21 Tom Cruise in Russia

Tom Cruise in Russia

Posted on January 29, 2009 by

Tom Cruise in Russia meeting Russian girls 1

Yesterday Russian girls got an occasion to touch Tom Cruise, the actor, who have visited Moscow for the first time.

Tom Cruise in Russia meeting Russian girls 2

Tom Cruise in Russia meeting Russian girls 3


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21 Responses to “Tom Cruise in Russia”

  1. irootsk says:

    and where is Katie?

    • Miss India says:

      its their rare chance to see Hollywood superstar like Tom cruise so i totally understand poor russians are trying to make the most of it. I like Valkyrie.

      • Miss India says:

        OMG look at how polite and rich Russians are! I wish my American countryman were more like them instead of the fat savages they are!:(

  2. Da says:

    That’s not Russia. That’s Tom Cruz

  3. karabas says:

    poor schmuck is freezing

  4. Mahmoud Ahmadinejad says:

    Dear ER,

    I love Mr. Crusie’s new movie because the brave, audacious, and subversive act of the main character, plus his dashing good looks, is like looking in a mirror!

    Also, isn’t it nice to see a fit man who knows how to select a suit with a classic design and cut, made from quality fabric which absorbs the light and only returns a soft glow, rather than the shiny reflective pimp fabrics seen on so many American celebrities?

    The open-collar white button-down cotton (Egyptian, I am sure!) shirt reinforces the classic look. Of course, the cold weather in Russia requires something extra. A heavy coat would only hide his slim but athletic figure and disappoint the girls, as well as the handful of groping men in the audience. So as not to disappoint his fans, Mr. Cruise chose to wear the black form-fitting turtleneck underneath it all. Everybody knows black goes with almost anything, especially gray and white, as they are all “winter” colors.

    Of course, I have my own set of photos of this event, signed by Mr. Cruise, addressed to “Dear Mahmoud.” I ordered one of my Hezb’allah agents, Abbas, in the city to get one for me. You can see him in photo # 6, diligently doing his duty. He told me he almost had to punch the blondie Ludmila, or whatever her name is, in the lower back so she would fall to the ground and allow him to step over her and complete his mission.

    Fortunately, Abbas followed my rules of minimum force and only had to press his groin against her rearend, many times, hard, and with increasing frequency, in order to make her move. At first he was concerned because rather than be offended, she seemed to enjoy it. He swears by Allah that she even arched her back and thrust back against him several times, but I don’t know . . . Abbas is an excellent agent, but he likes to embellish his stories and exaggerate about the ladies. . . .

    Wishing everyone access to a famous celebrity, and classic taste in clothing,
    M. Ahmadinejad
    Very similar in appearance and magnetism to Tom Cruise

  5. Starshii says:

    I think he fits well to Russia as he is almost as short as Putin and Medvedev.

  6. Bruce Willis (AAAH) says:

    Tom’s OK he’s an AAAH (All American Action Hero) too

  7. Miss India says:

    OMG look at how polite and rich Russians are! I wish my American countryman were more like them instead of the fat savages they are! :(

  8. onitake says:

    i wonder… where are the guy fawkes-masked people?

  9. cj oregon says:

    A walk through your shallow mind would scarsely dampen the soles of our feet.

  10. cj oregonian once more says:

    The previous message was ment for our Beloved Miss India.

  11. Bilosh says:

    My new image: black turtlneck sveater under white shirt under homosexual suit. I will be sexiest man in willage, maybe even 2 willages. Thank a yous MR Tom Crews!

  12. Alec L says:

    look at tommy c. schmucking with the russian audience. he must be really trying to tap this market with his new nazi film, which is sure to be a crowd-pleaser thanks to the anti-hitler message. although i hear they don’t mention the soviets at all in the film.

  13. The Truth Hurts says:

    Hey look!

    Something even dumber than Christianity!

    The “Church” of Scatology!

  14. Pacific NW says:

    Where did they find all those people small enough to make Tom look not small?

  15. куку says:

    Ms. India, I to you will open a secret, your stars, for example Dolf Lungrend go to Moscow very much and very often on the closed parties, and the sum for which they come quite and quite them arranges, so to poor Russian they приеззжают on the house, and you the envious foolish aunt, conceiving stereotypes and a cliche!

  16. Holy moly! Tom Cruise is frickin HOT. All my girlfriends go crazy when they see a picture of Tom. The best looking human in the world, maybe ever in the history of humanity. Amazing body that is perfect in every way!

  17. dreamingofkarelia says:

    I wish Russia would keep him. He can spread his “religion” through your area. Seriously I think some countries should not admit Scientologists into their nation

  18. Tim says:

    Watch out! This is how they do it! Once inside your country its too late!! They will begin to preach and dictate rights and wrongs! Bringing in Special Interest groups to change your ways of living!

    They think they are high and mighty, know whats best for us all! They are dangerous people in my opinion.. Becareful Russia…

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