Russian passport 1

29 Russian Passport Kenny

Russian Passport Kenny

Russian "South Park" TV series fans have found one of it's heroes - Kenny right in... Russian passport. They claim that Kenny lives on the pages 8 and 18 of
the Russian passport. You can take a look now too, those are unedited scans from those pages of the Russian passport. Does it look like Kenny?
People playing World War 2 in Russia 1

81 Playing World War 2

Playing World War 2

Role playing is hobby for some young and not so young men and women in Russia too. The storylines are different, amongst most popular are World War 2 and the War with France of 1812. This
time the photos from the WW2 simulation. Was taking place in Ekaterinburg city, and that's not something about shooting the movie - just a pure fun of dedicated people.
snow in Russia 1

7 Some Snowpiles

Some Snowpiles

Sometimes snow piles
look strange...
19 Paving Snow Now

Paving Snow Now

Well, this is how they sometimes make pavement in some cities in Russia. Right now you can see how they put hot paving
mix right into the snow covered road, that was filmed a few days ago in St. Petersburg. via
Views of Moscow, Russia 1

36 West of Moscow City

West of Moscow City

From time to time we have views of Moscow city from above. This time the views of
Southern-Western part of Moscow made from the top of forty-three stored residential building.
Paint in trunk in Russia 1

18 Don’t!


Don't! Don't put the
paint in the trunk!
New Year Trees in Moscow, Russia 1

22 Christmas Trees of Moscow, Russia

Christmas Trees of Moscow, Russia

This one is bit
late, but still...
Life in Chechnya, Russia 1

45 Life in Chechnya

Life in Chechnya

And meanwhile in Chechnya,
Russia, at formerly war scene...
Life in Russia 1
39 Submitted Set 10

Submitted Set 10

  Life in Russian has never been so sweet, I
mean another part of submitted stuff.
24 Russian Truckin’ 8

Russian Truckin’ 8

Sometimes trucking in Russia might be dangerous.
Especially when you need to cross a river or two.

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