53 Ameros Lunaros

Ameros Lunaros

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Lunar Money in Russia 1

Lately on the Net started appearing gossips about the new North-American currency “Amero” which would, as people say, come to replace Canadian and American dollars together with Mexican peso and would become one and only currency in North America. Some photos of actual amero bills and coins appeared on different near world-conspiracy blogs and youtube channels

Well, in Russia they stepped bit further and think that the currency would be called not Amero but Lunaro, or Lunar if to be exact, and probably it would replace not only Northern American currencies but all currencies on Earth and even, probably, on Moon. That’s what they call the real New World Order.

And yes, there are some secret bill samples that leaked and we can publish those, like, rare shots.

Lunar Money in Russia 2

Lunar Money in Russia 3

Lunar Money in Russia 4

Lunar Money in Russia 5

Lunar Money in Russia 6

Lunar Money in Russia 7

Lunar Money in Russia 8

Lunar Money in Russia 9

Lunar Money in Russia 10


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53 Responses to “Ameros Lunaros”

  1. Swede says:

    Who needs gay colored paper money?

    • Miss India says:

      Considering Russain Rouble was devalued against US dolalr for the 5th time in december alone , I am not surprised poor Russians dont have confidence in their worthless money. The world is all about US Dollar and it will always be :D

      • anohjmghng says:

        Well USD isn’t that worthy anymore either, suck my finnish cock.

      • Miss India says:

        I have to admit, I am not from India – I live in US, I’ve lost a lot of money on the market and I’m bidder.. I am posting comments here to develop hate between people. I suck and I have nothing else to do, so sad :(

      • EG says:

        I live in Russia. I have all – two cars, an apartment, the house, good work. I don’t have only dollars or other currency. Because I already used them in a toilet. Dollars – is only paper! Nothing more: no gas, no oil, no minerals, no gold, no human work. Paper, only paper.

      • Mr. Barbados says:

        Miss India, that was really funny. A year from now you will look back on that statement and laugh and laugh and laugh.

    • cj: Oregonian says:

      You’re calling yourself a Swede?! Maybe you should go google the svenske krona! I looked at these and thought they might have been done by some kids as a class prodjet somewhere in Stockholm.

  2. Mahmoud Ahmadinejad says:

    I am disappointed that a serious website such as this, in which intellectuals from around the world engage in passionate discussion of world economics, justice, and sexual exploration, would post what is obviously a fake money.

    This paper will be good for nothing other than making a very cool custom paper in which to roll my special blend of hallucinatory, aphrodisiac tobacco.

    When you tire of your little joke, please mail a bundle of this paper to:

    M. Ahmadinejad
    P.O. Box 666
    Tehran, Iran

  3. Starshii says:

    Well, I am happy that the writing in these notes is in english, instead of cyrillic or chinese marks. Just wonder whats the exchange rate?

  4. Dorky says:

    I for one welcome our moon based overlords.

  5. Bilosh says:


  6. cj: Oregonian says:


  7. Johnny says:

    The 1000-bill will feature Ленин!

  8. Johnny says:

    Oh, and if Beethoven gets credits for his moonlight serenade, why isn’t there a bill for Michael Jackson’s Moonwalk?

  9. Jason says:

    This money came with the monopoly game I purchased last week.

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  11. Моня says:

    Гавно какое-то выложил

  12. Pros says:

    NWO is coming ! We all become mexicans putos soon.

  13. meshca says:

    tell me you were using sarcasm.

  14. roger federer says:

    moon money, I cant think of anything else that needs to be said

  15. American Slice says:

    The US would never enter an agreement with a universal bill between the US, Canada and Mexico. The Peso is worthless compared to the US dollar. Who ever thinks these story’s up has a good imagination or access to some really good crack cocaine!

    • Mahmoud Ahmadinejad says:

      OH no?! Then why do you think the first foreign leader our agent, B. Hussein Obama, met with after the dopey American people elected him as their leader was the President of MEXICO?! Huh? Can you answer that one Mr. Smarty Pants?

      And! Why do you think the Mexican army is massing troops on the border with USA just before “O” takes office? Huh? It is because if any Americans get any crazy ideas about stopping flow of good drugs and cheap workers into USA from Mexico, the Mexican army will have somethig to say about that, and “O” will not stop them. Those silly volunteer Minutemans on the US side of border will be rolled over and given anal torture by Mexican soldiers!!

      Practice your Spanish, Amigo!! The day of reckoning for USA is on the horizon! We are coming!

      • Mahmoud Ahmadinejad says:



        My dear vocabulary-challenged and grammatically grungy friend, please take a moment to review my posts and make a list of all the big or uncommon words you don’t understand. Post the list, and I will explain them all to you.

        Meanwhile, please know that it is proper to begin sentences with a capital letter, instead of the lowercase like the one you used. More importantly, in the context of your sentence, the possessive “your” is incorrect, and should instead be either the noun-verb combination of “you are,” or the contraction of same, which would be “you,” apostrophe, and “re,” resulting in “you’re.”

        Good grammar and writing skills could lead to a good, steady job. Try it!

        Yours in contemplative comebacks,
        M. Ahmadinejad

        • misty1 says:

          So, Ahmadinejad,

          Do you actually think that anyone who responds to your posts believe that the President of Iran would take the time to bicker online about a currency that hasn’t been produced yet? I think that it is time that you give up your game as the playground bully, and realize that you cannot win, that YOUR days are numbered.

          Here’s to you,demon worshiper

    • CZenda says:

      Well… USD is worthless compared to EUR, anyway.
      I cannot say I am opposed to the idea of Spanish speaking immigrants flooding the southern parts of the USA. All in all, San Francisco and Los Angeles are not English names, are they :-p

  16. SSSR says:

    This money is colorful like soviet money.I wonder if they are different sizes as well.But a 3 dollar bill!These bills look like they could put you in a trance if you look in the circle too long.Be careful

  17. jdshfkjhsdkhf says:

    there are many problems with these money and with this site, but mostly with the people who visit here. it seems that most of folks who come here dont really like russia…weird

  18. Vlad says:

    Yuri Gagarin > Niel Armstrong , yet he is not featured there. Typical selective memory..

    At least Yuri was the first in space.. an accomplishment

    Armstrong, first to lie about being on the moon, something a petty crook does every day with policeman…

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  20. Ugly American says:

    Paper ‘money’ and the international banking system is a scam. Always has been. Always will be.

  21. lunadude says:

    Do you have these in higher resolution? I’d love to print and frame them.

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  25. El_Greco says:

    It looks like euros good looking money i want some xD

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  27. Jared says:

    Yeah, I’m sure that they’ll be printing these “secret” bills soon, complete with the copyright notice by a CREATIVE STUDIO from a guy who DOES ARTWORK.

  28. Taupey says:

    These are great designs, but any slight variation of the name UNAR (UNARI, UNARIA, UNARO, UNAROS) is far more appropiate.

  29. Taupey says:

    And the circular design surrounded with outer stylized radiance looks more like a sun than a moon! It’s a beautiful Design!

  30. iXsch9 says:

    Gagarin must be on hundred lunars! minimum..

  31. buenos dias. que tal la verdad es que yo no me encontraba buscando acerca de lo que escribiste y es que la verdad a mi este tema no me gusta para nada, pero dejame felicitarte porque la manera en que redactas es fascinante. Por primera vez he encontrado contenido digno en la red. Un saludo.

  32. James Kerry says:

    Hi there!
    My band recently made our own proper song!!!

    Have a look, we’ve learnt a lot from your blog! :)

  33. Nice to see someone stepping up and honoring God. Thanks for that!

  34. Adam Joulwan says:

    Music expresses that which cannot be said and on which it is impossible to be silent.

  35. kabin says:

    kabin dejame felicitarte porque la manera en que redactas es fascinante. kabin Por primera vez he encontrado contenido digno en la red. Un saludo. kabin

  36. David Levy says:

    Riddiculos theory

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