57 Class War: Burned Corvette

Class War: Burned Corvette

Posted on January 30, 2009 by

Some people say they can’t stand “those rich punks riding their hundred thousand dollar cars when around everything looks ruined and school teacher’s salary is $100/month”. So they act sometimes. This time in Ukraine. USA cars really can cost twice or even triple price if compaired to their price in States. That’s because of huge European car taxes + shipping costs and stuff.

Corvette burned down in Ukraine, Russia 1
Corvette burned down in Ukraine, Russia 2
Corvette burned down in Ukraine, Russia 3
Corvette burned down in Ukraine, Russia 4

Corvette burned down in Ukraine, Russia 5
Corvette burned down in Ukraine, Russia 6
Corvette burned down in Ukraine, Russia 7
Corvette burned down in Ukraine, Russia 8
Corvette burned down in Ukraine, Russia 9


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57 Responses to “Class War: Burned Corvette”

    • scot says:

      Good point. Though it fair to say that a lot of people don’t put FIRST!!. t’s crazy and shows that many people are stil confused about the Information Superhighway.

      It’s up to people like us to educate these “noobs”

      BTW, 666 (I assume you are Satan?) are there any jobs going in Hell? I just got laid off (due to rich bankers making up $$s that don’t exist)

      Job Expertise:

      I can poke sticks up peoples ass in Purgatory
      I can goad al of the Popes that you have down there (6th circle isn’t it?)

      Anyway – let me know – I can start immediately.


      • Russian_NYC says:

        LOL pretty valuable skill set. I too would like a job where I can goad popes with a cattle prod, but I hear the pay is low because it’s such a sought-after job type.

      • cj: Oregonian says:

        ME TOO! ME TOO! I’m especially good at standing by and laughing hysterically for eternity.

      • 666 says:

        Dear Scot,
        Yes, I am a Satan himself.

        Sorry you have to wait for my message. You see, i am very busy person, cause nowadays, there is so much work to do in Hell, and also in your world.I guess I could always use a hand or two.

        Skill needed for the job

        To qualify for the job you have to be a very evil, cruel, and heartless individual (if you were secret service agent CIA, KGB you are automatically qualified). You have to be willing to learn new torturing method and devices. Also, you must show no compassion to our clients.
        Last, but not least, you have to be dead (but that could be arranged).

        So, if you are interested just send me your CV at [email protected]!

        Best wishes!

        Satan himself

    • Miss India says:

      grow up Russians, :(

    • Miss India says:

      OMG THANK YOU Russians! This is what should be done to all Corvettes, just to make people see the bad quality “cars” we make here in the States! :(

  1. roma says:

    why??! why you think it is class war? maybe is it only gangsters?

    • cj: Oregonian says:

      I read about this type of ‘mentality’ in Russia way back in the ’80s. Is it really still so pervasive to this day? There are ‘have & have nots’ in every country…

    • Hunchison says:

      That’s the typical way of thinking from the residuals of commy era, where the rich to be blamed no matter how they earn the money, a entrepreneur to be a “greedy capitalist”, and “proletariat” should “totalised” them. The pure product of propaganda and gov education since their primary school, and ruins the value creation for whole community. The result would be rich transfer the money to a country in which the private property to be more secured, and the rest of envier left to be jobless.

    • Yngve says:

      “Well, maybe you should put more thought in how to improve your situation, and less into envy.”

      This is typical unrealistic libertarian thinking. For everyone to improve one’s situation is simply not possible. No matter how hard each and every one of us try, there will be poor people in a capitalist system.

      Besides, envy is more natural than sex. So what’s your point?

  2. max says:

    school teacher’s salary is low but it not $100/month.

  3. Qawi says:

    Quite frankly that’s the best use for an American car that I can come up with. Burn baby burn.

  4. El_Greco says:


    we are talking about ukraine they are getting 100$ month as teachers there thanks to theyr president

  5. Miss India says:

    A teacher doesn’t make allot, but far more then 100 USD per month.

  6. Nina Germany says:

    good to see that another nice car is gone from the streets of ex-soviet country. It should stay dull and gray.

  7. russia in dark says:

    Any fire stations near by ???

  8. lio says:

    In Moscow it is about $800-1000 thanks to mayor’s bonuses.

  9. russian citizen says:


  10. Russian_NYC says:

    Creative Russians would still try to repair it =)
    Just get some logs, some valenki, some duct tape, paintbrush and soon it will be good as new!

  11. Martin says:

    I’ll do it next time!:)

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  13. maxD says:

    I wish that was true.

  14. Miss India says:

    Well, now that i thought of it, this actually is what should be done to all Corvettes, just to make people see the bad quality “cars” we make here in the States. And, sorry to admit this, but i´m afraid it doesn´t go only with cars..
    I think i am about to loose it..can sb, please, get me back to track..my bitterness is killing me..

    • cj: Oregonian says:

      Wow Miss India; this time I think I can see where you’re coming from! Maybe if US car makers could get serious about fuel economy and actually build their vehicles in the US we could see a turn around – maybe. Somehow it just doesn’t seem likely though does it. I guess that’s why they’re calling it a depression.

  15. russian citizen says:


  16. Chilean_dude says:

    They guys who did this are criminals.

    But i wouldnt buy a corvette if i lived in a working class apartment complex like that one.

    I would move first, then buy the corvette.

  17. Steam McQueen says:

    Next time, use caution when using the cigarette lighter in the car!

  18. Miss India says:

    I’m American, you cyyka.

  19. ukrainian says:

    That’s nothing but vandalism. Although being badly made and inpractical the vettes are a lot of fun. I deslike most american cars, but not this one. Most modern cars are boring. The C5 would surely put a smile on my face.

    PS: also don’t forget that we need these V8s to heat up the planet a bit. Winters are still too cold for my liking.
    j/k :D

  20. rob says:

    Germans are talking about Russians dullnes!Sorry? but you are the most boring country ever existed

  21. Jeff Spicoli says:

    Relax, all right? My old man is a television repairman, he’s got this ultimate set of tools. I can fix it.

  22. Jason says:

    Maybe the cars owner will purchase a Marussia next.Since that is a russian car maybe it would not be vandalised.

  23. Gerry says:

    Nationalist sentiment may not explain this car-torching, but just some teenaged arsonist plan. Such later teens cause havoc in cultures all over the world. (Look at the French riots by Islamists, for instance, torching thousands of cars that cost so much more than they can afford.) This whole Kiev episode does not rise to the level that it should be cannonized by a photo shoot series, or given any publicity.
    The thing about the english/russia site is that it seems to have little forebrain judgement in its choice of postings, which just encourages all kinds of international hooligans, bogans, thugs, punks and the like to spew their jouvenile poisoned wordings here. Shame really.

  24. jedi says:

    guys who did this are criminals.

  25. Finno says:

    It’s sad what envy makes us do…

  26. hokker says:


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  29. John Demyanyuk says:

    Probably owner had an insurance for this car.
    And surprisingly I’ve recognized the place on photos, as I’ve used to work in office building, which is seen on the one of photos. That’s industrial/commercial quarter in the center of Kyiv, Ukraine. So this is case is probably not the revenge of angry poor citizen, but rather business threat.

  30. russia))) I see that every day ))

  31. Lada Niva says:

    price paid. 90% of these drivers are aggressive in traffic so this may be a good lesson.

  32. lnb says:

    i like the ideea.

  33. Tim says:

    Corvettes are bad cars! I mean awesome rides! NO doubt about that, doesnt matter who builds them, the Corvette is bad ass!

    It could have caught on fire, sometimes cars do that…. thats what it looks like to me…. electrical….or to much octane in the gas….. as Russia uses a different one I am sure…..

  34. Alexander Nyevski says:

    Still with car in that condition is nicer than my Pobeda.

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