48 Too Much Cars

Too Much Cars

Have you wondered where all those cars go when the owners can't pay their loans etc in connection with
this financial meltdown? Well, most of them are being imported in Russia. Just take a look on this.
Russian car 1

14 Off No Value

Off No Value

Some say that what's inside of this car costs more
that the car itself, but that's not too obvious.
Russian English textbook 1

16 Another English Textbook

Another English Textbook

Some Russian textbooks for English studies are way to straightforward. This one was pointed to help memorizing some rules like don't use "will"
after "if", or when to say "sorry" and when "excuse me" and some others - you can easily guess which pictures is for which rule.
Russian abandoned 1

42 Tallest Abandoned Structure

Tallest Abandoned Structure

That's the tallest abandoned Russian structure and those guys have paid a visit there one
frozen winter morning. It's a shorter than Empire State Building, but not too much.
23 Another Music Video

Another Music Video

This Russian music video is being popular in Russia lately. Some think it's popular because of it's nostalgic
nature - they say it has been made mainly of the submitted photos from the family archives of Russian people.
russian art 1

12 Another Artist: Gromova

Another Artist: Gromova

Yet another Russian artist now popular
on Russian internet, Olga Gromova.
24 Don’t Mess with a Bear

Don’t Mess with a Bear

Sometimes there are talks that Russians are so tough that they have bears on the chain instead of the dogs in the
villages. Well, they actually do sometimes, but messing with such a creature guarding your yard can be not so fun!
russian car 1

26 The Smart One

The Smart One

The guy on the white car decided to be a smart one and overtake all the traffic jam by going through the
pedestrians lane on the roadside. Well, just moments later he got deep inside the water.

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