded in the beginning? page. 17" "3. What to do if you are not sure in success? page. 51" "4. What to do if you have already earned but then spent all the money? page. 87" But what's in the text? Let's see...
Kuril Islands 1

57 The Kuril Islands

The Kuril Islands

Russia borders Japan at it's far east end, but a few know that those two countries don't have a peace treaty signed for already 60 years since the World War II has ended. The reason for that a group of volcanic islands located North from Japan and called Kuril islands. Those territories were recaptured by Russian army at the end of WW2 and now are under Russian administration, though Japan considers them their own lost territories. There were a lot of offers from Japan in order to return the islands. During the 1990s, when the Soviet government resigned and the new Russian authorities have been forming Japan offered billions
dollars for those territories hoping to get the islands back, but patriotic motive was stronger that the profit one. Those islands could be vital for Japan, which is suffering from over-population. Its lands are tens or even hundreds time more densely populated than the nearby lying Kuril islands, which stay almost untouched by civilization. Well, it's hard to say what would be better - to let people live and destroy nature or to preserve nature at its virgin state but deprive hundreds thousands of people from the land. Below are some photos from those lands in question.
Russian Volcanoe in Moscow 1

30 Ancient Volcano in Moscow, Russia

Ancient Volcano in Moscow, Russia

Every spring and summer, when the ground warms up after winter frosts here and there parts of paved road go underground. Moscow authorities can't say what is the reason for those things to happen and usually can just suppose but don't know for sure. But Moscow geologists seem to know the answer. "Moscow city stands on the top of the giant ancient volcano", says scientist, "we call often Moscow - the city on the seven hills (as well Rome and some other cities) but just a few know that those seven hill actually are the ancient volcano structure. It doesn't matter that it is not active
for thousands of years already, still there are so called 'fluid streams' gases from the center of the Earth comes to surface through ancient volcanoes, they cause the tremors of the surface and ruining the roads and buildings in Moscow.". He also admitted that around 15% of Moscow city surface can get under the ground. And there is still a chance that the volcano can wake up. "It's not to clear what causes some old and forgotten volcanoes that were not active for years to wake up suddenly". In this case all the city would be buried.
John McCain shot Russian soldier 1

25 McCain Shooter

McCain Shooter

This presidential elections in USA has been brought to light the story of this man, living now in poverty in a small wooden hut at the suburbs of St. Petersburg. Probably everyone knows about the accident John McCain had during his service in Vietnam, when his plane was shot down by the Vietnamese (as was thought before) missile. It's a well known fact that during that war thousands of Russian officers and military engineers helped the Vietnamese Communist Army to fight against US troops. All the newest weapons were also brought by Russian comrades from the North and Vietnamese were taught how to operate it properly. During one of such "demonstration" the John McCain's plane was shot down to the ground by this man on video. According to his words it was the 13th missile that hit the target finally, twelve missed. He says it was a great luck that a group of Russian soldiers has arrived to the crash site, and ordered Vietnamese not to harm the shot down pilot but just to take him out of the river, because, he explained, usually locals hammered down with their stone hoes any American pilot they managed to find, so actually they saved him life. Such an attitude locals as a revenge for their
burned to ground villages by American napalm. Russian officer was rewarded with the honorable "Red Star" medal and 1000 Russian rubles addition for his retirement pension. Also later he have visited a few times McCain in the Hanoi prison, where they were implementing special Soviet "tortures" for American prisoners: they forced them to study Communistic literature, like "Capital" by Karl Marx and many other thick Soviet ideological books. When he was asked if he would meet McCain what he could ask a man who is now a popular American politician - he said "I wanted to ask him if he finished reading Karl Marks". Also he said, he didn't want McCain to become a forty-forth US president, because as he says "McCain hates Russia way too much, though I can understand him". He also demonstrated some booty he got from Vietnam, among them is the McCain's "paratroopers book" - some special military ID the pilots and parachutists had to have with them while on duty. Just a few days ago it was published that he has passed away. Below you can see one of his last interviews (on Russian):
Lunar Money in Russia 1

53 Ameros Lunaros

Ameros Lunaros

Lately on the Net started appearing gossips about the new North-American currency "Amero" which would, as people say, come to replace Canadian and American dollars together with Mexican peso and would become one and only currency in North America. Some photos of actual amero bills and coins appeared on different near world-conspiracy blogs and youtube channels Well, in Russia they stepped bit
further and think that the currency would be called not Amero but Lunaro, or Lunar if to be exact, and probably it would replace not only Northern American currencies but all currencies on Earth and even, probably, on Moon. That's what they call the real New World Order. And yes, there are some secret bill samples that leaked and we can publish those, like, rare shots.
Russian 1

52 Guess Who 2

Guess Who 2

From time to time we have "Guess who?" posts. I think this one is easy. I mean, everyone knows this handsome young man in
pro-Palestinian kerchief, well at least how he looked like later. If not, maybe the next picture would help...
Palestianians in Russia 1

37 Pro-Gaza


There are some pro-Palestinian
movements in Russia too...
Russia, Latvia 1

59 Recession in Latvia

Recession in Latvia

This economic recession and global financial crisis consequences now reveal
themselves in some East European countries like, those events in Latvia nowadays.
Russian hockey players 1

19 Russian Hockey Cards

Russian Hockey Cards

Remember those small cards you probably enjoyed collecting in the childhood with some random football, hockey or maybe golf
players photos on them? Thanks to the Soviet Government Russia kids of 70s also had the possibility enjoying this fun.

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