Russian muslims 1

35 Bit Crowded

Bit Crowded

Sometimes the downtown of
Moscow city gets bit crowded.
16 Strong Wind

Strong Wind

Now I call this strong wind. Poor
child can't get out of his school!
Russian ice cream 1

34 Russian Ice Cream

Russian Ice Cream

Now, in winter, the ice cream should have more of the warming up
properties than of cooling down ones. So does this ice cream.
Russian animal 1

21 Goat Number Ten

Goat Number Ten

This Russian animal was born numbered. It's still is and the owners search for
some good sports player who uses the number "10" to sell the goat to him.
miss Russia 1

28 Flag is Wrong

Flag is Wrong

Could there be more fail than this? They had some Miss Something 2009 right at the Red Square in Moscow, Russia, next to the Kremlin and stuff, and then you know "And the winner is...." - so came the girl that won, and they gave her a flag... And
just later they got understood how bad it was - the flag was not Russian one - like there the same colors but up-side-down - and in tri-color flags the order of the colors is of much importance. There is a video below too.
Moscow city view 1

12 Moscow from Above… 70 Years Ago

Moscow from Above… 70 Years Ago

That's shots of Moscow from the above again. The difference of the sessions we had before is that this is
might be the oldest aerial view of Moscow, made by dirigibles in the beginning of the century.
Russia, Moscow, vintage photo 1

24 Old Moscow Again

Old Moscow Again

Yet some other photos of
old Moscow, Russia.
Truck in Russia 1

27 Truck Down

Truck Down

The truck suddenly smashed the
fence and went off the bridge...
Russian modern art 1

15 Old New Art

Old New Art

Russian art often becomes a subject to modern
modifications. That's another series in a row.
Russian crisis 1

13 Eat Your Pass Sheet

Eat Your Pass Sheet

Some people in Russia protest against crisis by eating
their pass sheets and making a show out of it.

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