155 Life in Russia by Petrosian

Life in Russia by Petrosian

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155 Responses to “Life in Russia by Petrosian”

  1. loxlox says:

    The last 20 or so pictures don’t display. Nice post anyway !

  2. Rodriguez says:

    Believe me, life in Russia that`s not only grannies, bums, dirty dogs, homeless children and young cops. There is Russia we have a proverb: “The pig always will find out the dirt”.
    Btw Petrosian is not russian lastname, but armenian.

    • Miss India says:

      The more we see Russia the more we realise how poor it is. It is really heart breaking to see people living in condition like this. I’ve never seen so much poverty, despair and misery like this in my entire luxurious life. I am deeply saddenned and my prayers are for those eternally, god forsaken poor people of Russia :(

      • boris says:

        so… dont you think thats a reality in any country you can see… even “The Great USA” in usa there are people who even eat rats… and live in boxes…:S think about it…

      • Miss India says:

        sorry, I suck… :(

      • Javier says:

        Well ive seen poverty, but this is a nice way of showing the real stuff that also is russia. i mean…i know there is lot of luxury over there…but ALSO as many other places…there is poverty and opression. People who says this is “extreme” or “ive never seen something like that” are really not going out of their houses…

        Anyways…it is a really touching post.

      • *** says:

        Oh! You it`s so kind of you to think so! :0)
        A bit fondly, a bit distant, but kind……..
        I would friendly advice: do never go with the provocation of a person who obviously was never accepted in Saint-Petersburg and decided to express his anger by posting half fake (other city), half very old pics. Something like that…

        For example, check out this site:

      • Misha says:

        Hey, Miss India, i bet you can find more horrible scenes of misery in India. Dont feel sorry for us, we’ll be fine. Feel sorry for Africans

        • nazihater says:

          you people are wankers to comment if russia,india,brazil or USA is a rich or poor country! it doesnt matter, people like us lives there!!
          Just enjoy the photographs, this post is meant for that!
          ps. lovely photographs though!!!

      • Andrew says:

        Did you see Slumdog Millionaire?

        I think India is worse!

  3. So says:

    Great photographs – you need a lot of guts, patience and the lucky right moment to take pictures like this.

  4. Rodriguez says:

    But i liked the last two pics, especially child with political poster close to ments.

  5. Schoschie says:

    Wow, fantastic photos!
    Pity, what happened to the last lot (all not found)?

  6. There are some really beautiful shots there, will have to track down more of his work.

  7. Melissa says:

    Excellent photo set.

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  9. Thera says:

    A bit stereotypical themes, but many beautiful photos ^^

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  11. --- says:

    Images from 100 to 143 contain one zero too much in their URL and that’s why they are not displayed properly.

    should be

  12. Disturbed28BR says:

    Hi, I’m living n Brazil… I like the russian pics… Here (brazil) a lot of people are poor. So, in the pics I can see…”Russia is poor, Russia is dirty”, is it true?

    • Laudanum says:

      It’s true and false at the same time. Russia is poor and rich simultaneously!

    • Russian_NYC says:


      It’s mostly true – Russia is very poor. Only the centers like Moscow or St. Petersburg have accumulated wealth from the rest of the country during the past.

      Greetings from NYC!
      We have a lot of Brazilian restaurants here (delicious food) and man, Brazilian girls must be the most beautiful girls in the world! =)

      • Disturbed28BR says:

        Hahahah….Oh yes, the Brazilian girls are beautiful and hot….BUT, I like blond girl, and Russins blond girls are very very very beautiful….

      • Joe says:

        Whoa… I’m brazilian myself and can assure most brazilian girls are ugly. Sure you can find some beauties, but in EVERY single country in the world you’ll find few very beautiful ones. In general brazilian women are ugly. You can’t compare with Russia or some east european country.

  13. Adam@Brazil says:

    Sadness, decadence and beauty: Petrosian is clearly a great photographer!

    Note: all pics after the 100th disapeared.

    • Russian_NYC says:

      You’ve described it perfectly – that’s exactly what I meant =)

      For some reason I just blurt out words first, think second!

  14. Alex says:

    great pictures of not so pretty side of Russia. Very good photographer.

  15. youknoq says:

    a lot of the pics are actually from ukraine, notice the orange flags and the ukranian writing

  16. El Cabrón del Moycas says:

    Great Pictures! Beautiful!


  17. nikolaj says:

    amazing pictures!

  18. CZenda says:

    The photographer is obviously very good, but the title is misleading. Some of the photos were not taken in Russia, but (very probably) in Ukraine.
    E.g. picture 63 shows the statue of John Nepomucene (without the five-star halo, which was probably stolen). I am in a serious doubt there were statues like this in Orthodox Russia, but it is easy to accept their presence in the western parts of Ukraine, which was once a part of catholic Austro-Hungarian Monarchy.

  19. maxD says:

    Nice series ! A bit grim at times, but that’s Russia.

  20. JouHou says:

    A great series of photos! I accept these may be a bit stereotypic, but Petrosian is talented!

    Pic. 95 –> nice girl!

  21. Arcadenix says:

    It seems that Russia is a very sad place to live.

    • helloworld says:

      Looking at those pics it seems so. But really it isn’t! I mean, not especially sad : it provides the whole spectrum of feelings. The perception of static images is often misleading and the photographer is a good one for that obviously.

    • Lebowski says:

      when you will be able to like this photos, you will be able to love Russia

  22. MollyArtsy says:

    Incredible pictures – I think they focus on the darker side, but all have at least one aspect of hope in them! Love the picture of the two bike riding kids in the park with the couple with the shetland sheepdog. That is my favorite. Nice work to whoever should get the credit. SMILES.

  23. Mahmoud Ahmadinejad says:

    In #3 photo I recognize a former operative of KGB. He was my “controller” for some time during early days of revolution in Islamic Republic of Iran, back during the dying days of the “Peacock Throne” when the little peacock himself, the Shah, was still selling our country’s wealth to the Americans and British.

    High-level intelligence officials in the USSR had identified me as a future leader and a “man to watch,” and so they sent this KGB agent to recruit me, in hopes of drawing me into the Soviet web, and then helping get me promoted to prominence in the new regime after the revolution. They expected me to be their “mole” in the hallways of power in Tehran.

    Little did they suspect that it would be me, I, yes “moi,” who would do the recruiting. You see, I turned the tables on the KGB and recruited this KGB agent to our side, and then used him to secure special deals for Soviet arms, ammunition, and white prostitutes forcibly taken from Soviet “satellite” countries such as Latvia and Lithuania (no Estonians, as they were too hard to tame).

    I know you are dying to know how I did it, aren’t you? Well, it wasn’t so difficult after I noticed the admiring glances the KGB agent cast in my direction, and the way his eyes roved over my chiseled chest in the shower room, and then followed the tiny trail of exquisitely trimmed tummy hair down to my groin, where his eyes would take on a glow only lovers know.

    I knew the Soviets felt about as fond of homosexuals as they did American capitalists, and so once I engaged the KGB agent in an act of lovemaking in a special bedroom equipped with a video recorder, micriphones, and an 8-track tapedeck with Bee Gees music, I knew he was mine. Such are the sacrifices I made, and the wily, creative inventiveness I showed, for my country. I almost felt bad for the KGB agent because he never had a chance against me.

    Now there he is, his glory days of KGB service behind him, his pension almost worthless in a new sexually liberated but financially shaky Russia, living on the outskirts of Moscow in a retirement home for homosexuals.

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  25. hobbitofny says:

    He is a good artist. This is a mixed set. It is Ukraine and Russia.

    I have spent many weeks enjoying Russia. I visited small towns, villages, and Moscow. There are spots like he shows. However, I found his vision depressing. If this were the Russia of my travels, I would not be planning for my next visit.

    I could visit a small town. I could present it as he does or show it as all clean and well maintained. All places have a bit of each. I do not see Russia as he does. However, I do not think his goal is to present in his art Russia as it is. We are seeing a view of life as he selects and frames it. So we are seeing a reflection more of his thoughts and feelings. The soul of Russia I see on my visits is very different from his vision.

    He is a good artist. I could not hang in my house most of his work. It is to much a sad vision. Even it the ruins of a building I see a rich deep culture.

  26. MAURICIO says:

    geniales, espectaculares, bellas, ….deslumbrantes

  27. arke1 says:

    Incredible photos! Amazing how a single photo can tell a story…

  28. RuSSiaNThuG says:

    abit depressing, but definitly worth the look

  29. Russian_NYC says:

    Sad. Depressing. Horrifying.

    In the first picture, look at the woman’s hands and the man’s expression.

    Homeless kids sleeping next to the vechniy ogon’ (eternal flame) – to stay warm?

    The old veteran guy crying – must be the saddest pic:

    I think this is the most powerful post on here. Not easy to watch, but definitely the most powerful. 10/10

  30. Igor says:

    I am proud of that that I live in Russia. That that we saw on a photo only a part bad and good that is at us. As at and all others

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  32. MissT says:

    It looks more like propaganda.
    Its possible to do that to any country in the world and show it in any light possible. I bet i could do that in the UK, ill just take some photos of council estates in east london, derelict houses and shut down factories in the north, and i bet it would look pretty grim too.
    One has to be completely ignorant to take these photos at face value.

  33. Starshii says:

    This is… Russia!

  34. Kazachka says:

    Really good photografer. By the way, he loves this Russia – and we do.

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  37. Kirov says:

    Beatiful pictures.

  38. ___ says:

    Why does it seem like all the men wear speedos when swimming?

    • Mahmoud Ahmadinejad says:

      They prefer this sexy style because they are confident in their manhood.

      This style is of course in sharp contrast to the American men who wear the long baggy shorts first popularized by the ghetto blacks, and soon thereafter appropriated by the whites, who have no culture and who have been subjugated by feminists and other lesbians, and therefore follow the leadership of the more manly blacks.

      Wishing you success in the study of ethno-centric fashion,
      M. Ahmadinejad

      • Russian_NYC says:

        Hehehehe, always look forward to Mahmoud’s comments and explanations (I have to agree on feminized neutered u.s. whites)

  39. mf says:

    Just made a videocompilation (with music) of this photo collection:

  40. VeryGoodManipulations says:

    Lots of these photos were taken in Ukrain actually. Author tries to decieve the visitors knowing that they mostly can’t tell Russian language from Ukrainian. Even more, on the picture with two old men with the red flag behind them it is written on the flag “Communist Ukraine” (Коммунистическая Украина.)

  41. vk says:

    He’s Aleksandr, not Aleksey, Petrosyan – and here’s his LJ blog:


    • Tarik says:

      Thank you! I was looking for more of his wonderful work.
      (Too bad EnglishRussia is not very professional with its sources.)

  42. shark says:

    beautyful photos, but sad.

  43. Nikos_GR says:

    How Stricking!

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  46. Izabela says:

    UFFF;naprawde robi wrazenie -

  47. trout says:

    wow there are so many amazing pictures in this set!

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  49. Anya says:

    The title doesn’t suit the whole set at all. THAT is not “Life in Russia”. Call it any way you like – “Misery in Russia”, “Not the best sight of Russia”, “In Russia they have it, too” or smth like that.. You can make any country look like that if you want to. Set off for the NY slums, make some pictures of the local population – and post it under the title “Life in the USA”. Will it be true? Partly.. Will it reveal the reality completely? No.

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  51. Artem says:

    That~s not Russia at all… I think photograph worked hard to make pictures like that. Poverty dirt and nothing more! Everyone can see only what he wants to see…

    The best way to understand country is to visit it…

  52. Vlad says:

    Striking and beautifully composed images ruined in many (but not all) cases by tasteless overprocessing.

  53. [...] Photo credit: Aleksey Petrosian, via English Russia [...]

  54. El_Greco says:

    Great job awesome respect

  55. [...] Photo credit: Aleksey Petrosian, via English Russia [...]

  56. Alexkrlff says:

    the set is magnificent

  57. Akiko says:

    This album is awesome! These pictures are so true, so strong. They show the Essence of Life. I’m really impressed. Congratulations.

  58. Alexkrlff says:

    His name is not Alexey, but Alexander.
    Alexander Petrosian.

  59. Johnny says:

    Very, very beautiful photographs. I like it how he shows the good and the bad sides of life in russia. Очень красивые фотографии!

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  61. Tripp says:

    Much of this great work is summed up in one word – contrast. After awhile the theme overtakes the photos but still each photo by itself is good.

    Some people might see some of the photos and conclude Russia is all grim and bad but that is, I think, a one-sided view only.

    I see the contrasts – the very, very good with the, well, not ‘bad,’ but the weathered and worn down and neglected.

    The glorious past with the glorious future with the grim past with the grim future. Those who’s best years are behind them and those who’s best years are ahead of them.

    But that is just the way I see it.

  62. masha says:

    i am russian myself. i was adopted in 2002. these pictures are very touching, they tell it the way it really is in russia. i lived in a orphanage for 3 years and it was not pretty. thank you for putting this together. and ya russian girls are the best!! lol!! jk!!

  63. Problem is everywhere.Foto is OK.

  64. Базилио Тарнога says:

    Большое спасибо!!! Прекрасные фото!

  65. Roman Slavych says:

    Последних несколько фоток не Россия, а Львов – Украина.

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  67. Satori says:

    It’s a pity we haven’t conquered your RICH, SUCCESSFUL, BEAUTIFUL AND MAGNIFICENT country.

  68. Satori says:

    It’s a pity we haven’t conquered your RICH, SUCCESSFUL, BEAUTIFUL and MAGNIFICENT country back in forties.

  69. Anna B. says:

    These are amazing photographs!

    I love the photos especially of the Russian babushkas–the only thing is that when I was there, most of the babushkas didn’t look nearly as fragile and scared as those in your photos. They were tough, big, and very strong:)

    Thanks for posting!

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  71. naraa says:

    Very sad.I feel so sad and sorry looking at these photos. When I was young, about 27-28 years ago I studied in Russia. At that time Russia was great. But now?.. Too bad .Poor Russians,especially poor Russian children. Such a beautiful country and nice people must have a good life. I think Russians are the greatest people and hardworking… GO AHEAD! Great people, I love you.I have learned a lot of good things from you.It is not possible to imagine my life without Russian people ( Russian teachers of my university).I wish GOD blessed you.
    At the end thank you photographer.You have done a good job.

  72. grindz0ne says:

    Bardzo Dobra Reporterka !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Pozdrawiam Autora !!!!

  73. Ari says:

    very, very good.
    without words

    But, one thing….
    it’s not Russian
    it is USSR
    it is very sad the USSR
    The Russian without God.


  74. Tequila says:

    A half of photos are not from russia, the are from west ukrainian city Lviv.

  75. etmotic says:

    why have you confouned modern Russia and USSR?
    why do you have show Russia like poor USSR?
    it is no modern Russia. it looks like Russia from early nineties.

  76. His name is Aleksandr Petrosian (not Aleksey)!
    This is his blog: http://petrosphotos.livejournal.com/

  77. B0gger says:

    photographer depicted aging as a disease without sugar coating it. It’s a world’s problem, not only Russian’s. All humanity should realize, that we are at war with aging in humans. Not with each others. All different opinions are mere psychology mechanisms to make life with aging possible. Such thing as religion is one of many.

  78. Myrza says:

    Ohuett kak vyrazitelno ne vsyakoe video mozhet tak peredat vsu gammu chustv i zamisel afftara

  79. Absolutely unbelievable talent!!!!!!!!!!!!
    One of the best photographer I’ve ever seen!!!

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  81. Jeremy says:

    amazing amazing amazing. Human beings are both beautiful and destructive creatures.

  82. Uwe Noelke says:

    Unique photos. Very emotional. Deep insight in Russian society. Very good selection. I like it very much. Thank you for sharing this wonderful images wit us.

  83. [...] все фотографии можно на этом сайте: EnglishRussia Автор фотографий: Алексей Петросян. Поразительные [...]

  84. Steven says:

    First off, my compliments. I don’t often like others’ photography but you are by far my fav. photographer.

    I’m from the Netherlands but I’ve been to Ukraine where I stayed at some people I met over there on the streets… I have to say these pictures bring up quite some moments and thoughts.

    Thanks for sharing these pieces of art. Astonishing work!!!

  85. Victor from Russia says:

    Really great photos, but… this photographer shows you only the darkest and dirtiest sides of our live. it’s not enough to see real Russia. Most of theese photos made 10-20 years ago. Average russians live in comparatively old, but clean and comfortable flats, we also have(but not everywhere) unlimited acsess to internet, cable TV and so on. You can see dirt and misory everywhere: in Russia, in USA, in Europe. Yes, our standard of living is lower then in USA or Europe, but it’s not SO MISERABLE.

  86. JoolzGirl says:

    I thought these photographs were beautiful. Thanks for posting. Amazing how much people take from photographs – so many impassioned posts!

  87. Misha says:

    No one’s proclaiming anything here. These are beautiful pictures. I subscribe to every one. I live in russia

  88. Ekaterina says:

    Алексей Петросян – Вы Гений!

  89. Lemberger says:

    Among the others there are a few pictures from Lemberg in this collection. Namely these showing some reconstruction in progress were taken in Lemberg, Galizien.

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  91. oleg says:

    it’s not Russian

  92. alex_rus says:

    Miss India, visit Russia and change your opinion.
    The photos show you everything photographer want.

    Agree with Rodriguez

  93. Mary says:

    The photographer is an artist, and as such, appears drawn to life juxtaposed with decay. The faces show such depth, character and occasionally sadness, which is natural considering the surroundings photographer prefers to snap. It makes me wonder what the old people have seen over their lifetimes. I hoist a Canadian beer to your shot of Russian vodka, and shake your hands, and spend an imaginary evening in your country getting to know the good Russian people. Cheers.

  94. BonnieBarko says:

    the pictures of A.Petrosian here are the best I could find in the www, thx!

  95. [...] Life in Russia by Petrosian [...]

  96. Dogz says:

    Pic that shows a woman in one window , Dog in the other === great :)

  97. Dennis says:

    thats funny how this guy only takes pictures of the bad things in russia..lol
    remember every country has its ups and downs.
    theres a lot of good things in russia,
    and why half of his pictures are of bums laying in the street or about poor people i mean ever country has that.

  98. retro_styla says:

    Those pictures look pretty old and it looks like that more than three quarters of them were taken sometime in 1993-1996 and half of leasts before 2003. For Saint Petersburg it really was a very hard time, because mayor Anatoly Sobchak used to steal all the money government gave for city development.

  99. [...] co-worker turned me on to these photos.  I saw “Russia” and i was sold.  Wow!  So many people this world holds.  There are [...]

  100. These photographs are wonderful. Looking at them makes you want to know the story behind each photo. Brilliant!

  101. Dmitro says:

    20 recent photographs taken in Lviv (Ukraine), but not in Russia. This blunder

  102. Dimi says:

    Nice pictures, it certainly represents a part of life in Russia (and Ukrain), untill today, but I think it only represents the sad, decaying part (which still exists today, not only in the 90’s, mind you). There is also another face of Russia, of brilliant scientists, a booming oil industry and very rich glitsy life in Moscow. And than there’s also middle class Russia with normal people living in decent appartments leading their life and gaining 350 $ on average, taking the bus, train, airplain or their small car, not rich but not poor, taking their children to school in uniforms, and also typically Russian or Soviet. If you want to represent Russia, you should also take pictures of these faces. Anyway, nice photography.

  103. Macsen says:

    Raw, gritty and real.
    Love these pictures, and it ain’t just the “Firestarter” Vodka talkin’…..

  104. Ardenis says:

    There are bears, vodka, matryoshka, balalayka? bad fotoset

  105. It sounds like you’re creating problems yourself by seeking to solve this issue instead of looking at why their is usually a problem in the 1st place. thanks !!! really very helpful post!

  106. Wonderful pictures. Thank you very much for showing post-communist ‘real’ Russia. It can be dirty an diverse, and that’s what makes it so interesting, comparing with previous sets of pictures from the 1960’s, where everything was State planned clean and boring. Poverty is the price you sometimes have to pay for hope and freedom.

  107. mukmika says:

    Some amazing pictures. This is what I like about English Russia, not afraid to show the bad side as well as good, and ‘tell it like it is’. Most of these pictures are priceless.

  108. Tim says:

    Awesome Pictures indeed! The best I have seen yet! Shows the good, the bad and the ugly!

    Its in every city and town across the world! Loved it! Thanks!

  109. Roman says:

    For the most part it is true. It’s not even as bad as the town I live in. Regions are super poor, our in monthly wages are 150-200$, average is – 300$, if you’re lucky you might get 500 $, if you’re involved in illegal business surely it’s above 500..But that’s not even the point. THe reality is that there are no jobs for teens and students here, there are no jobs for people who have a degree and want to be professionals. Hell, there aren’t even decent universities to study at. Should I mention the poor level of education..

    I dont understand those who say Russia is fine. It has never been fine and at this rate – never will be. The corruption here is as big as the whole country, it’s impossible to stop spreading until someting drastic happens..

    The russian society divides into the rich and the poor..It’s indeed horrible and requires some serious actions and effor from all our people. But with the current government, I doubt it is real to change things.

  110. Valery... says:

    Life in Russia is so different from this photos. This photographer want to show Russia poor, dirty country, but it isn’t right. Maybe he is doing this because he isn’t Russian, he is armenian and it isn’t his country…

  111. alex says:

    The photos are so one sided and not showing the truth. Feel sorry for the photographer, I think he’s really a sad person.

  112. soskep says:

    Alguien comentó con justa razón que incluso en los USA se puede observar este tipo de escenas, creo sin lugar a dudas que nadie puede decir que existe un país en donde no haya pobreza e indigentes.

  113. West 17 Alan says:

    Russia is changing. New Russians (under 30’s)realise that living in this way is not how life is meant to be and want to change it. Over 30’s want Russia the same as it always was, without change or protest as they enjoy this way of life.

  114. Phill says:

    This photo shoot reminds me in some ways of the National Geographic’s “A Day in the Life of the Soviet Union” from 1987, though much more gritty.

    There are many Russians who live the life shown in these photos, and for them, it is life in Russia. The reality is is that this is a Russia that does exist. It is a real Russia. This is the Russia you don’t often see as a tourist or a causal visitor. It is a Russia that becomes easy to ignore if you see it day-to-day. It is not all of Russia, just as the night clubs, Red Square, and the glitz of Moscow isn’t all of Russia.

    I think this photo set does good in showing the side of Moscow many want to ignore, forget, or otherwise say is disappearing. It is a good counter-balance to the more glitzy and pleasing photo sets about Moscow that we are usually exposed to.

  115. Nice Russian gallery. I am sure this great country has a bright future.Once again russian people will lead the world.I am from Pakistan

  116. vladimirrrr says:

    well… life looks grim only on some photos… why are they in black and white? this is no where near a realistic picture, but kind of touching all of these contrasts anyway thankyou!

  117. godwin says:

    i love russia

  118. Sergei says:

    The photographer has an acute eys and sense of observation. This photo essay is an accurate representation of city life in Russia in the post soviet society, disallusioned, tired, bewildered and spiritually spent.
    I was in St. Petersburg in 1993, saddened to see that the filth in the streets has become even worse. A sign of a society in decay. The legacy of 70 years of atheistic materialistic marxist socialism.

  119. FriendnoFoe says:

    Darn this guy’s gooood. The frame with the dilapidated car and the line of walking cats–now that’s a quick shot. The shot of the puddle with the reflection of two men–now that IS art. And the way he captured the expressions on the faces of the young Russian/Ukrainian women–now I want to marry one!

  120. FriendnoFoe says:

    BTW, not only in Russia/Ukraine can you see many sad and depressing scenes. Try going to a number of Southeast Asian countries (like mine) and you’ll see A LOT more of the SAME sad things. We all have the same problem–i.e., inept and/or corrupt people in government and, in general, people who don’t give a hoot about their fellow human beings.

  121. Leonid says:

    Great photos ! And author is a master to capture moments of surrounding life. I’m very impressed !

  122. Truly great stuff. Really different and original

  123. maarten says:

    Sad, truly sad. Russia has everything going for it so its governments past, present and future should be able to create a real paradise on Earth for its citizens. Reality? Russia always has been, is and will be in a deep dark hole of misery and despair where the life, well-being and happiness of an individual does not matter and does not interest the ones who hold the reins of power and wealth.

  124. Nikolav Dmitry says:

    I Love Russia!

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