15 Selling Her Coat

Selling Her Coat

Posted on January 29, 2009 by

Russian girl sells coat 1

This Russian girl decided to sell her coat on the Internet auction, ebay like system of Russia.
After posting her ad she also attached a photo, and that photo turned instantly into meme across Russian Internet. The photo itself is below.

Russian girl sells coat 2

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15 Responses to “Selling Her Coat”

  1. scot says:


    Well…. nice coat.

    I take you meant “meme”…

  2. SalaKrestu says:


  3. Paolo says:

    It is nothing new. In Poland, we have something similar to eBay and one woman became famous after putting her furs bidding. Why? You can check it here:

  4. SalaKrestu says:

    Maybe she is just so UGLY that she could scare the bidders!

  5. Johnny says:

    Actually, she might look quite hot. Her eyebrow looks cute and at least she’s not an american fatty!

  6. g_ro says:

    She looks so cute on that coat. :*

  7. cablino says:

    what was fotoshopped?

  8. YoYo says:

    What is that hanging from her neck? The paper maybe should have been larger.

  9. cm says:

    She needed the money for photoshop :P

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  11. zing says:

    She saved her self the trouble of editing ;-)

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