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Some Videos 10

Posted on January 28, 2009 by

We just yesterday remembered the Lenin’s tomb – the “mausoleum” and now here is the video of some pranksters dressed as mummies and visiting their brother holy Mummy. It seems that Russian police was against that.

Bike-snowboarding is pretty popular in Russian villages nowadays.

Some Russian ad. He says something like “Get lost!”.

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9 Responses to “Some Videos 10”

  1. russia in dark says:

    I like the mummies thing :)

  2. Nina Germany says:

    it’s funny how soviets were against monarchy and religion, yet their leaders, like lenin and stalin, were ruling with absolute power (like kings), and were worshipped after death (like gods)

    • russia in dark says:

      Exactly! And they keep doing it even nowdays. Poor brainwashed Russians, I feel sorry for them. :(

    • Nina Germany says:

      I never said anyone still continues this silliness, although on 1’st of may it is obvious some people still pray to saint Lenin and saint Satalin lol

  3. Partisan says:

    the last one is video adaptation of an old anecdote

  4. Me says:

    The better translation for the 3rd one is “[email protected]#$ OFF” instead of “Get Lost”.

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